nictable -- process NIC database into channel/domain tables


/usr/mmdf/table/nictable [ -CDT ] [ -d domain ] [ -s service ] [ -t transport ]


nictable is the tool responsible for taking the hosts.txt table supplied by the SRI Network Information Center and creating domain and channel tables.

Options to nictable are as follows:

The -C option causes the program to generate a channel table on the standard output.

The -D option causes nictable to create a domain table. It should be combined with the -d option (below), which identifies the domain table to be built.

The -T option creates a ``top'' or ``rootdomain'' table. No trailing domain spec is removed from the LHS entry.

-d domain
The -d domain option specifies that only hosts in domain should be output. An exception to this is when -d is combined with -T. In this case, all entries will be output except for those in the domain specified with -T. The intention is that you grab all of one domain with -D, and then grab everybody else with -T.

-s service
The -s service option specifies that only hosts that are listed as supporting service should be output.

-t transport
The -t transport option is like -s except that it states that only hosts supporting the transport protocol specified should be considered.
Typical usage involves two or three invocations:

nictable -C < /etc/hosts.txt > smtpchannel

nictable -D -d ARPA < /etc/hosts.txt > arpadomain

(and optionally)

nictable -T -d ARPA < /etc/hosts.txt > rootdomain

Standards conformance

nictable is not part of any currently supported standard; it is an extension of AT&T System V provided by The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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