restore -- incremental filesystem backup restore


restore [ -c ] [ -i ] [ -o ] [ -t ] [ -d device ] [ pattern ... ]


This utility acts as a front end to cpio(C), and thus reads cpio-format tapes or floppies. This utility should only be used to restore backups made with the AT&T backup(ADM) utility, not xbackup(ADM).

Complete restore. All files on the tape are restored.

Gets the index file off the medium. This only works when the archive was created using backup. The output is a list of all the files on the medium. No files are actually restored.

Overwrite existing files. If the file being restored already exists, it will not be restored unless this option is specified.

Indicates that the tape device is to be used. Must be used with the -d option when restoring from tape.

device is the raw device to be used. It defaults to /dev/rdsk/f0q15d (the 1.2MB floppy).
When doing a restore, one or more patterns can be specified. These patterns are matched against the files on the tape. When a match is found, the file is restored. Since backups are done using full pathnames, the file is restored to its original directory. Metacharacters can be used to match multiple files. The patterns should be in quotes to prevent the characters from being expanded before they are passed to the command. If no patterns are specified, all files are restored. If a pattern does not match any file on the tape, a message is printed.

When end of medium is reached, the user is prompted for the next medium. The user can exit at this point by entering ``q''. (This may cause files to be corrupted if a file happens to span a medium.) In general, quitting in the middle of a restore is not recommended.

If the file already exists and an attempt is made to restore it without the -o option, the following message is printed:

   current file newer or same age
This file will not be restored.

In order for multi-volume restores to work correctly, the raw device must be used.

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