Using other operating systems with an SCO OpenServer system

Installing Windows, DOS, and OS/2 partitions

This section describes the process for installing SCO OpenServer and any of the Windows (including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP), DOS, or OS/2 operating systems on the same computer.

  1. Install the Windows, DOS, or OS/2 operating system first. Use the product's installer if it allows partition sizing control; otherwise, you will need to use DOS fdisk from a bootable DOS floppy. When creating the Windows, DOS, or OS/2 partition, remember to leave adequate space for a bootable SCO OpenServer partition.

    NOTE: Do not use a third-party disk partitioning product to partition the hard disk before installing the desired operating systems. If you do, you may need to start over by running a low-level format of your hard disk.

  2. Once the Windows, DOS, or OS/2 system is installed and you have verified that it is booting and running correctly, you are ready to install SCO OpenServer. Note the following:

    To install SCO OpenServer, insert the SCO OpenServer Boot Disk (CD-ROM or floppy disk, depending on your system) in the boot drive and reboot the computer. Follow the steps described in ``Installing or upgrading an SCO OpenServer system''.

    In the disk setup phase of the installation, select Interactive fdisk/divvy, otherwise your Windows, DOS, or OS/2 partition will be overwritten.

  3. When the fdisk(ADM) phase of the installation begins, select Use Rest of Disk for UNIX to utilize the remaining space on the hard disk for SCO OpenServer. Alternately, you can create the SCO OpenServer partition manually. If you select this option, note the following:

    See ``Partitioning the hard disk using fdisk'' for more information.

  4. See ``Switching between operating systems'' for information on how to access the different operating systems installed on your computer.

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