btldinstall -- install boot-time loadable device drivers into the Link Kit


/etc/btldinstall mount_dir


This command asks the user which packages on a boot-time loadable device driver diskette (the btld(F) diskette) are to be installed, and then adds the appropriate drivers to the Link Kit. A ``package'' is a directory hierarchy which contains one or more drivers, and associated files.

mount_dir is expected to be the root directory of a mounted btld diskette. btldinstall is typically run by a Bourne shell (see sh(C)) script (/install/INSTALL) which is always present on a btld diskette. /install/INSTALL is itself run automatically by installpkg(ADM).

btldinstall performs the following actions, in order:

  1. Ensure the Link Kit is installed. If it is not, the user is asked whether to install it using custom(ADM), or to abandon the installation of boot-time drivers.

  2. Asks the user which boot-time loadable device driver packages to install. The default behavior is that btldinstall installs all the packages on the btld diskette which are also in the package string (see string(M)).
Then once per required package:

If the Bourne shell script /pkg/install/copyright exists and is executable it is run.

If the Bourne shell script /pkg/install/preinstall exists it is run as though it were part of btldinstall.

The list of drivers in /pkg/install/drivers is checked to determine if a driver with the same name already exists in the Link Kit. The user is asked to resolve this conflict, either by replacing the driver in the Link Kit or by choosing not to install the boot-time loadable driver.

The drivers are installed with idinstall(ADM).

If the hierarchy /pkg/new exists, it is copied to the hard disk as if it were ``/''.

If the file /pkg/install/ exists it is copied to /usr/options/

If the Bourne shell script /pkg/install/postinstall exists it is run as though it were part of btldinstall.

The following environment variables are available for use in scripts run by btldinstall:

The current package being installed.

All packages to be installed.

All drivers to be installed for this package.


If an error occurs during the installation, btldinstall unwinds changes to the Link Kit to leave it in a working state.

See also

boot(HW), btld(F), idinstall(ADM), installpkg(ADM), string(M)

Standards conformance

/etc/btldinstall is not part of any currently supported standard; it is an extension of AT&T System V provided by The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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