remote -- execute commands on another system in a Micnet network


remote [ - ] [ -f file ] [ -m ] [ -u user ] machine command [ arguments ]


remote permits execution of commands across serial lines in a Micnet network. Commands on any connected system may be executed from the host system using remote. A command line consisting of command and any blank-separated arguments is executed on the remote machine. A machine's name is located in the file /etc/systemid. Note that wild cards are not expanded on the remote machine, so they should not be specified in arguments. The optional -m switch causes mail to be sent to the user telling whether the command is successful.

The available options follow:

A dash signifies that standard input is used as the standard input for command on the remote machine. Standard input comes from the local host and not from the remote machine.

-f file
Use the specified file as the standard input for command on the remote machine. The file exists on the local host and not on the remote machine.

Mails the user to report completion of the command. By default, mail reports only errors.

-u user
Any mail goes to the named user on machine. The default machine is the machine on which an error was detected, or on which the remote command was completed. The mail will be redirected to the appropriate mailbox(es), if an alias for user exists in the system alias files on that machine. Since system alias files are usually identical throughout the network, any specified machine will most likely be overridden by the aliasing mechanism. To prevent aliasing, user must be escaped with at least two ``\'' characters (at least four if given as a shell command).
Before remote can be used successfully, a network of systems must be set up and the proper daemons initialized using netutil(ADM). Also, entries for the command to be executed using remote must be added to the /etc/default/micnet files on each remote machine.


The following command executes an ls command on the directory /tmp of the machine machine1:

remote machine1 ls /tmp


The mail command uses the equivalent of remote to send mail between machines.

See also

mail(C), netutil(ADM), rcmd(TC),
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