giomap_noded -- monitors the USB bus for printer attachment/removal and creates and removes device nodes named to reflect printer's position on the bus


/etc/giomap_noded [ -012 ]


giomap_noded is the node daemon process that is spawned at boot-time, after the USB subsystem has been initialized. This daemon monitors attachment and removal events on the USB bus. If the event was associated with a printer being attached then giomap_noded creates a device node in /dev/usb for that printer. The nodes that are created have the following form /dev/usb/lp.XXXXXX.p.q.r where:

The device name is whatever length that is required to reach the specific printer (up to 5 external hubs may be present).

At boot time, the rc script that runs giomap_noded will removes all existing printer nodes from the /dev/usb directory. It then runs giomap_noded which creates the nodes for any printers already attached. Once it is running giomap_noded will manage all nodes for dynamically attached and removed printers.

The optional arguments to giomap_noded are debug levels. The level numbers (0, 1, and 2) correspond to the syslogd levels up to, LOG_NOTICE, LOG_INFO, and LOG_DEBUG respectively. The default (when no argument is provided) is 0.

Exit values

It is intended that giomap_noded run until the system is shutdown, if an error does occur, the program exits with a -1.


Root privilege is required to run this daemon.


USB device nodes for the printers

Special device node for use only by giomap_noded

See also

syslogd(ADM), usb(HW)

Standards conformance

giomap_noded is not part of any currently supported standard; it is an extension of AT&T System V provided by The SCO Group, Inc.
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