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 The Guile Reference Manual
 This reference manual documents Guile, GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent
 Language for Extensions.  It describes how to use Guile in many useful
 and interesting ways.
    This Info file contains edition 1.0 of the reference manual,
 corresponding to Guile version 1.6.5.


* Guile License               Conditions for copying and using Guile.
* Manual Layout               How to read the rest of this manual.
* Manual Conventions          Conventional terminology.
 Part I: Introduction to Guile
* What is Guile?              And what does it do?
* Whirlwind Tour              An introductory whirlwind tour.
* Obtaining and Installing Guile
* Reporting Bugs              Reporting bugs in Guile or this manual.
 Part II: Writing and Running Guile Scheme
* Running Intro               Introduction to this part.
* Guile Scheme                Guile's implementation of Scheme.
* Guile Scripting             How to write Guile scripts.
* Command Line Handling       Command line options and arguments.
* Debugging Features          Features for debugging errors.
* Autoconf Support            Guile-specific macros.
* Miscellaneous Tools         Snarfing, linting, etc.
* Basic Ideas                 Basic ideas in Scheme.
* Further Reading             Where to find out more about Scheme.
 Part III: Guile as an Extension Language
* Programming Intro           Introduction to this part.
* Libguile Intro              Using Guile as an extension language.
* Programming Overview        An overview of Guile programming.
* Data Representation         Data representation in Guile.
* GH                          The deprecated GH interface.
 Part IV: Guile API Reference
* Reference Intro             Introduction to the Guile API reference.
* API Overview                Overview of the Guile API.
* Simple Data Types           Numbers, strings, booleans and so on.
* Compound Data Types         Data types for holding other data.
* Procedures and Macros       Procedures and macros.
* Utility Functions           General utility functions.
* Binding Constructs          Definitions and variable bindings.
* Control Mechanisms          Controlling the flow of program execution.
* Input and Output            Ports, reading and writing.
* Read/Load/Eval              Reading and evaluating Scheme code.
* Memory Management           Memory management and garbage collection.
* Objects                     Low level object orientation support.
* Modules                     Designing reusable code libraries.
* Scheduling                  Threads, mutexes, asyncs and dynamic roots.
* Options and Config          Configuration, features and runtime options.
* Translation                 Support for translating other languages.
* Debugging                   Internal debugging interface.
* Deprecated                  Features that are planned to disappear.
 Part V: Guile Modules
* SLIB                        Using the SLIB Scheme library.
* POSIX                       POSIX system calls and networking.
* SRFI Support                Support for various SRFIs.
* Readline Support            Module for using the readline library.
* Value History               Maintaining a value history in the REPL.
* Pretty Printing             Nicely formatting Scheme objects for output.
* Formatted Output            The `format' procedure.
* Rx Regexps                  The Rx regular expression library.
* Expect                      Controlling interactive programs with Guile.
* The Scheme shell (scsh)     Using scsh interfaces in Guile.
* Concept Index
* Procedure Index
* Variable Index
* Type Index
* R5RS Index
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