fsphoto -- perform periodic semi-automated system backups


fsphoto [ -i ] schedule [ drive ]


fsphoto, in conjunction with fsave(ADM), provides a semi-automated interface to xbackup(ADM) and cpio(C) for backing-up filesystems (xbackup can only be used to back up XENIX filesystems). A human operator is required to mount and dismount tapes or floppies at the appropriate times, so some interaction is necessary, but all such interaction is kept to a minimum to reduce the potential for human error.

The selection and timing of backups for all filesystems is governed by the schedule(F) database. The system administrator must set up this file, and make arrangements to run fsphoto on the implicitly defined schedule (normally once per weekday). fsphoto interprets schedule, and for each filesystem that should be backed-up on that day, runs fsave to interact with the operator and backup the filesystem without error.

The optional argument drive specifies the magtape or floppy device to use; the default is specified in the schedule file.

If a drive is explicitly given, the ``raw'' (/dev/r*) form of the device should be used.

Backups may be postponed (via fsave) or interrupted. The resulting ``partial'' backups are automatically resumed the next time fsphoto is run: any missed filesystems are backed-up as if the original backup had not been delayed. The -i flag ignores any pending partial backups.

If there is a pending partial backup, the normally scheduled backups are not done. This means that if a partial backup is resumed, and the normally scheduled backups are to be done, fsphoto must be run twice.

You must be the super user to use this program.

Exit values

fsphoto complains of syntax errors in schedule, and exits with a status of 1.

fsphoto complains about illegal or incorrect arguments, and exits with a status of 1.

An interrupt will cause an exit status of 2.


database describing which filesystems are to be backed-up when, and at what dump level

source of interactive input

record of filesystems successfully backed-up in the pending partial backup

temporary file for recording successfully backed-up filesystems

See also

basename(C), fsave(ADM), schedule(F), xbackup(ADM)

Standards conformance

fsphoto is not part of any currently supported standard; it is an extension to AT&T System V developed by The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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