Manual section CP

adb - invokes a general-purpose debugger.
admin - create and administer SCCS files
ar - maintain portable archive or library
as - assembler
C++ - C++ language system
c++filt - C++ name demangler
c89 - compile standard C programs
cb - C program beautifier
CC - C++ compiler
cc - C compiler and preprocessor
cdc - change the delta commentary of an SCCS delta
cflow - generate C flowgraph
cfront - invokes C++ compiler (``cfront'')
chkshlib - compare shared libraries tool
cof2elf - COFF to ELF object file translation
comb - combine SCCS deltas
conv - common object file converter
convert - convert archive files to common formats
cpp - KR C language preprocessor
cprs - compress an object file
cscope - interactively examine a C program
ctrace - C program debugger
cxref - generate C program cross-reference
dbx - line-oriented debugger
dbxtra - dbx-based screen-oriented debugger
dbXtra - dbx-based Motif/X11interface-oriented debugger
debug - source-level, interactive, object file debugger
delta - make a delta (change) to an SCCS file
dis - object code disassembler
dump - dump selected parts of an object file
dumpmsg - generate a message source file
elfmark - add an identifying mark to an ELF file
findstr - find strings in C source code
fprof - configure, start, control or analyze the results of a flow-profile experiment
fur - function and object code rearranger
gencat - generate a formatted message catalogue
gencc - create a front-end to the cc command
get - get a version of an SCCS file
help - Asks for help about SCCS commands
insertmsg - separate strings from program logic
Intro - Introduces Development System commands
ld - link editor for object files
lex - a lexical-analyzer generator
lex++ - a lexical-analyzer generator
lint - a C program checker
list - produce C source listing from a common object file
lorder - find ordering relation for an object library
lprof - display line-by-line execution count profile data
m4 - macro processor
make - maintain, update, and regenerate groups of programs
mar - message catalogue archive and library maintainer
mcc - a backward compatible frontend to cc
mcs - manipulate the comment section of an object file
memtool - diagnose dynamic memory allocation errors
mkcatdefs - preprocess a message source file
mkmsgs - create message files for use by gettxt
mkshlib - create a shared library
mkstr - creates an error message file from C source
nm - print name list of an object file
prof - display profile data
prs - print an SCCS file
regcmp - regular expression compile
renice - set system scheduling priorities of running processes
rmdel - remove a delta from an SCCS file
sact - print current SCCS file editing activity
sccs - front end for the Source Code Control System (SCCS) subsystem
sccsdiff - compare two versions of an SCCS file
sdb - symbolic debugger
size - print section sizes in bytes of object files
strip - strip symbol table, debugging and line number information from an object file
trace - system call tracer
tsort - topological sort
unget - undo a previous get of an SCCS file
val - validate SCCS file
vc - version control (SCCS)
what - identify SCCS files
xstr - extracts strings from C programs
xtil - XTI library trace control
yacc - yet another compiler-compiler-a parser generator
yacc++ - yet another compiler-compiler-a parser generator