People who have helped with Ghostscript

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Many people have contributed to the development of Ghostscript. In the new-user documentation we give special thanks to a few major contributors; here we wish to acknowledge and thank the following other people (in alphabetical order) who have contributed substantially to improving Ghostscript since its inception in 1986:

Hitoshi Aida
for help with the SunView driver
Pierre Arnaud
for bug reports and fixes
Juan Manuel Acosta
for LN03+ driver and fixes of arc and circle rendering on SunOS
William Bader
for several drivers and bug reports
Alan Barclay
for the RGB TIFF drivers
Nelson H. F. Beebe
for testing on a wide variety of Unix architectures, and for the multi-architecture makefile
Karl Berry and Kathy Hargreaves
for helping create the fonts originally distributed with Ghostscript
James W. Birdsall
for the IBM ProPrinter driver
Andrew Birrell
for a challenging application
Jan Bottorff
for help with the Microsoft Windows driver
Tom Brosnan
for the Desqview/X port
Philip Brown
for the LaserJet IIID duplex additions
Tobias Burnus
for many challenging bug reports
George Cameron
for DeskJet 500C and 550C drivers
Maurice Castro
a collaborator of Russell Lang's
Jeff Chua
for the idea and first implementation of ReopenPerPage
Phil Conrad
for originating the PPM utilities and the PCX and GIF drivers, and lots of bug reports
Michel Dagenais
for major help with the DeskJet driver
John Desrosiers
for the final work on the Microsoft Visual C++ makefiles, and for enhancements to the memory manager
Jim Dunham
for the OpenVMS makefile
Gershon Elber
for improvements to the BGI driver
Fritz Elfert
for the Unix file enumeration routine
George Ferguson
for some added man pages
Mike Ferrara
for help with the LaserJet driver and HP-UX
Andy Fyfe
for the BJ200 driver modifications to the BJ10e driver, and for the 3B1 driver
Tim Gallivan
for a port to the Atari ST
J. Greely
for help with the PostScript-to-ASCII filter
Gintautas Grigelionis
for a set of XBM/XPM icons
Paul Haeberli
for the ideas behind better color selection and trapezoid fill algorithms
Karl Hakimian
for the Tek 4693d drivers
Richard Hesketh
for GSPreview
Gunther Hess
for the unified inkjet printer driver
Thomas Hiller
for the Trident TVGA driver
Frans van Hoesel
for improvements to the DeskJet driver
Berthold K. P. Horn
for a better spot halftone screen
B. Jackowski and GUST (the Polish TeX users group)
for improvements to the TrueType font reader, and for the tiff2ps and ttf2pf utilities
Jouk Jansen
for motivating, testing, and providing some of the script file for the MMK/MMS build procedure
Earl Johnson
for the motivation for the ps2ascii utility
Ray Johnston
for a first draft of FAKEFONTS and EPSF recognition, and for many small bug fixes
Larry Jones
for simplifying and improving the portability of the pthreads interface code
Pete Kaiser
for beta testing, several versions of the OSF/1 font map, and an HTML version of the documentation
Norio Katayama
for the first implementation of composite fonts, and for testing and helping debug the later implementation
Alfred Kayser
for a DeskJet 500C driver and beta testing
Richard Keeney
for help with the SunView driver
Markku Koppinen
for a better circle-to-curve algorithm
Eleftherios Koutsofios
for help with the SunView driver
Tom Lane
for major help with adapting and integrating the IJG code
Sam Leffler
for the original TIFF G3 driver, and for finding some subtle bugs in the CCITTFaxEncode filter
Jonathan Luckey
for the high-resolution Imagewriter drivers
Ken Lunde
for providing pointers to freely available CJKV font-related resource
Ian MacPhedran
for a sixel driver
Jim Mayer
for help with the DeskJet and LaserJet drivers
Paul McJones
for help in identifying a variety of bugs
William L. Menninger
for a version of the PC display state save/restore code
Richard Mlynarik
for a nearly overwhelming volume of improvements and suggestions
Ulrich Mueller
for the LN03 driver
Daniel Newman
for major help with VMS and the CCITTFax filters
Bjorn S. Nilsson
for major help with VMS, including many updates of the DCL build scripts and creating the VMS help file
Roque Donizete de Oliveira
for testing and debugging, and a "man" page
Gerbert Orasche
for some minor bug fixes
Marc Paquette
for the original PaintJet driver
Hal Peterson
for major help with BDF fonts
Andy Piper
for the first draft of the WindowID feature
Martin Pirker
for fixing two major problems with TrueType fonts
Tom Quinn
for the Canon LBP-8II driver
Matthias Rabe
for work on an OS/2 port
Jerry Roylance
for help with statusdict
Dave St. Clair
for the color Epson/Fujitsu driver
Jan Sanislo
for two subtle but vital fixes
Clemens Schrimpe
for help with accented characters
Scott Schwartz
for improvements to
Mike Smolenski
for the Sony drivers
for major help with Hershey fonts, and many other contributions
Karsten Spang
for the Tektronix 4695/4696 driver
Andreas Stolcke
for help with the SunView driver
Hans-Gerd Straeter
for finding many obscure bugs
Christoph Strozyk
for getting the URW fonts made available
Alexey Subbotin
for contributing an interface to GNU readline, and for the rewritten implementation of ==
Michael Sweet
for help with the high-density Epson driver
Guenther Thomsen
for the mid-density Epson driver
Gregg Townsend
for the low-resolution dithering algorithm
Christian Tschudin
for fixes to the virtual memory package, and for the original BubbleJet driver
Stephen Turnbull
for help with the DesqView/X port
Jos Vos
for the original PBM/PGM/PPM driver, and for much beta testing
Renze de Waal
for an improvement to the "SAFER" feature
Allan Wax
for the AT&T 6300 modification to the BGI driver
Mark Wedel
for the Apple DMP driver
David Wexelblat
for the high-resolution 9-pin Epson driver
George N. White III
for testing the PDF writer and contributing documentation
Elizabeth Zwicky
for some very challenging examples

The following people have also helped out by beta testing, by reporting bugs and/or fixes, or in other ways:

Vikas Aggarwal, Michael Almond, Abramo Bagnara, Malcolm Bennett, David Brooks, Alex Cherepanov, Jim Collins, Peter da Silva, Art Dederick, Paul DuBois, Toerless Eckert, Bernhard Fabricius, Mark Friedman, Richard Foulk, Glenn Geers, Dave Goldblatt, Ben Goren, Dirk Grunwald, Lars Haakedal, Howard B. Halstead, Adam Hammer, George Hartzell, Mike Hoffmann, Charles Hulse, Brad Jones, Terry Jones, David Keppel, Anthony Lee, Marty Leisner, John Lundin Jr., Lee McLoughlin, Stergios Marinopoulos, Herb Martin, David Mathog, David Maynard, Doug McDonald, Rich Murphey, Russ Nelson, Peter Phillips, Mark Rawling, Philippe Robert, Tomas Rokicki, Wolfgang Rupprecht, Bill Schelter, Larry Schwimmer, Bakul Shah, Erik Talvola, Henrik Theiling, Mark A. Thomas, Kjetil Bernhard Thomassen, Amanda Walker, Peter Wan, John L. Wehle, Carsten Wiethoff, Carl Witty, Frank Yellin, Jamie Zawinski

If your name appears on the above list and we've omitted a particular contribution you made, or if we've accidentally overlooked you entirely, please forgive us: just let us know at, and you will be properly acknowledged in the next release.

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