Troubleshooting the installation

Upgrade option not displaying on systems with multiple host adapters

If your system contains more than one type of host adapter, SCO OpenServer might find the secondary adapter first and assume it is the controller for the root disk. In this case, Upgrade might not be offered as an option for Installation type. If this happens, restart the installation and specify the location of your root hard disk at the boot prompt.

For example, if the root disk is at ID 0 on the first bus of an Adaptec 294x host adapter, enter the following at the boot prompt:

defbootstr Sdsk=alad(0,0,0,0)

If the root disk is on a second adapter of the same type, enter the following:

defbootstr Sdsk=alad(1,0,0,0)

If you have a different SCSI host adapter, use the appropriate driver name instead of alad. The following table lists the supported SCSI host adapters and the corresponding driver names.

Host adapter Driver name
Adaptec 151x, 152x (6260, 6360 Chips) &
   SlimSCSI 1460 Adapters
Adaptec 154x, 164x, 174x (Standard mode) ad
Adaptec 174x (Enhanced mode) eiad
Adaptec 274x, 284x (7770 Chip) arad
Adaptec 2916x, 3916x (7892, 7899 Chips) ad160
Adaptec 292x, Future Domain 16x0, 600, 700 (18x0 Chip) fdhb
Adaptec 294x, 394x, 494x (785X, 7860, 7870, 7880,
   7895 Chips) & SlimSCSI 1480A/B Adapters
Adaptec 2940U2W, 2950U2B, 3950U2 (7890, 7891,
   7897 Ultra2 Chips)
Advanced Micro Devices PCscsi ams
BusLogic MultiMaster Adapters blc
BusLogic FlashPoint Adapters flashpt
Compaq Array Controller clad
Compaq Fast-SCSI-2 Adapter cha
Compaq RAID 234234 Adapter ida
Compaq Intelligent Storage Subsystem ciss
Corollary 386/486 CBUS SCSI-CPU ciha (*)
DPT SCSI & RAID Adapters dptr
Enhanced IDE, ATAPI Interface wd
Future Domain (formerly Western Digital) 7000 wdha (*)
Future Domain (formerly Western Digital) 7000EX wdex (*)
Future Domain 845, 850, 860, 885 (950 Chip) tmcha (*)
IBM HardFile Adapters hf
Intel SRCMR, SRCU-31, SRCU-31L, SRCU-32 Server
   RAID Adapters
LSI Logic/Symbios Logic/NCR MPD 53c8xx Adapters slha
Mylex Disk Array Controller mdac
NCR Microchannel Systems Adapters ncr (*)
Olivetti ESC-1, ESC-2, and EFP Adapters efp (*)
Storage Plus SCSI-AT (SUMO) sumo
Tricord Intelligent I/O Processor iiop/piiop (*)

These drivers are no longer supported by SCO, however they are still provided with SCO OpenServer for your convenience. Contact your hardware vendor for support.  

See the boot(HW) and bootstring(HW) manual pages and ``Using bootstrings'' for more information.

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