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 Bash Features
 This text is a brief description of the features that are present in
 the Bash shell (version 4.3, 2 February 2014).  The Bash home page is
    This is Edition 4.3, last updated 2 February 2014, of `The GNU Bash
 Reference Manual', for `Bash', Version 4.3.
    Bash contains features that appear in other popular shells, and some
 features that only appear in Bash.  Some of the shells that Bash has
 borrowed concepts from are the Bourne Shell (`sh'), the Korn Shell
 (`ksh'), and the C-shell (`csh' and its successor, `tcsh').  The
 following menu breaks the features up into categories, noting which
 features were inspired by other shells and which are specific to Bash.
    This manual is meant as a brief introduction to features found in
 Bash.  The Bash manual page should be used as the definitive reference
 on shell behavior.


* Introduction                An introduction to the shell.
* Definitions                 Some definitions used in the rest of this
* Basic Shell Features        The shell "building blocks".
* Shell Builtin Commands      Commands that are a part of the shell.
* Shell Variables             Variables used or set by Bash.
* Bash Features               Features found only in Bash.
* Job Control                 What job control is and how Bash allows you
 				to use it.
* Command Line Editing        Chapter describing the command line
 				editing features.
* Using History Interactively Command History Expansion
* Installing Bash             How to build and install Bash on your system.
* Reporting Bugs              How to report bugs in Bash.
* Major Differences From The Bourne Shell     A terse list of the differences
 						between Bash and historical
 						versions of /bin/sh.
* GNU Free Documentation License      Copying and sharing this documentation.
* Indexes                     Various indexes for this manual.
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