Manual section M

#! - execute an interpreter on a file
_fst - unsupported utility
abort - exception reporting severe error
ascii - map of the ASCII character set
ASCII - map of the ASCII character set
auditevents - Audit subsystem events
checkeq - macro equation checker
chrconv - convert a chrtbl source file to a localedef source file
chrtbl - create a ctype locale table
ckbupscd - unsupported utility
cleanup - clean up log files
clone - open any minor device on a STREAMS driver
colconv - convert a coltbl source file to a localedef source file
coltbl - create a collation locale table
curtbl - create a currency locale table - micnet mailer daemon
dsconfig - unsupported utility
emactovi - unsupported utility
environ - the user environment
exception - interrupt generated by CPU
exec - how the shell executes a command
fault - asynchronous exception
fcntl - file control options
fixshlib - unsupported utility
frec - unsupported utility
fsanck - unsupported utility
fsba - unsupported utility
getclk - get string from real-time clock
getty - set terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline
hash-bang - execute an interpreter on a file
hash-pling - execute an interpreter on a file
hash-shriek - execute an interpreter on a file
hier - layout of filesystem
hierarchy - layout of filesystem
ibmlpopt - display lp options for the IBM ProPrinter
iconvh - code set conversion facility
idas - assembler used by the Link Kit
idld - link editor used by the Link Kit
inipcrm - unsupported utility
init, telinit - signal the init process
interrupt - asynchronous notification of a hardware event
Intro - introduction to miscellaneous features and files
ipfilter - ipfilter
isverify - verify ISAM database records
jagent - host control of windowing terminal
layers - protocol used between host and windowing terminal under layers(C)
LD_BIND_NOW - disable lazy function binding
LD_INSERT - insert shared libraries
LD_LIBRARY_PATH - shared library search path
LD_PRELOAD - front-load shared libraries
LD_ROOT - alternate prefix directories for root
LD_TRACE - library and application tracing
LD_TRACE_ARGNO - specify default argument words
LD_TRACE_FILENO - specify tracing file descriptor
LD_TRACE_FRAMES - specify stack trace depth
LD_TRACE_LIBRARY - restrict tracing by libraries
LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS - ldd(C) shared library tracing
LD_TRACE_MAXSTR - truncation limit on strings
LD_TRACE_ROUTINE - restrict tracing by routines
LD_TRACE_SCALE - clock rate for high resolution timer
LD_TRACE_STACK - cause stack traces for routines
LD_WARN - ldd(C) complain about unresolved symbols
locale - the international locale
log - interface to STREAMS error logging and event tracing
login - give access to the system
mapchan - configure tty device mapping
mapkey, mapscrn, mapstr - configure monitor screen mapping
math - math functions and constants
menu_add - link to /bin/true
menu_del - link to /bin/true
mesconv - convert a mestbl source file to a localedef source file
message - support utility for package installation
messages - system service, kernel, and device driver error messages
mestbl - create a messages locale table
mlist - unsupported utility
monconv - convert a montbl source file to a localedef source file
montbl - create a currency locale table
motd - message of the day displayed at login
mscreen - serial multiscreens utility
mt - lists Intel tape drive model number
multiscreen - multiple screens (device files)
newmail - unsupported utility
NMI - non-maskable interrupt
nsswitch.conf - NSS configuration file
numconv - convert a numtbl source file to a localedef source file
numtbl - create a numeric locale table
priv - include file for user-level privilege definitions
privilege - include file for privilege mechanism definitions
prof - profile within a function
profile - set up an environment at login time
ptmx, pts??? - STREAMS master pseudo-tty device
pts??? - slave pseudo-tty nodes
pwdmenu - support utility for backup
racoon.conf - racoon.conf
regexp - basic, extended, and shell regular expressions
rmb - remove extra blank lines from a file
rstab - unsupported utility
rtld - runtime (dynamic) linker
scanoff - disables scancode-to-character mapping
scanon, scanoff - enable and disable scancode-to-character mapping
signal - base signals
stdarg - handle variable argument list
streamio - STREAMS ioctl commands
string - access boot, configuration, or package string
subsystem - security subsystem component description
sxt - pseudo-device driver
telinit - signal the init process
term - conventional names for terminals
terminals - list of terminals
terminfo - terminal capability database
termio - general terminal interface
termios - POSIX.1 general terminal interface
timconv - convert a timtbl source file to a localedef source file
timod - Transport Interface cooperating STREAMS module
timtbl - create a time locale table
tirdwr - Transport Interface read/write interface STREAMS module
trap - handle CPU exception or interrupt
trchan - translate character sets
tty - special terminal interface
tz - time zone environment variable
undocumented - programs not documented elsewhere in these manuals
update - unsupported utility
utmp_getty - serial multiscreens support utility
uugetty - permit logins over bidirectional lines (obsolete; see getty)
values - machine-dependent values
wchar - wide-character types
wchar.h - wide-character types
wctype - wide-character classification and mapping utilities
wctype.h - wide-character classification and mapping utilities
winsize - window size structures used by termio and termios
xtproto - multiplexed channels protocol used by xt(HW) driver