uucico -- file transport program for the UUCP system


/usr/lib/uucp/uucico [ -r role# ] [ -x debug_level ] [ -i interface ] [ -d spool ] [ [ -s | -S ] site ]


uucico is the file transport program for UUCP work file transfers. It is normally started by the scheduler, uusched, but can be started manually; this is done for debugging. (For example, uutry starts uucico with debugging turned on.) uux and uucp both queue jobs for transfer by uucico.

The following options are recognized:

-d spool
Specify the spool directory: the default is /usr/spool/uucp.

-i interface
Defines the interface used with uucico. This interface only affects slave mode. Known interfaces are UNIX (default), TLI (basic Transport Layer Interface), and TLIS (Transport Layer Interface with Streams modules, read/write).

-r role#
Specifies the role uucico adopts on startup. role# can be either the digit 1 for master mode or 0 for slave mode (default). Master mode should be selected when uucico is started by a program or cron.

-s site
Force a call to the system site even if there is no work for site site in the spool directory, but call only when times in the Systems file permit it. Incompatible with the -S option. (This is useful for polling sites that do not have the hardware to initiate a connection.)

-S site
Specify the system name, overriding the call schedule given in the Systems file. For example, -S can be used to call a system which is said to be ``Never'' called in the Systems file. Incompatible with the -s option.

-x debug_level
Start uucico in debug mode. debug_level is in the range 1 to 9, and specifies the level of debugging output produced. (See the System Administration Guide for a discussion of debugging output.)

Changing packet parameters

It is possible to change the packet and window parameters used by uucico when communicating under the `g' or `G' protocol. These parameters are controlled by the Configuration file; see Configuration(F) for details.



See also

Configuration(F), cron(C), uucp(C), uusched(ADM), uustat(C), uutry(ADM), uux(C)
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