tapecntl -- AT&T tape control for QIC-24/QIC-02 tape device


tapecntl [ -ertw ] [ -p arg ]


tapecntl will send the optioned commands to the tape device driver sub-device /dev/rmt/c0s0 for all commands except ``position'', which will use sub-device /dev/rmt/c0s0n using the ioctl command function. Sub-device /dev/rmt/c0s0 provides a rewind on close capability, while /dev/rmt/c0s0n allows for closing of the device without rewind. Error messages will be written to standard error.

The following options are available:

erase tape

reset tape device

retension tape

rewind tape

position tape to ``end of file'' mark - n
Erasing the tape causes the erase bar to be activated while moving the tape from end to end, causing all data tracks to be erased in a single pass over the tape.

Retensioning the tape causes the tape to be moved from end to end, thereby repacking the tape with the proper tension across its length.

Reset of the tape device initializes the tape controller registers and positions the tape at the beginning of the tape mark (BOT).

Rewinding the tape will move the tape to the BOT.

Positioning the tape command requires an integer argument. Positioning the tape will move the tape forward relative to its current position to the end of the specified file mark. The positioning option used with an argument of zero will be ignored. Illegal or out-of-range value arguments to the positioning command will leave the tape positioned at the end of the last valid file mark.

Options may be used individually or strung together with selected options being executed sequentially from left to right in the command line.

Exit values

Exit codes and their meanings are as follows:

normal exit; no error

device function could not initiate properly due to misconnected cables or poorly inserted tape cartridge

device function failed to complete properly due to unrecoverable error condition, either in the command setup or due to mechanical failure

device function failed due to the cartridge being write protected or to the lack of written data on the tape

device /dev/rmt/c0s0n or /dev/rmt/c0s0 failed to open properly due to already being opened or claimed by another process





Standards conformance

tapecntl is not part of any currently supported standard; it is an extension of AT&T System V provided by The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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