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 Shared library support for GNU
 This file documents GNU Libtool, a script that allows package developers
 to provide generic shared library support.  This edition documents
 version 1.4.3.
     Reporting bugs, for information on how to report problems
 with libtool.


* Introduction                What the heck is libtool?
* Libtool paradigm            How libtool's view of libraries is different.
* Using libtool               Example of using libtool to build libraries.
* Invoking libtool            Running the `libtool' script.
* Integrating libtool         Using libtool in your own packages.
* Versioning                  Using library interface versions.
* Library tips                Tips for library interface design.
* Inter-library dependencies  Libraries that depend on other libraries.
* Dlopened modules            `dlopen'ing libtool-created libraries.
* Using libltdl               Libtool's portable `dlopen' wrapper library.
* Other languages             Using libtool without a C compiler.
* Troubleshooting             When libtool doesn't work as advertised.
* Maintaining                 Information used by the libtool maintainer.
* GNU Free Documentation License License for this manual.
* Index                       Full index.
* Motivation                  Why does GNU need a libtool?
* Issues                      The problems that need to be addressed.
* Other implementations       How other people have solved these issues.
* Postmortem                  Learning from past difficulties.
 Using libtool
* Creating object files       Compiling object files for libraries.
* Linking libraries           Creating libraries from object files.
* Linking executables         Linking object files against libtool libraries.
* Debugging executables       Running GDB on libtool-generated programs.
* Installing libraries        Making libraries available to users.
* Installing executables      Making programs available to users.
* Static libraries            When shared libraries are not wanted.
 Invoking `libtool'
* Compile mode                Creating library object files.
* Link mode                   Generating executables and libraries.
* Execute mode                Debugging libtool-generated programs.
* Install mode                Making libraries and executables public.
* Finish mode                 Completing a library installation.
* Uninstall mode              Removing installed executables and libraries.
* Clean mode                  Removing uninstalled executables and libraries.
 Integrating libtool with your package
* Makefile rules              Writing `Makefile' rules for libtool.
* Using Automake              Automatically supporting libtool.
* Configuring                 Configuring libtool for a host system.
* Distributing                What files to distribute with your package.
* Static-only libraries       Sometimes shared libraries are just a pain.
 Configuring libtool
* AC_PROG_LIBTOOL             Configuring `libtool' in `'.
 Including libtool in your package
* Invoking libtoolize         `libtoolize' command line options.
* Autoconf .o macros          Autoconf macros that set object file names.
 Library interface versions
* Interfaces                  What are library interfaces?
* Libtool versioning          Libtool's versioning system.
* Updating version info       Changing version information before releases.
* Release numbers             Breaking binary compatibility for aesthetics.
 Tips for interface design
* C header files              How to write portable include files.
 Dlopened modules
* Building modules            Creating dlopenable objects and libraries.
* Dlpreopening                Dlopening that works on static platforms.
* Finding the dlname          Choosing the right file to `dlopen'.
* Dlopen issues               Unresolved problems that need your attention.
 Using libltdl
* Libltdl interface           How to use libltdl in your programs.
* Modules for libltdl         Creating modules that can be `dlopen'ed.
* Thread Safety in libltdl    Registering callbacks for multi-thread safety.
* User defined module data    Associating data with loaded modules.
* Module loaders for libltdl  Creating user defined module loaders.
* Distributing libltdl        How to distribute libltdl with your package.
 Using libtool with other languages
* C++ libraries
* Libtool test suite          Libtool's self-tests.
* Reporting bugs              How to report problems with libtool.
 The libtool test suite
* Test descriptions           The contents of the test suite.
* When tests fail             What to do when a test fails.
 Maintenance notes for libtool
* New ports                   How to port libtool to new systems.
* Tested platforms            When libtool was last tested.
* Platform quirks             Information about different library systems.
* libtool script contents     Configuration information that libtool uses.
* Cheap tricks                Making libtool maintainership easier.
 Porting libtool to new systems
* Information sources         Where to find relevant documentation
* Porting inter-library dependencies  Implementation details explained
 Platform quirks
* References                  Finding more information.
* Compilers                   Creating object files from source files.
* Reloadable objects          Binding object files together.
* Multiple dependencies       Removing duplicate dependant libraries.
* Archivers                   Programs that create static archives.
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