idaddld -- add or remove line disciplines from kernel configuration files


/etc/conf/bin/idaddld [ -a prefix routine1 ... routine8 ] [ -dc prefix ]


idaddld is used to add or remove line discipline declarations from kernel configuration files. If no arguments are given, idaddld enters an interactive mode. In this mode the user can add, delete or view the current configuration. If a change is specified then the user is prompted to relink the kernel. If arguments are given on the command line, idaddld enters a non-interactive mode, executing the specified command silently. It is the responsibility of the calling program to insure that the kernel is relinked to effect the desired changes.

The following options are available from the command line.

-a prefix routine1 ... routine8
Add a line discipline to configuration files. prefix is a tag used to identify the line discipline for future inquiries or removal. For example, the terminal line discipline uses the prefix ``tty''. routine1 through routine8 define the list of line discipline routines. There must be eight routines with the keyword ``nulldev'' used as a placeholder. The order of the routines is critical. They must be ordered as follows:

open   close   read   write   ioctl   rxint   txint   modemint

-d prefix
Remove the line discipline whose identifier matches prefix.

-c prefix
Scan the line discipline switch table for an entry which matches prefix. The program will exit with a return status 0 if a match is found and 1 otherwise.
When a line discipline is added, it is appended to the current switch table configuration.

Standards conformance

idaddld is not part of any currently supported standard; it is an extension of AT&T System V provided by The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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