scodb -- command-line kernel debugger


scodb [-d dumpfile] [-n kernel] [-s stunfile] [-v varifile] [-w] [-i] -D<n>


scodb runs the kernel debugger from the command line. All the functionality of the kernel-level SCODB debugger except for commands assoiated with breakpoints, single-stepping, and trace functionality. The supported options are defined as:

-d dumpfile
Run scodb on the specified dumpfile rather than on the currently running kernel.

-n kernel
Use the kernel file for the namelist. The default is /unix. This must be specified if the system is booted from a bootable kernel image other than /unix or when examining a kernel from a different system.

-s stunfile
Use stunfile as the structure/union definition file.

-v varifile
Use varifile as the variable definition file.

Enable writes to /dev/mem.

Enable use of functions such as inb( ), and outb( ) from within scodb.

Enable debugging output.

For full information about running scodb, see the SCODB User's Guide.


scodb uses a group of control files that are set up automatically when the SCODB pseudo-driver is linked into the kernel. To run command-level scodb without having first linked the SCODB driver into the system, you must run a set of scripts to set up these files. Instructions are provided in the SCODB User's Guide.

An alternate method of setting up these files is to link the SCODB driver into the kernel before running the command-line scodb debugger. The setup files will remain after the SCODB driver is unlinked from the kernel.


The behavior of this utility is affected by assignment of the mem authorization in authorize(F). Refer to subsystem(M) for more details.


Provides access to the virtual memory used only by the currently running kernel; these pages are always resident in main memory and are never swapped out.

Provides access to all virtual memory used by the kernel and processes; some of these pages may be swapped out to disk.

Provides a namelist for the default current kernel.

See also

adb(CP), crash(ADM), dumpsave(ADM), ldsysdump(ADM), memsize(ADM), ncheck(ADM), nodnm(ADM), ps(C)

SCODB User's Guide.

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