Using DocView

Installing DocView

DocView is installed on a SCO OpenServer system using the standard scoadmin package manager. If it is not installed when the operating system is installed, you can follow these instructions to install it when logged onto the system as user root.

DocView requires certain packages to already be installed on the system:

Once the prerequisite packages are installed, you can install DocView as follows:

  1. Start the scoadmin manager and select the Software Manager.

  2. Select the item for the operating system, such as SCO OpenServer Desktop System. Expand it by double-clicking on it, or selecting View -> Expand

  3. Then expand the following selections:
       SCO OpenServer Desktop System UNIX
           Extended Utilities

  4. Select DocView Documentation Server.

  5. Select Software -> Install New from the menu. Then follow the standard process for selecting the media and installing the package.
Installing the package puts the files in place and configures the DocView webserver. It should also automatically start the webserver. See also the section below on starting and stopping the server.

Once the server is started, you should be able to browse the documentation by clicking on the "DocView" icon. You can also just point a browser at:


NOTE: In order for the search system to work, the search index must be generated on the system. The search index is not generated during installation because it takes significant time and disk space. See the instructions in ``Administering a DocView server'' for more information.

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