Troubleshooting the installation

Troubleshooting the installation

This chapter describes troubleshooting procedures for some of the more common problems that might occur during or immediately following installation of your SCO OpenServer system and additional SCO OpenServer products.

Sometimes errors occur during the installation procedure that cause problems as you install the software or when you boot immediately after installation. The problem is usually not with the software or the procedure itself. Occasionally, there is a hardware problem, but typically such problems are minor, such as an improperly connected cable.

If your problem is not described here, use ``Solving undocumented installation problems'' to help you identify your problem. For example, if your system hangs mysteriously, use the information in that section to eliminate some of the more common causes of this problem.

If you cannot solve your problem and you must contact your support provider for help, be sure to record your system information as described in ``Before calling for help''.

During the installation procedure, do not assume that you know what is about to happen, even if you have installed the system before. There may have been changes to the installation process, so you should read the installation documentation closely.

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