Boot device configuration issues

SCSI boot problems

Problems found during the boot(HW) phase of the installation might require certain SCSI drivers to be disabled. To disable a driver at boot time, add disable=driver_name to the bootstring. For example, the following command at the boot prompt restarts the installation and disables the alad SCSI host adapter driver:

restart disable=alad

Disable the driver that corresponds to the init( ) function shown in the following table; init()functions are displayed in the boot hardware listing:

driver init() device
name function name
ad ahainit Adaptec 154x, 164x, 174x (Standard mode)
ad160 ad160init Adaptec 2916x, 3916x (7892, 7899 Chips)
alad aladinit Adaptec 294x, 394x, 494x (785X, 7860, 7870, 7880,
   7895 Chips) and SlimSCSI 1480A/B Adapters
ams amsinit Advanced Micro Devices PCscsi
arad aradinit Adaptec 274x, 284x (7770 Chip)
blad bladinit Adaptec 2940U2W, 2950U2B, 3950U2 (7890, 7891,
   7897 Ultra2 Chips)
blc blcinit BusLogic MultiMaster Adapters
cha chainit Compaq Fast-SCSI-2 Adapter
ciha (*) cihainit Corollary 386/486 CBUS SCSI-CPU
ciss cissinit Compaq Intelligent Storage Subsystem
clad cladinit Compaq Array Controller
dptr dptrinit DPT SCSI & RAID Adapters
efp (*) ehainit Olivetti ESC-1, ESC-2, and EFP Adapters
eiad eiadinit Adaptec 174x (Enhanced mode)
fdhb fdi_init Adaptec 292x, Future Domain 16x0, 600, 700 (18x0 Chip)
flashpt fptinit BusLogic FlashPoint Adapters
hf hfinit IBM HardFile Adapters
ida idainit Compaq RAID 234234 Adapter
iiop (*) iiopinit Tricord Intelligent I/O Processor
iir iirinit Intel SRCMR, SRCU-31, SRCU-31L, SRCU-32 Server
   RAID Adapters
mdac mdacinit Mylex Disk Array Controller
ncr (*) ncrinit NCR Microchannel Systems Host Adapters
piiop (*) piiopinit Tricord Intelligent I/O Processor
slha slhainit LSI Logic/Symbios Logic/NCR MPD 53c8xx Host Adapters
smad smadinit Adaptec 151x, 152x (6260, 6360 Chips) and
   SlimSCSI 1460 Adapters
sumo sumoinit Storage Plus SCSI-AT (SUMO)
tmcha (*) tmc_init Future Domain 845, 850, 860, 885 (950 Chip)
wd wdinit Enhanced IDE, ATAPI Interface
wdex (*) wdexinit Future Domain (formerly Western Digital) 7000EX
wdha (*) wdhainit Future Domain (formerly Western Digital) 7000

These drivers are no longer supported by SCO, however they are still provided with SCO OpenServer for your convenience. Contact your hardware vendor for support.  

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