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About the Interactive disk setup option

CAUTION: To retain your previous partitions and divisions using the Interactive fdisk/divvy option, you must assemble the hard disk layout information from your previous system before beginning the new installation.

The disk setup option for Interactive fdisk/divvy is available for any installation that starts as a Fresh (rather than Upgrade) installation type. Interactive fdisk/divvy defers disk setup until the end of the installation prompts. The installation then runs the utilities fdisk(ADM) and divvy(ADM) interactively. To retain your previous partitions and divisions on the new system, assemble the hard disk layout information from your previous system (including any pre-existing DOS partitions) before beginning the new installation, as follows:

  1. Run fdisk and select option 1. Record the numbers of the partitions that hold your filesystems, then exit fdisk.

  2. Run divvy(ADM) for each partition.

    CAUTION: Do not select c within divvy. Doing so destroys the contents of the selected filesystem. Only select c if you have a complete backup of the filesystem, and you want to remake the filesystem into a different format. You must then restore all the data to that filesystem after installation.

  3. Copy the information from your screen into the following table:

    Primary Hard Disk Filesystems

    Name Type New FS # First Block Last Block

  4. Exit divvy.

  5. Enter this information during the installation's fdisk and divvy sessions to recreate your previous hard disk layout for the new installation.

To access the Interactive fdisk/divvy option, press <Space> at Hard disk setup in the Preparing your disk and choosing software window, then press <Space> again at Partitions & filesystems.

The Interactive fdisk/divvy option is not available for the second hard disk. See ``Upgrading a non-primary hard disk''.

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