Manual section FP

a.out - ELF (Executable and Linking Format) files
acct - per-process accounting file format
aio - data definitions for asynchronous input and output
ar - archive file format
core - core image file
dir - format of a directory
dirent - file system independent directory entry
envpaths - paths permitted in environment variables
event - event manager configuration files
filehdr - file header for common object files
filesystem - format of filesystem types
inode - format of an inode
Intro - introduction to file formats for programmers
kmem - provides access to kernel virtual memory
langinfo - language information constants
lconv - Internationalization (native language support) information
ldfcn - common object file access routines
limits - header file for implementation-specific constants
linenum - line number entries in a common object file
mallinfo - malloc (libmalloc) information
mem - provides access to the computer's physical memory
mem, kmem - memory image file
mfsys - configuration file for filesystem types
msg - IPC message structures
netbuf - TLI/XTI network buffer structure
nl_types - data types for native language support
nssend - name server request structure
null - the null file
passwd - password entry structure
plot - graphics interface
pnch - file format for card images
proc - process table structure
reloc - relocation information for a common object file
sccsfile - format of an SCCS file
scnhdr - section header for a common object file
scr_dump - format of curses screen image file
semaphore - semaphore characteristics
sfsys - local filesystem type file
shm - IPC shared memory structures
siginfo - signal generation information
stat - data returned by stat system call
syms - common object file symbol table format
t_info - TLI and XTI transport protocol structure
time - data definitions for clocks and timers
types - primitive system data types
ucontext - user context
unistd - header file for symbolic constants