Overview of Development Systems for SCO OpenServer

Binary Compatibility Module

In order for Java applications, the Java Development Kit, and any UDK-built and GCC-built ``universal'' binaries to run on SCO OpenServer or SCO UnixWare 2.0, the appropriate Binary Compatibility Module (the OSRcompat and UW2compat packages, respectively) must be installed on target systems. The Binary Compatibility Modules are free and you may redistribute them with your application. The modules can be installed from the UDK CD-ROM, provided in your SCO OpenServer media kit.

NOTE: For SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7, you must explicitly install the OSRcompat module on your system. It is not done automatically as part of the operating system installation.

For SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.5a and later releases, the pkg* packaging tools are supported on SCO OpenServer, so you can build an application with the UDK and create a single package that can install on any current SCO UNIX platform. The only adjustment is that SCO OpenServer and SCO UnixWare 2.0 systems must have an appropriate Binary Compatibility Module installed to run the application. You can conditionally include these in your software package or point customers to the SCO web site to download the appropriate compatibility module.

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