list -- list processor channel for MMDF




list is an MMDF channel program for handling mailing lists. The channel functions as a feed-through between deliver and submit. The list channel has its own host table and domain table with one entry for the pseudo host ``list-processor'' or something similar. This program is called by the program deliver and is not meant to be invoked by users directly.

The list channel performs two basic services. First, it postpones the verification of the list addresses and performs the (possibly lengthy) verification in the background when the list channel resubmits the message to the mail system. This prevents tying up a network connection or a user's terminal when verifying a long mailing list. Second, the list channel will, under special circumstances, change the return address for the message to a generic maintainer's address. The return address is determined by first taking the destination address (for example, ``largelist'') and seeing if there is an address in the alias file called ``largelist-request''. If there is, then ``largelist-request'' is used as the return address. If that was not found, the list channel checks to see if the destination address has a trailing ``-outbound''. If so, this is stripped and a ``-request'' is added and the lookup in the alias file is made a second time. If the ``-request'' address is found, then that address is used as the return address. If no ``-request'' address is found, then the original return address is used (normally the address of the sender).


To use the list channel to process a list, it is generally necessary to make three entries in the alias file(s). For example, to set up a list called ``largelist'' that is processed by the list channel, we would need the following entries in the alias file:
   largelist:		largelist-outbound@list-processor
   largelist-outbound:	:include: /usr/mmdf/lists/largelist-file
   largelist-request:	maintainer
The first line causes mail sent to ``largelist'' to be sent through the list processor, readdressed to ``largelist-outbound''. The second line is what actually references the mailing list file for ``largelist''. The third line is optional, and is used to set up the (informal) standard maintenance address. This -request address, if present, will also be used by the list channel as the return address for mail submitted to the list.

When you use the MMDF Administration manager's Alias Administration client to set up a mailing list, these entries are created for you. See ``Managing mail aliases and lists'' in the Mail and Messaging Guide for more details.


mmdf-table-directory/aliases to find list-request addresses

See also

deliver(ADM), submit(ADM)

Standards conformance

MMDF is not part of any currently supported standard; it was developed at the University of Delaware and is used with permission.
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