uuto, uupick -- public UNIX-to-UNIX system file copy


uuto [ -mp ] source-file ... destination

uupick [ -s system ]


uuto uses the uucp(C) facility to send the source-files to destination, while it allows the local system to control file access. source-file is a pathname of a file on your machine. destination has the form system!user where system is taken from a list of system names that UUCP knows about (see uuname(C)). user is the login name of the intended recipient on that system.

The options are:

Mail the sender when the copy is complete.

Copy the source file into the spool directory before transmission.
The files (or sub-trees if directories are specified) are sent to /usr/spool/uucppublic/receive/user/mysystem where mysystem is the name of the sending system. The recipient user is notified by mail(C) when the files arrive.

uupick searches the directory hierarchy below /usr/spool/uucppublic for files destined for you. You can use uupick to accept or reject those files.

For each entry (file or directory) found, uupick prints the following message on the standard output:

from system : [ file filename ] [ dir dirname ] ?

uupick then reads a line from the standard input to determine what is to be done with the file. Allowed responses are:

Go on to next entry.

Delete the entry.

m [ dir ]
Move the entry to named directory dir. If dir is not specified as a complete pathname (in which $HOME is legitimate), a destination relative to the current directory is assumed. If no destination is given, the default is the current directory.

a [ dir ]
Same as m except all the files sent from system are to be moved.

Print the content of the file.

Quit uupick.

EOF (<Ctrl>d)
Same as q

Run command in a shell.

Print a command summary.
uupick invoked with the -s system option searches only the directory /usr/spool/uucppublic/receive/user/system; that is, only files from system are searched for.


In order to send files that begin with a dot (for example, .profile) the files must by qualified with a dot. For example: .profile, .prof*, .profil? are correct; whereas *prof*, ?profile are incorrect.


public directory

See also

mail(C), uuclean(ADM), uucp(C), uustat(C), uux(C)

Standards conformance

uupick and uuto are conformant with:

ISO/IEC DIS 9945-2:1992, Information technology - Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) - Part 2: Shell and Utilities (IEEE Std 1003.2-1992);
AT&T SVID Issue 2;
X/Open CAE Specification, Commands and Utilities, Issue 4, 1992.

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