dac960sh -- dac960 system administration shell utility




dac960sh is a semi-graphical front-end shell administration utility for administering the DAC960 adapters. The options in the menu are:

select DAC
Up to four DAC960s are supported in a system. This option allows you to select an adapter. Adapters are numbered 1 through 4. The adapter seated in the LOWEST slot is Adapter #1.

Rebuilds the physical devices and sets them online. This option allows you to rebuild a disk drive, and should be used after replacing a ``dead'' disk drive. The new disk must have the same Target ID as that which it has replaced. This option first formats the disk. (If this disk has been previously formatted on a DAC960, you may choose to bypass the formatting option while invoking rebuild.) After formatting the disk, a rebuild is initiated on the DAC960. All system drives dependent on this disk are brought back to consistency, and progress of the rebuild is reported. If bad sections are found on the system drives, those sections cannot be rebuilt; however the rebuild still gives you the option of bringing the new disk Online. Bad-Blocks are logged in the file /usr/adm/dac960rbld.

change device
Enables you to change device. This option stops the channel before the change, and starts the channel when the change is complete. When replacing a ``dead'' disk drive, all disk activity on the SCSI bus on which a drive must be replaced is shut down. A warning message is first broadcast to all users. You must then power off the ``dead'' disk and disconnect the SCSI cable. You may then exit the utility by typing resume which restores the normal activity of the system. When a new disk is installed, you should first set the SCSI ID to the ID of the dead disk. Invoke change device, then connect the SCSI cable to the disk, power on the new device, and then exit change device. Allow the disk to spin-up for approximately 30 seconds, then invoke the rebuild utility.

DAC90 toolkit
This option allows the user to issue miscellaneous low level commands to DAC960. The menu executes the dac960tk utility.

This option takes you out of DAC960 administrator's shell. The screen is cleared and cursor is set to the bottom line.

Known limitations

If you select DAC960 toolkit from the menu, the menu that is then displayed is identical to that which is displayed when you run dac960tk, however you will be unable to choose the select next option. To choose select next, you must run dac960tk from the command line.


the bad-block log file

See also

dac960mon(ADM), dac960tk(ADM)

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