checkup -- generate report on MMDF problems


/usr/mmdf/bin/checkup [ -p | -v [ digit ]]


The checkup command is used to check aspects of the MMDF system configuration. By default, checkup reports on all problems and correct states that are encountered. Problems are prefixed in the report by two asterisks (**); information that is advisory is enclosed in square brackets ( [ ] ).

The two options to checkup specify how much information is displayed. The -p option reports problems only and not correct states. This is useful for day-to-day checking of the system, such as mailing the output to the postmaster alias.

The -v option can take an argument indicating verbosity level, digit, which ranges from 1 (displays the same information as the -p option) to 7 (displays as much information as possible).

Some of the reported problems, such as those about permissions modes, vary by site conventions and may not have widespread significance. For example, it is common for sites to allow group read, write, or execute on files that checkup expects to be protected more carefully. Use of group permissions can greatly ease administration efforts for system administrators without compromising security. Warnings regarding ``others'' permissions should be examined.


checkup displays error messages indicating that /usr/mmdf/bin/setlogs is missing; this is true but is not an error condition. In higher verbosity levels, checkup advises that /usr and /usr/spool should be owned by mmdf; this is incorrect. The program also incorrectly advises on permissions for /usr/spool and /usr/spool/mmdf.

Standards conformance

MMDF is not part of any currently supported standard; it was developed at the University of Delaware and is used with permission.
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