uudemon: uudemon.admin, uudemon.clean, uudemon.hour, uudemon.poll, uudemon.poll2 -- UUCP administrative scripts


UUCP communications and file maintenance can be automated with the use of the uudemon.hour, uudemon.poll, uudemon.poll2, uudemon.admin, and uudemon.clean shell scripts. While in multi-user mode, cron scans files in /usr/spool/cron/crontabs once each minute for entries to execute at this time. An example crontabs file,, is provided to activate these daemons. The system administrator should copy these from /usr/lib/uucp to /usr/spool/cron/crontabs/uucp. To do this, log in as user uucp, edit the file to make any changes, and then enter the following command:


This will replace the original crontab entry.


The uudemon.admin shell script, as delivered, runs the uustat(C) command with -p and -q options. The -q reports on the status of work files (C.), data files (D.), and execute files (X.) that are queued. The -p prints process information for networking processes listed in the lock files (/usr/spool/locks). It sends resulting status information to the UUCP administrative login (uucp) via mail(C).

The default crontab entry for uudemon.admin is:

   48 10,14 * * 1 - 5 /bin/su uucp -c \
   	"/usr/lib/uucp/uudemon.admin" > /dev/null


The uudemon.clean shell script, as delivered, takes log files for individual machines from the /usr/spool/.Log directory, merges them, and places them in the /usr/spool/.Old directory with other old log information. If log files get large, the ulimit may need to be increased. It also removes work files (C.) 7 days old or older, data files (D.) 7 days old or older, and execute files (X.) 2 days old or older from the spool files. uudemon.clean mails a summary of the status information gathered during the current day to the UUCP administrative login (uucp).

The default crontab entry for uudemon.clean is:

   45 23 * * * ulimit 5000; /bin/su uucp -c \
   	"/usr/lib/uucp/uudemon.clean" > /dev/null


The uudemon.hour shell script calls the uusched(ADM) program to search the spool directories for work files (C.) that have not been processed and schedules these files for transfer to a remote machine. It then calls the uuxqt(ADM) daemon to search the spool directories for execute files (X.) that were transferred to your computer and were not processed at the time they were transferred.

This is the default root crontab entry for uudemon.hour:

   39,9 * * * * /usr/lib/uucp/uudemon.hour > /dev/null
This script runs twice per hour (at 39 and 9 minutes past).


uudemon.poll uses the Poll (or the alternative Poll.hour and file (see poll(F)) for polling remote computers. The uudemon.poll script controls polling but does not actually perform the poll. It merely sets up a polling file (C.sysnxxxx) in the /usr/spool/uucp/nodename directory, where nodename is replaced by the name of the machine. This file will in turn be acted upon by the scheduler (started by uudemon.hour). The uudemon.poll script is scheduled to run twice an hour just before uudemon.hour so that the work files will be there when uudemon.hour is called. The default root crontab entry for uudemon.poll is as follows:
   1,30 * * * * "/usr/lib/uucp/uudemon.poll > /dev/null"
uudemon.poll2 is an alternative to uudemon.poll that uses a different scheme and different poll files. Listing a site in the Poll file gives you control over the lower bound on number-of-calls-per-day (at least as many as you specify in Poll), but no control on the upper bound. (This is because uudemon.poll uses the the time field of the Systems file, which is not suited to the purposes of polling). uudemon.poll2 permits more control of scheduling. To use uudemon.poll2, you must remove the call to uusched from uudemon.hour, and run uudemon.poll2 in place of uudemon.poll from cron. uudemon.poll2 reads Poll.hour (or if called with the -d option) to determine whom to poll much like uudemon.poll, but uudemon.poll2 calls uucico directly, using the -S option, thus overriding the time field of the Systems file.



See also

cron(C), poll(F), systems(F), uucico(ADM), uuclean(ADM), uucp(C), uusched(ADM), uustat(C)

Standards conformance

uudemon.admin, uudemon.clean, uudemon.hour, uudemon.poll and uudemon.poll2 are not part of any currently supported standard; they are an extension of AT&T System V provided by The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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