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Syntax [ options ] [ srcmachine: ] srcfile [ destmachine: ] destfile

Description copies files between systems in a Micnet network. The command copies the srcmachine:srcfile to destmachine:destfile, where srcmachine: and destmachine: are optional names of systems in the network, and srcfile and destfile are pathnames of files. If a machine name is not given, the name of the current system is assumed. If ``-'' is given in place of srcfile, uses the standard input as the source. Directories named on the destination machine must have write permission, and directories and files named on a remote source machine must have read permission.

The available options are:

Mails and reports completion of the command, whether there is an error or not.

-u [machine:]user
Any mail goes to the named user on machine. The default machine is the machine on which the command is completed or on which an error was detected. If an alias for user exists in the system alias files on that machine, the mail will be redirected to the appropriate mailbox(es). Since system alias files are usually identical throughout the network, any specified machine will most likely be overridden by the aliasing mechanism. To prevent aliasing, user must be escaped with at least two ``\'' characters (at least four if given as a shell command). is useful for transferring small numbers of files across the network. The network consists of daemons that periodically awaken and send files from one system to another. The network must be installed using netutil(ADM) before can be used.

Also, to enable transfer of files from a remote system, either:

This line should be in /etc/default/micnet on the systems in the network:

Or, these lines should be in that file:
where path must contain /usr/bin.


If an error occurs, mail is sent to the user.

Examples -m machine1:/etc/mnttab /tmp/vtape


Full pathnames must be specified for remote files. handles binary data files transparently: no extra options or protocols are needed to handle them. Wildcards are not expanded on the remote machine.

See also

mail(C), netutil(ADM), rcp(TC), remote(C)

Standards conformance is not part of any currently supported standard; it is an extension of AT&T System V provided by The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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