rlpcmd -- print on a remote system using TCP/IP


/usr/spool/lp/bin/rlpcmd rcmd_args

/usr/spool/lp/bin/rlpcmd node lp lp_args


rlpcmd sets the real user ID to lp and then runs rcmd(TC) with the arguments rcmd_args.

Typically, the network printer interface script uses rlpcmd for remote printing using TCP/IP. In this case, rcmd_args specify the remote machine node, the lp command and its option arguments (see ``Examples'').

You must establish user equivalence for lp on the remote machine with lp on the local machine. One way to do this is to create a .rhosts file in the home directory of lp on the remote machine (see hosts(SFF)). lp or root must own the .rhosts file, and this must not be writable by other groups or users.

Exit values

rlpcmd returns the exit value of rcmd if it executes successfully; it returns 1 if it cannot determine the user ID of user lp; it returns an error code if the real user ID cannot be set to the current user, or if rcmd cannot be executed (see messages(M)).


Local printer p_here prints on remote printer p_there attached to host machine m_there. network, the interface script for p_here on the local machine m_here, reads the following entry in the printer definitions file remote:
   p_here: /usr/spool/lp/bin/rlpcmd m_there lp -dp_there -onobanner -oraw
In practice, the -o options that you would specify to lp depend on the configuration of the remote printer.

The entry in the /usr/spool/lp/.rhosts file on m_there would be:

   m_here	lp


rlpcmd requires TCP/IP to have been installed.

rlpcmd should work from SCO OpenServer systems to any system which understands the TCP/IP rcmd protocol. However, this is not guaranteed.


rlpcmd should be listed in the SecureWare file control database (see files(F)) with the following field settings:


full pathname of rlpcmd

permissions file for remote login by lp

remote printer definitions used by the network interface script

interface script for remote printing

file control database

contains the user ID of lp

See also

authcap(F), files(F), lp(C), messages(M), rcmd(TC), hosts(SFF), subsystem(M)

Standards conformance

rlpcmd is not part of any currently supported standard; it is an extension of AT&T System V provided by The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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