History of Ghostscript versions 4.n

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This document is a history of Ghostscript releases numbered 4.n. For more recent changes, see the the other history documents and, for the latest versions, the news:

History of Ghostscript versions 4.n (this document)
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For other information, see the Ghostscript overview.

Version 4.81 (6/1/97)

This is a last-minute set of bug fixes before the 5.0 release.


Adds some overlooked helpers to the list.  (helpers.txt)


Makes a distinction between 2-part and 3-digit version numbers.
(version.mak, vms.mak)


Develops the Type 1 to CFF converter a little further; it is still NOT

Removes the script, since the p*m drivers supersede it.
(, unix-end.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- The PDF writer sometimes omitted an ET command before setting the
clip path.  (gdevpdf.c)
	- The PDF writer didn't initialize the "vector" state, leading to
some redundant output (performance bug only).  (gdevpdf.c)
	- The PDF writer wrote clip paths even when they included the entire
page (performance bug only).  (gdevpdf.c)

Changes the PDF writer so that it recognizes not only the 14 built-in fonts
but any font with the same UniqueID and metrics.  This covers some common
cases of re-registering a font with a variant Encoding.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- SEARCH_HERE_FIRST was accidentally set to 0 on MS Windows
platforms.  (bcwin32.mak, msvc4.mak, msvc5.mak, watcw32.mak)

Adds code to remove "" around arguments in the command line passed to
WinMain (MS Windows platforms).  (dwmain.cpp, dwmainc.cpp)


Fixes bugs:
	- setsystemparams was broken.  (
	- restore was broken if -dNOBIND was invoked.  (
	- deviceinfo returned much more information than it should.
	- The fix for the default EndPage procedures not popping their page
count operand from the stack was wrong.  (,


Fixes bugs:
	- The saved character origin took the translation component of the
FontMatrix into account, which caused charpath on fonts with non-zero
translation in the FontMatrix to produce incorrect results.  (gschar.c)

Removes incorrect access attributes on a couple of files.  (gdevpdfm.c,

Version 4.80 (limited) (5/28/97)

This is the candidate fileset for the 5.0 release.


Fixes bugs:
	- The one-line description of the color image rendering module was
incorrect.  (gximage3.c)
	- Some of the VMS documentation was out of date.  (make.txt,
	- The description of the file name separator for -sFONTMAP= was
wrong.  (use.txt)
	- PSFile was misspelled PSfile.  (use.txt)
	- There were some minor typos.  (gstype1.h)
	- The build instructions had a lot of obsolete information for PC
environments, and didn't cover Microsoft Visual C++.  (make.txt)

Explains that -sPAPERSIZE= only specifies the default papersize, and that
forcing a particular paper size also requires -dFIXEDMEDIA.  (use.txt)

Adds information about building with GNU make on OpenVMS.  (make.txt)

Clarifies the meaning of EOFC for streams.  (strimpl.h)

Documents the new dictionary argument for the eexecDecode filter.


Fixes bugs:
	- didn't get installed on Unix systems.  (unix-end.mak)
	- The code wouldn't build with libpng 0.95b.  (libpng.mak)
	- One of the VMS scripts used CC_QUAL instead of CC_DEF.
	- version.mak wasn't included in a dependency list.  (unix-end.mak)

Brings the VMS DCL script up to date again (for the last time, we hope).

Modifies all platform-independent uses of upper-case command line arguments
to deal properly with VMS, where the shell converts all command line
arguments to lower case, without requiring quotation.  (devs.mak, gs.mak,
int.mak, lib.mak, zlib.mak)

Moves the compilation rules for the third-party libraries into gs.mak, so
they can be used to compile the callers as well.  (gs.mak, jpeg.mak,
libpng.mak, zlib.mak)

Adds a set of files that allow building on OpenVMS using GNU make (slightly
patched).  The timing on this is unfortunate, but we've wanted this for a
very long time.  NOTE: be sure to look in the OpenVMS section of make.txt
for information on patching GNU make.  (openvms.mak,,,,

Adds new makefiles for building on 32-bit Windows with Borland, Watcom, and
Microsoft Visual C++ (versions 4.x and 5.0).  The timing on this is
unfortunate too, but having this capability is so important that we couldn't
pass it up.  (bcwin32.mak, msvc4.mak, msvc5.mak, msvccom.mak, watcw32.mak,

Removes now-obsolete makefiles.  (dwcommon.mak, msc.mak, msvcwint.mak,
mscbegin.bat, watcwin.mak)


Extends echogs to work in VMS environments, where the shell converts all
command line arguments to lower case, without requiring quotation.

Adds a sketch of a utility for converting Type 1 fonts to CFF.  DOESN'T WORK


Fixes bugs:
	- A type declaration wasn't compatible with libpng 0.95.
	- kshow wasn't handled properly when producing PDF output.
	- The PDF writer put out unnecessary ET/BT commands.  (gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfi.c, gdevpdfm.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- The PCL XL writer put out real numbers for the miter limit, which
are not allowed (!).  (gdevpx.c)
	- The PCL XL writer didn't combine successive curves into a single
curve command (performance bug only).  (gdevpx.c)
	- The PCL XL writer could write uncompressed images with a tag
saying they were compressed.  (gdevpx.c)
	- The PCL XL writer always selected U.S. letter paper, rather than
the requested size.  (gdevpxen.h, gdevpx.c)
	- The PCL XL writer reselected the paper size on every page, even if
it hadn't changed.  (gdevpx.c)
	- The PCL XL writer always used shorts for line and curve
coordinates, rather than using bytes when possible (performance bug only).
	- Because of a compiler bug, a macro with argument conflicted with a
variable name.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c)
	- A picky compiler objected to an extern for an undefined structure.
	- The PDF writer sometimes didn't reset the clipping path, causing
bitmaps or rectangle to disappear.  (gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfi.c)
	- The PDF writer produced invalid output if the first page was
blank.  (gdevpdf.c)
	- The AutoRotatePages parameter for PostScript and PDF output (which
doesn't actually do anything yet) incorrectly expected a Boolean value
rather than an enumeration.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsdf.c)
	- Some places returned -1 for an error without calling gs_note_error
or gs_return_error.  (gdevm1.c, gdevmpla.c, gdevrun.c, gxclpath.c)
	- The PCL XL writer produced extremely large files because it didn't
download character bitmaps.  (OK, this isn't really a bug fix.)  (gdevpx.c)
	- The forwarding implementation of get_page_device didn't do the
right thing.  (gdevnfwd.c)
	- The x11alpha device didn't implement get_params properly, leading
to anomalous behavior.  (gdevxalt.c)
	- The PDF writer produced incorrect Count values for outlines: the
count only counted descendant leaves, omitting intermediate nodes.

Removes an assumption that images have at most 4 components.  (gdevpdfi.c)

Adds an x11gray2 device, primarily for debugging.  (devs.mak, gdevxalt.c)

Updates the unified printer driver with a newer version.  (,
gdevupd.c, *.upp)


Adds the P*M devices and the X11 devices (commented out) to the OS/2
makefile.  (os2.mak)

Updates the MS Windows platform to be compatible with Microsoft Visual C++
(as well as Watcom and Borland compilers).  (gsdll32.def, gdevmswn.h,
gp_mswin.h, gsdll.h, dwimg.cpp, dwmain.cpp, dwmainc.cpp, dwtext.cpp,
gdevwdib.c, gdevwprn.c, gdevwpr2.c, gp_mswin.c, gsdll.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Certain synthetic fonts incorrectly were loaded into local rather
than global VM.  (These fonts are not part of the standard distribution.)
(,, *ss*.ps)


Fixes bugs:
	- The FAKEFONTS scan could leave junk on the stack.  (
	- Dynamically loading known encodings on demand left junk on the
stack, causing a typecheck error.  (
	- Some 'static' declarations were missing (gcc lossage).  (iname.c)
	- Some internal operators didn't have names, leading to unhelpful
error printout.  (zfileio.c)
	- The resource "operators" didn't always restore the stacks properly
on an error.  (
	- The CID font code left a garbage value on the stack during
loading.  (
	- The defineresource implementation for built-in resources like
FMapType didn't leave the resource "value" on the stack.  (
	- If an operator defined by a procedure was bound into a packed
procedure, the stack-protection feature wasn't effective.  (interp.c)
	- findfont didn't restore the stack if it failed.  (
	- The showpage count passed to the BeginPage and EndPage procedures
was incremented only if a page was printed, rather than for every invocation
of showpage.  (, zdevice2.c)
	- The default EndPage procedures didn't pop their page count operand
from the stack.  (,
	- If the argument of findfont wasn't a name or a string, and no font
with that key had been registered, an error occurred.  (,

Updates most of the remaining pseudo-operators to take advantage of stack
protection.  (,,,,,,

Splits the image operators into a separate file from the path painting
operators.  (This should have been done a long time ago.)  (iimage.h,
zimage.c, zpaint.c)

Adds more of the implementation of the NeXT alpha and compositing
operations, under an #ifdef DPNEXT.  (iimage.h, zcolor1.c, zdpnext.c,

Adds more of the implementation of DPS contexts.  These are still not
usable.  (icontext.h, icontext.c, zcontext.c, zmath.c)

Changes the help message to describe -dBATCH instead of -c quit.

Recognizes the dictionary argument for the eexecDecode filter.  (zmisc1.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The tracing message when starting to decode 1-D fax data reported
the run_color incorrectly.  (scfd.c)
	- In the CCITTFaxDecode filter, if a buffer boundary fell between a
makeup code and a final zero-length termination code, an ioerror could
occur.  (scfd.c)
	- Per Adobe, in the CCITTFaxDecode filter, EndOfBlock = true should
cause Rows to be ignored.  (scfd.c)
	- If an output stream returned EOFC, an infinite loop might result.
This problem (and the fix) are in the same fragile code as the EOD fix in
4.74, and we may again have introduced a new bug.  (stream.c)

Changes the eexecDecode filter so that instead of a number, it can take a
dictionary with two keys, seed and lenIV.  (Having eexecDecode skip initial
bytes at all was a design bug that is too late to fix.)  (sfilter.h,


Fixes bugs:
	- The default mapping from RGB+alpha to RGB didn't lighten
(premultiply) the color according to the alpha value.  (gxcmap.c)
	- The angle error metric for rational tangent screen parameters
should be simply the difference in angle, not a ratio.  (gshtscr.c)
	- gs_setcolorscreen and gs_sethalftone didn't initialize an
allocator pointer, leading to memory access errors.  (gsht1.c)
	- If a banded image was clipped, an invalid band list could be
produced.  (gxclimag.c)
	- A picky compiler wouldn't allow an enum to be &&'ed with a
boolean.  (gschar.c)
	- A short-sighted compiler didn't allow the use of actual procedure
names (as opposed to procedure variables) in a conditional expression.
	- A compiler objected to a name longer than 31 characters.  (gzht.h,
gsht.c, gxclread.c)
	- The height computations for banded images were not consistent,
possibly leading to invalid band lists.  (gxclimag.c)
	- copypage didn't reset the band writer and band reader bookkeeping
consistently, leading to incorrect output and possible errors.  (gxcldev.h,
gxclist.c, gxclread.c)
	- When banding, changing the halftone could lead to accessing memory
after freeing it.  (gxclread.c)
	- When using disk files for band storage, showpage didn't actually
delete or truncate the band list file, possibly causing subsequent copypage
operations to become confused.  (gxclfile.c)
	- When banding, having more than one image operator in progress at a
time confused the rasterizing pass and could produce arbitrary errors.  From
PostScript, this can only happen in the case of an image whose data source
was a procedure-based stream that itself invoked an image operator: this is
a senseless and perverse thing to do, but it shouldn't break the code (and a
Genoa CET file actually does it).  (gxclist.h, gxclimag.c, gxclist.c)
	- Some picky compilers objected to negating unsigned values.
(gsuid.h, gsht.c, gsmemory.c, gxpcopy.c)
	- When banding, if a 90- or 270-degree rotated monobit image was
clipped, invalid memory accesses could occur.  (gximage.h, gximage1.c)
	- The showpage count passed to the BeginPage and EndPage procedures
was incremented only if a page was printed, rather than for every invocation
of showpage.  Fixing this requires removing the incrementing of the count
from the library level altogether.  (gsdevice.c)
	- When rendering a subrectangle of an image, the X DDA was
initialized incorrectly, causing possible errors.  We think this only
affected certain banded images.  (gxdda.h)

Adds a provision for images with an alpha component, under an #ifdef DPNEXT.
****** THE BANDING CODE HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED YET. ******  (gsiparam.h,
gxcmap.h, gxdither.h, gximage.h, gsimage.c, gxclimag.c, gxclread.c,
gxcmap.c, gximage.c, gximage3.c, gximage4.c ****** NOT DONE YET ******,

Adds a return_if_error macro to capture the common idiom of making a call
and then returning its value if that value is negative (error).  (gserror.h)

Version 4.74 (limited) (5/5/97)

This fileset is supposed to fix all remaining errors reported by the Genoa CET, and is intended to be the last incremental test fileset before the 5.0 release.


Fixes bugs:
	- Mark procedures are *not* executed in the normal return case.
	- The line_params element of a gs_imager_state is *not* allocated
separately.  (gsstate.c)
	- The value passed to the PDF writer for text is a dictionary, not
an array.  (gdevpdft.c)

Improves the documentation of gstate memory management.  (gsstate.c)

Documents end_status = EOFC for writing streams.  (stream.h, strimpl.h)

Clarifies memory management for halftones and device halftones.  (gsht1.h,
gxdht.h, gxht.h, gzht.h)

Removes the "experimental" tag from the PostScript and EPS writers.


Fixes bugs:
	- The viewpcx utility scaled images improperly.  (
	- If a PDF file used F instead of f for filling a path, pdf2ps
didn't output the fill operation.  (

Changes the ps2pdf script so that, like pdf2ps, it allows debugging
switches.  (ps2pdf)


Fixes bugs:
	- The vgalib driver didn't clip monobit images properly.
	- The X driver asked for exposure events to be reported, but never
read them, causing the event queue to grow indefinitely.  (gdevxini.c)
	- The "vector" drivers and the PDF writer didn't properly keep track
of whether the current clipping region was the default one.  (,
gdevvec.h, gdevvec.c, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdft.c)
	- The PDF writer had word and character spacing interchanged.
	- The PDF writer scaled word and character spacing incorrectly.


Fixes bugs:
	- The user object operators didn't leave the stack in a clean state
if they failed.  (
	- UserObjects wasn't actually defined.  (
	- deviceinfo and set/currenthalftonephase were defined even if the
dps feature wasn't selected.  (int.mak,,,,
zdps.c, zdps1.c)
	- The dps feature didn't automatically include the level2 feature,
which it needs.  (int.mak)
	- The DPS user names mechanism didn't work, since the user names
array was subject to save and restore.  (It still doesn't really work --
there is no provision for expanding the user names array, which is created
with length 0.)  (, ivmspace.h, zbseq.c, zdps.c)
	- The DPS context operators didn't do all the necessary error
checking.  (zcontext.c)
	- The debugging printout for names printed the name index in hex
without identifying it as such.  (idebug.c)
	- Adding the first non-name key (or name key with a name index
beyond 4K) to a dictionary that had any deleted entries could cause some
entries to apparently disappear.  (idict.c)
	- If a sub-table of the name table was freed during garbage
collection, memory could be left in an inconsistent state.  (iname.c, igc.c)
	- findfont didn't restore the stacks reliably if an error occurred.
	- definefont with an invalid Type 0 font sometimes added a FID entry
(with a dangling pointer) if it failed.  (Recovering properly from a VMerror
during font creation would require a much more complicated fix than this,
but since we expect a garbage collection to occur in that case, we aren't
concerned about it.)  (zfont0.c)
	- Reading parameter values from a dictionary could access beyond the
end of the array that keeps track of which entries had been referenced.
(idict.h, idict.c, iparam.c)
	- Halftone data was allocated in the current VM rather than in the
same VM as the halftone dictionary or procedure.  (Fixing this includes
updating code as necessary for the change in halftone and device halftone
allocation.)  (iht.h, ivmspace.h, zht.c, zht1.c, zht2.c)
	- Closed non-executable files on the e-stack could cause a restore
to be invalid.  (zvmem.c)

Adds skeleton code for the NeXT Display PostScript alpha and compositing
operators.  This is not ready for use yet!  (errors.h,,

Implements more of state saving and restoring for Display PostScript
contexts.  This is not ready for use yet either.  (int.mak, icontext.h,
istack.h, icontext.c, zcontext.c)

Adds stub code for the Display PostScript view clip operators.  (,

Removes the obsolete PPM-writing operator.  (int.mak, vms.mak, *.mak,

Makes the random number generator state public so it can be stored in the
context state.  (zmath.c)

Changes the flag for forcing global garbage collection to a run-time
variable, for debugging.  (igc.c)

Changes the handling of job control so that it doesn't use procedures that
produce an execstackoverflow when being printed.  (

Updates code as necessary for the change in reference counting.  (zcie.c,

Updates code as necessary for the change in off-stack gstate copying.

Removes a small bit of obsolete code.  (interp.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- An output stream that was not the last one in a pipeline could
incorrectly be asked to write its EOD marker more than once.  (The fix is
very fragile and may have introduced new bugs.)  (stream.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The gx_device_halftone_release procedure was declared in two
different header files.  (gzht.h)
	- Off-stack copying of gstates could lead to a situation where
different parts of a single gstate were owned by different allocators; this
could cause them to be freed improperly, corrupting memory.  We fixed this
partly by making the mixed ownership situation work, and partly by copying
more of the gstate when off-stack gstates are involved.  Unfortunately, the
fixes are subtle and may have introduced new bugs.  (gsstate.h, gsht.c,
gsht1.c, gspcolor.c, gsstate.c)
	- If an error occurred while creating a Pattern instance, the
partially initialized instance structure wasn't freed.  (gspcolor.c)
	- Halftones and device halftones didn't allocate their clones or
their subsidiary structures with the correct allocator.  (gsht.c, gsht1.c)
	- The error statement when allocating a reference-counted object had
to be a control transfer.  (gsrefct.h)
	- Copying gstates incorrectly copied the memory and saved pointers,
and the pointer to the dash pattern.  (gsstate.c)
	- Flatness values less than 0.5 produced far more line segments than
necessary (roughly the square of the required number).  Fixing this may have
bad effects on character quality -- this remains to be seen.  (gxpflat.c)
	- An error during installation of a halftone could leave things in
an inconsistent state.  (gsht.c)
	- The API didn't provide enough flexibility with respect to memory
management for halftones, or guarantee consistent allocation of a halftone
and its subelements.  (gsht1.h, gsht.c, gsht1.c, gshtscr.c)
	- Releasing a path didn't clear enough pointers to ensure clean
garbage collection.  (gxpath.c)
	- Finalizing or discarding a (cached) scaled font didn't properly
unlink it from the scaled_fonts list.  (gsfont.c)
	- Invoking an image operator within the BuildChar procedure for a
charpath caused an infinite loop.  (gsimage.c)
	- The bookkeeping for the scaled font cache was incorrect: the count
didn't always get decremented when a scaled font was freed.  (gsfont.c)
	- "High level" masked images were written incorrectly in the band
list as black-and-white images.  (gxclimag.c)
	- For "high level" images with fewer than 4 samples per pixel,
non-standard Decode values were written incorrectly in the band list.
	- The color wasn't set correctly for "high level" masked images.
	- The fastest case of monobit image rendering could get a memory
access error if the image lay partly outside the page.  (gximage1.c)
	- Clipping with an empty path was a no-op, rather than clipping out
everything.  (gxcpath.c)

Makes reference-counted objects remember which allocator owns them: this
entails a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change to some of the macros for reference
counting.  This was necessary to fix the off-stack gstate copying problem.
(gsrefct.h, gscie.c, gscolor.c, gscolor1.c, gscolor2.c, gscsepr.c,
gsstate.c, gxclread.c)

Refactors the unpacking of image data, to make unpacking available as a
general facility.  (gximage.h, gxsample.h, gximage.c, gximage0.c,
gximage1.c, gximage4.c, gxsample.c)

Enhances -Z? so that before freeing an object, it checks that the object was
owned by the correct allocator.  (gsalloc.c)

Version 4.73 (limited) (4/19/97)

This is an incremental bug fix release made primarily to provide a synchronization point for an upcoming trip.


Fixes bugs:
	- A reference to the uniprint documentation was incorrect.
	- -Olimit 1000 is not enough now for DEC Ultrix, 1200 is required;
this is also required for SGI IRIX.  (make.txt)

Adds argument/result comments to all the operators defined in
(Eventually we will do this for all operators defined as PostScript
procedures.)  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The makefiles didn't provide a default value for GCONFIG_EXTRAS.


Fixes bugs:
	- pdf2ps didn't work with TrueType or compressed Type 1 fonts.


Fixes bugs:
	- A cast from byte to char was omitted.  (gdevpdfm.c)


Updates the VMS script (again).  (vms.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- A module that used strlen didn't include string_.h.  (zdevice.c)
	- Because of some bad PostScript code in FrameMaker output, identity
rather than unity black generation and undercolor removal functions are
required on black-and-white devices.  (
	- A harmless internal error during initialization left bogus
information in $error.  (
	- startjob didn't clear the execution stack.  Fixing this required
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE changes to the internal operators .instopped, .stop,
and .stopped, which are not supposed to be used by any external code.
(startjob will still give errors if executed in a file that isn't being
piped from stdin; this will take longer to fix.)  (,,
iref.h, imain.c, interp.c, zcontrol.c, zfile.c)

Adds a new .execn operator, part of the startjob changes, that allows
pushing multiple items on the exec stack.  Eventually this will allow us to
get rid of many dynamically created closures.  (zcontrol.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- Landscape-mode PDF files weren't rotated properly.  (,

Makes the default PDF configuration notify users more informatively when
encountering an encrypted file.  (


Makes the RunLengthEncode filter always generate optimally compressed
output.  We did this because we thought one of the Genoa CET files loops
forever if this is not the case; but we were wrong.  (srle.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- If one coordinate of a position or distance overflowed the
internal representable range, the other coordinate became garbage.  (bug
introduced in 4.70) (gspath.c)
	- The bounding box computation for strokes was slightly too large
(sometimes much too large).  (gxpaint.h, gdevbbox.c, gxclpath.c, gxstroke.c)

Adds (under an #if 0) an experimental alternate halftone cell choice
algorithm.  (gshtscr.c)

Adds a better comment to a particularly obscure line of C code.

Version 4.72 (limited) (4/14/97)

This is another bug fix release, motivated mostly by Genoa testing. It also updates the new uniprint driver with a major revision, and upgrades CFF support a little bit.


Fixes bugs:
	- -dNOGC only disables default automatic garbage collection, not all
garbage collection.  (use.txt)
	- Apparently a different set of flags is needed for newer H-P
compilers.  (make.txt)

Replaces the tiny FAQ with a pointer to the on-line FAQ.  (use.txt)

Updates the documentation for the uniprint driver.  (devices.txt)

Clarifies the fact that Ghostscript reads Fontmap files from *all*
directories in the search list.  (use.txt)

Notes that building on GNU/Linux may require SM and ICE in the list of X
libraries.  (make.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- An -include type42 was omitted from the level2 module description.
	- A mention of $(ECHOGS) in the rule for sfile should have been
$(ECHOGS_XE).  (lib.mak)
	- The pcx2up sample device should have been put in devs.mak rather
than lib.mak.  (devs.mak, lib.mak)
	- scanchar.h and scantab.c belong in the library, not the
interpreter.  (devs.mak, int.mak, lib.mak)
	- Some _h definitions were used before being defined, or weren't
defined at all.  (devs.mak, lib.mak)
	- The JPEG driver was missing a dependency.  (devs.mak)
	- The PDF writer was missing a dependency.  (devs.mak)
	- Building Level 1 systems was no longer possible.  (int.mak)

Updates the VMS build scripts.  (vms.mak, vms-decc.mak)

Adds *.upp to the list of files installed under Unix.  (unix-end.mak)

Adds rules to the Unix makefiles to build two library files: gs.a,
consisting of the entire PostScript/PDF interpreter lacking only gs.c, and
gslib.a, consisting of the graphics library without the gslib.c test driver.
(ansihead.mak, cc-head.mak, gcc-head.mak, unixtail.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- The PS/EPS writers could generate a reference to an undefined
name.  (gdevps.c)
	- The PDF writer produced incorrect output for multi-level outlines.
	- The PDF writer didn't convert /Action to /A, and /Action/Subtype
to /S, in Annot dictionaries.  (gdevpdfm.c)
	- The PDF writer didn't work in Level 1 systems.  (
	- The PDF writer didn't transform /Rect and /R values to current
user coordinates.  (, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdfm.c)
	- The PNG writer could refer to the 3 predefined stdio files even in
environments where this was undesirable.  (gdevpng.c)
	- The PDF writer had a compiled-in limit of 100 pages of output.
(gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c)

Updates the uniprint driver with a major revision that uses device
parameters that can be set from the command line, rather than PostScript
code, for configuration choices.  (gdevupd.c, *.upp)


Fixes bugs:
	- gp_enumerate_files_next had no way to return an error.  (gp.h,
gp_dosfe.c, gp_ntfs.c, gp_os2.c, gp_unifs.c, gp_vms.c) ****** NOT
	- On the Watcom platform, CPU_TYPE >= 486 didn't automatically set
FPU_TYPE to 387.  (wccommon.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- Caching the current device in userdict could create dangling
references.  (,, zdevice.c)
	- If an error occurred in a BuildChar or BuildGlyph procedure, the
graphics state stack wasn't restored.  (ichar.h, zchar.c, zchar2.c)
	- There was an obsolete check for a structure when cleaning up after
a show operator.  (zchar.c)
	- Attempting to show a character with no associated glyph in a Type
3 font with a BuildGlyph procedure caused an error.  (zchar.c)
	- noaccess on a read-only dictionary didn't give an error.
	- The dictionary passed to a Pattern's PaintProc was the original
template, not the copy made by makepattern.  (
	- Invalid font parameters could result in partially constructed
fonts, which caused problems for restore.  (zfont0.c, zfont2.c)
	- Files run under job control caused an error when terminating.
	- setpagedevice didn't protect itself against malfunctioning
BeginPage or EndPage procedures.  (The protection is still not perfect.)
	- .type42execchar called font_param redundantly.  (zchar42.c)
	- The font operators didn't protect themselves well enough against
bogus font dictionaries.  (zfont.c, zfont0.c)
	- If an error occurred within a stringwidth, the graphics state
stack wasn't restored properly.  (zchar.c)
	- If an error occurred within the PaintProc of a form, the graphics
state stack was left with an extra entry.  (
	- Registering a font under a second name could corrupt data
structures.  (zfont2.c)
	- Different scalings of the same font should have "equal" fontIDs,
to match the Adobe implementations.  (iutil.c)
	- Errors detected by PostScript code during initialization either
allowed execution to continue or produced a hex stack dump, instead of just
producing a message and exiting.  (interp.c)
	- The memory validator didn't validate chunks at previous save
levels.  (ilocate.c)
	- The Level 1 size of systemdict was too small.  (iinit.c)
	- Attempting to define a Category resource in local VM gave a
typecheck error rather than an invalidaccess.  (
	- Building Level 1 systems was no longer possible.  (zusparam.c)

Rearranges the interpreter code slightly so that all operator invocations go
through a single procedure when debugging.  (interp.c)

Adds a -K<numK> switch to limit the total amount of memory that Ghostscript
can acquire.  (imainarg.c)

Makes the memory validator check packed refs more carefully.  (ilocate.c)

Makes the memory validator check explicitly for pointers to freed objects.
(igc.c, ilocate.c)

Makes the memory validator check dictionaries more carefully.  (ilocate.c)

Makes the memory validator check refs embedded in structures.  (ilocate.c)

Adds a debugging option that bypasses the garbage collector entirely.

Adds debugging options to validate memory before/after save/restore.

Removes the patch for the uniprint driver, since it is no longer needed.

Implements real-number operands in CFF fonts.  (

Implements non-default charsets in CFF fonts.  (

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- The PDF 1.2 "marked content" operators weren't defined.
	- Streams with binary data whose first character was an EOL (\n)
didn't parse properly.  Unfortunately, the way we fixed this may break some
other files.  (
	- PDF 1.2 #nn escape syntax in names wasn't recognized.  ****** This
is implemented with an inefficient hack that should be moved down into C.
However, I don't want to risk introducing new bugs during the beta test
period. ****** (
	- The interpreter had a limit of 64K objects.  Removing this limit
required changing a basic data structure -- admittedly a risky thing to do
during beta test.  (,
	- TJ didn't multiply the offsets by the font size, causing incorrect
character positioning.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The ASCIIHexDecode filter read an extra character in case of
error.  (sstring.c)

Adds more tracing output to the CCITTFaxDecode stream.  (scfd.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The allocator client name for rendering bitmap patterns was
incorrect.  (Only affects tracing output.)  (gspcolor.c)
	- The check for exceeding the overall allocation limit was
incorrect, because of unsigned arithmetic.  (Only affects limitation of
total allocation, which is only used for debugging and benchmarking.)
	- The 0'th component of colored screens wasn't passed through the
band list, possibly causing access errors when rasterizing.  (gxclimag.c,
	- setbbox could get an overflow without detecting it.  (gsdps1.c)
	- Images with only one component but MultipleDataSources = true
could cause a memory access error.  (gximage.c)
	- The buffer for unpacking 12-bit-per-sample image data was too
small, causing memory corruption.  (gximage.c)
	- 12-bit-per-sample images with multiple data sources sometimes
didn't pass correct pointers to image_data.  (gsimage.c)
	- If an image data stream reached EOF before supplying enough data
for the entire image, memory corruption could occur.  (zpaint.c)
	- When a device halftone was freed, some pointers in the halftone
cache weren't cleared, leading to possible dangling references.  (gsstate.c)
	- Invalid font parameters could result in partially constructed
fonts, which caused problems for restore.  (gxfont0.h, gsfont.c)
	- If an error occurred within a stringwidth, the graphics state
stack wasn't restored properly.  (gschar.c)
	- The (static) limit on the size of a command line argument was too
small.  (gsargs.h)
	- Building Level 1 systems was no longer possible.  (gxdht.h,
gsht.c, gsht1.c)
	- Truncation instead of rounding caused colors on gray-scale devices
to come out very slightly too dark.  (gxcmap.c)
	- The Decode mapping table constructed for images was slightly
inaccurate for ranges other than [0 1] or [1 0].  (gximage.c)

Version 4.71 (limited) (3/31/97)

This is a bug fix release during the beta test period.


Fixes bugs:
	- A larger value of -Olimit is now needed to optimize gxclread.c.
	- Some comments were incorrect.  (gdevbbox.h, sfilter1.c)

Updates the GPL with a newer version from FSF.  (COPYLEFT)

Notes that the gcc 2.7.x code generation bug is fixed in


Fixes bugs:
	- Some streams required by high-level drivers were incorrectly
grouped with the interpreter rather than the library.  (int.mak, lib.mak)
	- The choice of implementation for file streams was buried in an
obscure place, rather than being included in the configuration definitions
at the head of each makefile.  (We believe there are no more such buried
parameters.)  This involved a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change in the way this
choice was specified.  (lib.mak, *.mak)
	- Some dependencies were missing.  (lib.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- A variable was used before being initialized, causing get_bits
(and raster ops) to fail when using alternate X devices.  (bug introduced in
4.70.)  (gdevxalt.c)
	- Some 'private' declarations were omitted.  (It is infuriating that
gcc doesn't check for this!)  (gdevps.c, gdevpx.c)
	- A few character strings were used as byte arrays without a cast.
	- The EPS writer didn't write a correct bounding box, and didn't
write it at the beginning of the file.  (gdevvec.h, gsstruct.h, gdevps.c,
	- x_copy_color specified an incorrect (too large) image width.
Apparently this only mattered because it could cause invalid memory
accesses.  (gdevx.c)
	- x_copy_mono also specified too large an image width.  It's not
clear this made any difference.  (gdevx.c)
	- The default implementation of strip_copy_rop didn't clamp Y values
to legal values for get_bits.  (gdevmrop.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Some initialization files prematurely switched the interpreter
into Level 2 mode, causing some Level 2 operators not to be defined.  (bug
introduced in 4.60 or later.)  (,,,,


Fixes bugs:
	- The choice of procedure names for the file-descriptor-based
implementation of file streams was buried in a .c file, rather than being
chosen in the makefile.  (sfile.c[deleted], sfileno.c[deleted], sfxstdio.c,
sfxfd.c, sfxboth.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- rcurveto was broken -- it drew curves to random points.  (bug
introduced in 4.61.)  (gspath.c)
	- A trailing comma in an enum definition upset some compilers.  (bug
introduced in 4.70.)  (gstype1.h)
	- Type 1 fonts with hint replacement could produce anomalous or
clipped output, or even missing lines.  (Also cleans up some out-of-date
formatting.)  (gxtype1.h, gstype1.c, gxhint2.c)
	- Removes some conditionals for choosing between old and new
algorithms.  (gxhint3.c)
	- makebitmappattern required that the bitmap consist of only a
single tile repetition.  (gspcolor.c)
	- Some computations on RasterOps didn't take transparency into
account properly.  (gdevmrop.c)
	- The structure definition for imager and graphics states had an
incorrect offset for line_params, causing the garbage collector not to mark
or relocate dash patterns, possibly causing memory faults, FPEs, or invalid
output.  (bug introduced since 4.03.)  (gsstate.c)
	- 'show' operators gave a limitcheck for unreasonable coordinates,
even if limit clamping was enabled.  (gschar.c)

Implements banded filling and stroking with colored halftones, in addition
to pure colors and binary halftones.  Since we are in a beta test period,
actual use of this feature (but *not* all the code implementing it) is
disabled under an #ifdef FUTURE.  (gsdcolor.h, gxcldev.h, gxclpath.h,
gxdht.h, gxhttype.h, gsht.c, gxclimag.c, gxclpath.c, gxclread.c)

Version 4.70 (limited) (3/26/97)

This fileset fixes the one outstanding compilation problem on PC platforms and the old problem of limitchecks for out-of-bounds coordinates, and adds a variety of new features, including the ability to save away the band lists for pages and rasterize them later and/or elsewhere in any order and combination. This is the first "serious beta" candidate for the next general release.

Fileset numbers 4.62 through 4.69 were skipped deliberately.


Fixes bugs:
	- The list of special -d and -s switches was out of date.  (use.txt)
	- The name of the zlibDecode filter was incorrectly written
zlibEncode.  (language.txt)

Documents where to find out how to install gcc 2.7.x on SGI IRIX 6.x.

Documents a makefile patch required on NeXTStep.  (make.txt)

Documents how to patch gcc to fix the AXP code generation bug.  (make.txt)

Adds documentation for the new unified printer driver.  (devices.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- 'make distclean' didn't remove a couple of files.  (gs.mak)
	- A library module didn't include a necessary dependency.  (lib.mak)
	- A new .ps file wasn't installed properly.  (unix-end.mak)
	- File write dates weren't updated properly on PC platforms, causing
unnecessary rebuilding.  (cp.bat, gs.mak, msc.mak, msvcwint.mak, os2.mak,
tccommon.mak, wccommon.mak, zlib.mak)
	- An unnecessary explicit compilation line for gdevcdj.c caused
problems in the Mac environment.  (devs.mak)
	- The VMS scripts were out of sync again.  (vms.mak)
	- The VMS build scripts didn't include the new JPEG driver.
	- A number of makefile macros were referenced before being defined.
(devs.mak, lib.mak, int.mak, *.mak)
	- libpng.mak didn't work with PVERSION=90.  (libpng.mak, zlib.mak)

Separates install-scripts from install-exec and install-data.

Moves the definition of SEARCH_HERE_FIRST from iminst.h to the makefiles.
(*.mak, iminst.h, iconf.c, imain.c)

Adds a -dBATCH switch that causes Ghostscript to exit after processing the
files named on the command line.  (

Adds the PostScript, EPS, and PCL XL writers, and the color and gray-scale
JPEG drivers, to all Unix configurations.  (ansihead.mak, cc-head.mak,


NOTE: because of a change in an internal interface (clist_output_page), the
cp50 driver no longer works.  This is a user-contributed driver for which we
take no responsibility.

Fixes bugs:
	- gdevcdj.c wasn't compatible with ansi2knr.  (gdevcdj.c)
	- 'private' was omitted from some declarations.  (gdevjpeg.c)
	- The PostScript writer didn't keep track of the current color
properly.  (gdevps.c)
	- RESOLUTION was misspelled in a header.  (gdevbjc.h)
	- Some compilers objected to the use of a floating point initial
resolution value.  (gdevbjc.h)
	- Some compilers didn't allow static initialization of a union.
	- If a TIFF driver got an error when initializing the CCITTFax
encoder, it returned a bogus error code.  (gdevtfax.c)
	- The PDF writer produced incorrect output for Indexed color space
images.  (gdevpdfi.c)
	- For many fatal error conditions, the X driver called exit()
instead of returning an error.  (gdevx*.c)

Adds new drivers:
	- epswrite, an EPS-writing driver (instead of making EPS output a
parametric option of the PostScript-writing device).  (devs.mak, gdevps.c)
	- pcxcmyk, a 4-bit CMYK PCX driver.  This is probably only useful
for debugging CMYK color rendering.  (gdevpcx.c)
	- jpeggray, a JPEG driver that produces gray-scale rather than color
output.  Thanks to Tom Lane for contributing this.  (gdevjpeg.c)
	- uniprint, a unified printer driver for a wide variety of inkjet
printers.  Thanks to Gunther Hess for contributing this.  (gdevupd.c)

Adds the resolution (pHYs) to the output of the PNG drivers.  (gdevpng.c)

Adds recognition of the ASCII85EncodePages parameter to the PostScript and
EPS writers.  (gdevps.c)

Makes the new JPEG driver write a JFIF header, which contains the image
resolution.  (gdevjpeg.c)

Changes the "vector" device support interface so relative movement can be
(gdevvec.h, gdevpsdf.c, gdevps.c, gdevpx.c, gdevvec.c)

Changes the PostScript, EPS, and PDF writers to recognize curves and lines
that can be represented more efficiently.  (gdevpsdf.h, gdevpsdf.c,

Adds a new parameter to the PDF writer, FirstObjectNumber.  This defines the
first object number that will be used in the output.  The default, and
minimum, value is 1; the maximum value is approximately 2^31.  This is for
the benefit of dvipdf; we don't expect it to be used otherwise.  In fact,
using it appears to produce files that Adobe Acrobat Reader won't accept,
even though the files are perfectly compliant with the published PDF
specification.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfp.c)


Removes the makefile for the 16-bit Borland C++ platform.  This was the last
supported 16-bit platform; we expect to gradually drop all 16-bit
concessions from the code itself.  (bcwin.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- The initial size of systemdict was too small, causing the
interpreter to slow down substantially.  (iinit.c)
	- A library module depended on an interpreter module.  (zcsindex.c)
	- A logically necessary (but accidentally always available) #include
was missing.  (ifont.h)

Moves set/currentoverprint to a more appropriate module.  (zcolor2.c,

Changes the default transfer functions so that they do something reasonable
when given operands outside the legal [0..1] range.  We only do this to work
around a bug in FrameMaker output, which uses the transfer function as the
screen function (!).  (

Changes the CMap construction algorithm to use the new, more compact
representation.  (zfcmap.c)

Adds support for Adobe's Compact Font Format.  Many individual features are
not implemented yet: see the comment in the source code for details.

Adds support for Type 2 charstrings in Type 1 fonts.  (ifont.h, zfont1.c)

Changes the Type 1 character rendering operator for the library change in
Type 1 fonts.  (zchar1.c, zfont1.c)

Initializes the graphics state limit clamp flag to true.  (zgstate.c)

Temporarily adds a configuration file for the new unified printer driver,
and arranges for it to be read at startup.  This arrangement will be
replaced very soon by a different one based on command line parameters.

Interpreter (PDF)

Adds support for Compact Font Format fonts.  (


Adds a glue procedure needed for the new jpeggray driver.  (sjpeg.h,

Removes the width limit of 32K in the CCITTFaxEncode filter.  The new limit
is absurdly large (about 50M).  (scf.h, scfx.h, scfe.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- A library module depended on an interpreter module.  (gxcolor2.h,
	- When rendering a band, clipping was sometimes used when it wasn't
necessary.  (Performance only.)  (gxclread.c)
	- Stroking didn't check the path against the device clipping box in
the absence of an explicit (non-default) clipping path.  (Performance only.)
	- A reference to an opaque type upset a couple of compilers.
	- Negative 32-bit numbers in Type 1 fonts didn't work properly on
64-bit systems.  (gstype1.c)
	- A logically necessary (but accidentally always available) #include
was missing.  (gxbitmap.h)
	- A header wasn't protected against double inclusion.  (gxclist.h)
	- Clipping devices didn't store their actual width and height.
	- The slow-case check for thin lines was incorrect.  (gxstroke.c)
	- Images didn't compute their clipping boxes correctly if there
wasn't an explicit clipping path.  (This must be a very recent bug, since it
creates an overflow condition that prevents monochrome images from being
rendered at all.)  (gximage.c)

Moves set/currentoverprint to a more appropriate module.  For clients of
gs_set/currentoverprint, this is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE, since the
header file is now separate.  (gscolor2.h, gscsepr.h, gscolor2.c, gscsepr.c)

Replace the MetroWerks work-around with a different, more general one.
(gdevmem.h, gdevmem.c, gxdevice.h)

Speeds up the Type 1 interpreter a little.  (gstype1.c, gxhint3.c)

Redesigns the internal representation of CMaps to be more space-efficient.
(gxfcmap.h, gschar0.c, gsfcmap.c)

Implements a facility for saving away pages and rendering them later.
Currently this requires the pages to be represented as band lists on files,
and only allows X translation when rendering.  This involves adding the
following new printer device parameters:
Also changes the names of the printer device parameter elements from
use_buffer_space to BufferSpace and from max_bitmap to MaxBitmap for
consistency.  (gdevprn.h, gxcldev.h, gxclio.h, gxclist.h, gxclmem.h,
gxclpage.h, gxdevmem.h, gdevmem.c, gdevp2up.c, gdevprn.c, gxclmem.c,
gxclpath.c, gxclread.c)

Changes the band list implementation API to allow closing a file without
deleting it, and to allow reopening an existing file.  This is a
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change to a deep internal interface.  (gxclio.h,
gxclmem.h, gxclfile.c, gxclist.c, gxclmem.c)

Speeds up rendering of colored halftones, by recognizing cases where one or
more planes don't actually require screening, unrolling a loop, and doing
basic clipping before halftoning.  (gxcht.c)

Adds a graphics state parameter, gs_set/currentlimitclamp, that changes the
handling of out-of-range coordinates to clamp them in a way that produces
approximately the intended output most of the time, rather than causing a
limitcheck.  Currently this is only designed to work with the basic path
construction operations ([r]moveto, [r]lineto, [r]curveto, closepath); it
does not work with many other operations such as show, flattenpath or the
rectangle operations.  Note also that while currentpoint will return the
correct (unclamped) value, reading out the path with pathforall will return
clamped values.  This involves NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE changes to the path
structure (but not to any public interfaces).  (gxpath.h, gxtype1.h,
gzpath.h, gzstate.h, gspath.c, gspath1.c, gsstate.c, gstype1.c, gxpaint.c,
gxpath.c, gxpath2.c, gxpcopy.c)

Adds support for Type 2 charstrings.  Some features are not implemented yet:
see gstype2.c for details.  (gscrypt1.h, gstype1.h, gxfont1.h, gxop1.h,
gxtype1.h, gstype1.c, gstype2.c, gxhint2.c, gxhint3.c, gxtype1.c)

Version 4.61 (limited) (3/13/97)

This fileset cleans up many compiler warnings. It adds support for CMap-encoded fonts, and a driver that writes JPEG images.


Corrects an error in the description of the internal CodeMap structure.

Documents the fact that the optimizer in gcc is broken on AXP
machines.  (make.txt)

Corrects the name of the .setglobal/.currentglobal procedures.  (zvmem2.c)

Updates current.txt in preparation for the release.  (current.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- The VMS script was out of date again.  (vms.mak)
	- CIDFont support unnecessarily required composite font support.
	- CMap and CIDFont support had improper dependencies on
initialization order.  (lib.mak, int.mak)
	- Some dependencies were missing in the JPEG library code.

Adds the new JPEG driver to all standard configurations.  (*.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- A dependency was omitted from the makefile.  (devs.mak, gdevps.c)

Cleans up some warnings from picky compilers.  Some of these actually
indicated problems, such as unreachable code.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevbj10.c,
gdevcdj.c, gdevpdfp.c, gdevstc.c)

Adds a JPEG-writing driver.  Currently this only produces RGB output and
only has a QFactor parameter, but eventually it could take all the other
parameters of the DCTEncode filter.  (devs.mak, int.mak, lib.mak,

Refactors the PDF and PostScript output drivers so that both of them
understand all the relevant documented PDF distiller parameters.  (The
PostScript driver currently disregards nearly all of them.)  (gdevpdfx.h,
gdevpsdf.h, gdevvec.h, gdevpdf*.c, gdevps.c, gdevpsdf.c, gdevpx.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The MetroWerks C compiler gave an inexplicable error on a
particular initialization.  (gdevmem.h, gdevmem.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The insideness testing operators sometimes reported hits
incorrectly.  (zupath.c)
	- Mixed-type arithmetic used floats rather than doubles when
converting integers, possibly leading to loss of precision.  (zarith.c,
	- composefont was defined in a private dictionary, not in
systemdict.  (
	- composefont didn't work, for several different reasons.
	- After a Type 1 font called an OtherSubr, an invalid memory access
usually occurred, because of an incorrect attempt to free a data structure.
	- 2 .setlanguagelevel gave an error if globaldict hadn't been
defined yet.  (zmisc2.c)

Cleans up some warnings from picky compilers.  Some of these actually
indicated problems, such as unreachable code, or failure to check for
(implausible) out-of-range data.  (idict.c, idparam.c, igc.c, iinit.c,
imain.c, iscan.c, zbseq.c, zchar1.c, zdps1.c)

Adjusts clients for a change in the internal character cache structure and
the introduction of the font next-glyph procedure.  (zfont.c, zfont0.c)

Refactors the Level 1 / Level 2 interpreter split slightly so that composite
fonts don't require all of Level 2.  (int.mak,,

Adds FMapType 9 (CMap-encoded) composite font support.  (int.mak,, ifont.h, zfcmap.c, zfont.c, zfont0.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Adds recognition of /Identity values for BG, UCR, and TR functions in
ExtGState resources.  (General function values still aren't recognized.)

Centralizes the handling of inherited attributes.  (,

Starts to add support for Type 0 fonts.  (,


Cleans up some warnings from picky compilers.  Some of these actually
indicated problems, such as unreachable code.  (shc.h, scfd.c, sfilter2.c,
siscale.c, stream.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Some picky compilers disliked certain conditional expressions.
	- Some picky compilers couldn't handle an extraneous semicolon.
	- A cast from byte ** to const byte ** was missing.  (gdevvec.c)
	- Resizing the levels array of a halftone order when banding could
cause invalid memory accesses.  (bug introduced in 4.60) (gxclread.c)
	- One picky compiler didn't allow taking the address of an extern
undefined structure.  (lib.mak, gxclread.c)
	- When rendering Type 1 fonts, character overshoot was usually
suppressed when it shouldn't have been, often producing "squashed"
characters.  (gxhint1.c)
	- On systems where sizeof(long) > sizeof(int), coordinate values of
more than 22 bits were passed through the band list incorrectly, producing
incorrect output.  (gxclread.c)

Cleans up some warnings from picky compilers.  Some of these actually
indicated problems, such as unreachable code or (hypothetical) loss of
precision.  (gsdevice.c, gshsb.c, gsht.c, gsstate.c, gstype1.c, gxclimag.c,
gxclpath.c, gxclread.c, gxpdash.c)

Makes using font hints conditional, for debugging.  (gxhint1.c)

Adds library-level support for FMapType 9 (CMap-encoded) composite fonts.
There is still no support for rearranged fonts.  (gsccode.h, gsfcmap.h,
gsstruct.h, gxfcache.h, gxfcmap.h, gxfont.h, gxfont0.h, gschar.c, gschar0.c,
gsfcmap.c, gsfont.c, gsfont0.c)

Splits band list control and utilities from rectangle-oriented commands,
because a file was getting too big.  (gxclist.c, gxclrect.c)

Moves the temporary file names for command lists from the printer device
structure to the command list structure; moves opening and closing the
temporary files from gdev_prn_alloc/free to clist_open/close.  (gdevprn.h,
gxclist.h, gdevprn.c, gxclist.c, gxclread.c)

Changes the command list storage implementation interface to pass the file
name to the clist_rewind and clist_fseek functions, for the benefit of OSs
that require closing and reopening a file to switch between reading and
writing.  This is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change in a non-public
interface.  (gxclio.h, gxclmem.h, gxclfile.c, gxclist.c, gxclmem.c)

Changes the get_outline procedure in Type 42 fonts to return the length of
the outline data as well as the pointer.  This is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE
change in a semi-public interface.  (gxfont42.h, gstype42.c)

Version 4.60 (limited) (3/2/97)

This fileset moves color rendering up from the graphics state to the imager state so that color rendering can happen after banding. It also shifts image rendering to the rendering pass of banding for many common cases (often referred to inaccurately as "high-level image" capability). The changes involved are substantial and in some respects subtle, so unfortunately it is quite possible that some new bugs have been introduced.

This fileset also includes improvements to the new PCL XL driver (pxlmono/color), and introduces an experimental PostScript driver (pswrite).


Fixes bugs:
	- The argument list of colorimage was incorrect.  (zcolor1.c)
	- false .charboxpath incorrectly claimed to create the correct path
even when the CTM was not well-behaved.  (language.txt)
	- The discussion of the "main program" files was out of date.

Updates the OS/2 EMX documentation.  (make.txt)

Modifies the Aladdin Ghostscript Free Public License slightly so it may be
applied to other software packages.  (PUBLIC)

Updates inaccurate build documentation for several Unix platforms.
(make.txt, ansihead.mak, cc-head.mak, gcc-head.mak, libpng.mak)

Notes a problem with the MIPSpro 7.1 compiler.  (make.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- Most makefiles didn't include version.mak.  (msc.mak,
msvcwint.mak, os2.mak, tctail.mak, wctail.mak)
	- There was an incorrect dependency for the Windows printer device.

Moves the PDF writer to devs.mak.  (devs.mak, int.mak)

Updates the main VMS script to be structured like version.mak.  (vms.mak)


Factors out the stream-writing procedures from the PDF writer, so they can
be shared with the new PostScript writer.  (gdevpdfs.h => gdevpstr.h,
gdevpdfx.h, gdevpsdf.h, gdevpdf.c, gdevpdfi.c, gdevpdfs.c => gdevpstr.c,
gdevpdft.c, gdevpsdf.c)

Adds a PostScript writer (pswrite), similar to the PDF and PCL XL drivers.
Currently this handles fill/stroke graphics and Level 1 images; everything
else (including text) is turned into bitmaps.  (devs.mak, gdevps.c)

Changes the names of the PCL XL drivers from hpxmono/color to pxlmono/color.
(devs.mak, gdevpx.c)

Updates the "vector" device support interface.  THIS IS STILL SUBJECT TO
CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  (gdevvec.h, gdevpx.c, gdevvec.c)

Makes the vgalib driver a page device.  This seems bizarre, but it's
necessary for setpagedevice to work with it.  (gdevvglb.c)

Updates some drivers for the new color mapping interfaces.  (gdevpx.c)

Updates the user-contributed Canon LBP-8II and LIPS III driver.


Fixes bugs:
	- The workaround for Ultrix's incorrect implementation of sh -e
still didn't work.  (unixtail.mak)
	- The definition of offset_of didn't work on the Mac.  (stdpre.h)

Updates the OS/2 EMX linker command per input from a user.  (os2.mak)


Adds .pss (apparently used by Adobe for Multiple Master font instances) to
the list of extensions skipped by the GS_FONTPATH directory scanner.


Fixes bugs:
	- Programs that rebind null, true, and/or false could cause all
kinds of problems.  We've only fixed a couple of the places that might be
affected (findfont, quit), by wrapping an explicit "systemdict begin/end"
around the code; fixing this completely would probably require wrapping this
implicitly around almost every pseudo-operator, which would be too
expensive.  (,
	- In a Level 2 system, grestoreall stopped one level too early.
	- setpagedevice didn't restore the stack properly if it got an
error.  (

Changes the GC pointer enumeration interface to reduce the number of
'discarding const' warnings.  See under Library below.  (igc.c)

Updates the interpreter for the change in the imager / graphics state split.

Makes the stack-restoring behavior of pseudo-operators non-optional.

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- PDFDocEncoding and WinAnsiEncoding incorrectly had `minus' at
position 45 rather than `hyphen'.  (,


Fixes bugs:
	- A header file wasn't protected against double inclusion.
	- any_abs was redefined.  (spngp.c)
	- The CCITTFaxDecode filter didn't fully initialize the "previous
line" for 2-D decoding, so if the very first line of data was 2-D, an
out-of-bounds memory access could occur.  (scfd.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- gs_image_next could read too much data, causing errors at the
interpreter level.  (gsimage.c)
	- The bitmaps stored in the Pattern cache were usually freed,
leaving dangling pointers.  (gsdcolor.h, gxpcache.h, gxpcolor.h, gsstate.c,
	- There was still one assignment to a const structure, and there
were some unnecessary const-discarding casts.  (gxclread.c)
	- If a character in a Type 3 font was defined by executing 'show'
type commands, charpath did the wrong thing (didn't pick up the paths
created by the inner show).  Similarly, if it uses 'stroke', true charpath
did the wrong thing (appended the path rather than the strokepath path).
(gxchar.h, gschar.c, gspaint.c)
	- A header file wasn't protected against double inclusion.
	- The new fast implementation of rectfill didn't handle rectangles
with negative width/height.  (bug introduced in 4.32) (gsdps1.c)
	- Reading banded high-level images calculated the image height
incorrectly, (usually) causing a rangecheck.  (gxclread.c)
	- When reading band data, a memory fault could occur if the halftone
cache hadn't been allocated yet.  (gxht.c)
	- The imager state data for high-level images wasn't written soon
enough.  (gxclimag.c)
	- High-level images computed bounding boxes incorrectly, so they
could write some garbage data in the band list, and could also fail to write
some information.  (gsmatrix.h, gxmatrix.h, gxclimag.c)
	- High-level images wrote the raster value incorrectly in the band
list.  (gxclimag.c)
	- Images with non-zero initial source X and non-portrait orientation
were displaced on the page.  (In practice, this only applied to some banded
high-level images.)  (gximage.c)
	- The bounding box device didn't forward output_page calls, causing
pages to be dropped or overprinted.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- The band renderer considered all non-zero return codes as errors,
rather than only negative codes.  (gxclread.c)
	- An unnecessary extern hadn't been removed.  (gxclimag.c)
	- Some macros didn't parenthesize uses of their arguments, causing
syntax errors.  (gsrefct.h)
	- The screen phase and color_info weren't set correctly when
rendering bands.  (gsstate.h, gsht.c, gxclread.c)
	- A header file didn't declare all the opaque types it used.
	- Indexed color spaces didn't work with banded images.  (They still
don't -- the check for writing the color space, and the code for reading the
table or map, are incomplete.)  (gxclist.h, gxclpath.h, gxclimag.c,
gxclpath.c, gxclread.c)

In preparation for implementing post-banding halftoning:

	- Moves color rendering information, including alpha value, from
graphics state to imager state; also moves the allocator pointer.  This is
quite a subtle change, and may have a significant bug tail.  (gxdcolor.h,
gxht.h, gxistate.h, gzstate.h, gschar.c, gsdps1.c, gspaint.c, gsstate.c,

	- Changes all the relevant color space and color mapping procedures
so they take a const gs_imager_state * (and, in some cases, a [const]
gx_device *) instead of a const gs_state *.  This is a
non-backward-compatible change, but it only affects internal interfaces.
(gsdcolor.h, gxcmap.h, gxcspace.h, gxdcconv.h, gxdcolor.h, gxdither.h,
gxpcolor.h, gzht.h, gschar.c, gscie.c, gscolor.c, gscolor1.c, gscolor2.c,
gscsepr.c, gsdevice.c, gsimage.c, gspcolor.c, gxcht.c, gxcmap.c, gxdcconv.c,
gxdcolor.c, gxht.c, gximage.c, gximage[2345].c, gxpcmap.c)

	- Changes the color and color space reference count adjustment
procedures similarly, to take a gs_memory_t * instead of a gs_state_t *.
(gxcspace.h, gscie.c, gscolor.c, gscolor2.c, gscsepr.c, gspcolor.c)

	- Changes the gs_halftone in the graphics state from being part of
the gs_state_contents to being an independent reference-counted object.
This too may have a significant bug tail.  (gxht.h, gxistate.h, gsht.c,

	- Changes the image processing code so it no longer assumes that the
gs_imager_state is actually a gs_state.  (gximage.h, gximage.c, gximage2.c,
gximage3.c, gximage4.c, gximage5.c)

	- Adds a unique ID value to device halftones, so that it's possible
to detect (non-)changes quickly.  (gxdht.h, gsht.c)

Finishes the code for writing and reading color rendering information in the
band list.  This involves changes to several band list opcodes.  (gsht.h,
gsht1.h, gxcldev.h, gxclist.h, gxclpath.h, gxdht.h, gzht.h, gsht.c, gsht1.c,
gxclbits.c, gxclimag.c, gxclist.c, gxclread.c)

Changes the garbage collector pointer enumeration procedure interface
slightly to reduce the number of 'discarding const' warnings.  THIS IS A
NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE for anyone who didn't use the
ENUM_PTRS_BEGIN[_PROC] macro to start a pointer enumeration procedure (which
should be no one).  (gsstruct.h, gsmemory.c)

Corrects a few more needlessly const-discarding casts.  (gxfcache.h,

Checks for file reading errors when rasterizing bands.  (gxclread.c)

Version 4.51 (limited) (2/9/97)

This version contains a more reasonable high-level PCL XL driver. The VMS build script is working again, we think.


Fixes bugs:
	- The gsdll_h macro wasn't defined all the places it was needed.
(devs.mak, os2.mak)


Continues to develop the "vector" driver infrastructure and the PCL XL
(gdevvec.h, gdevvec.c)

Brings the PCL XL driver up to usable quality for graphics.  Most
fill/stroke graphics, and portrait-orientation bitmap images up to 8 bits
per pixel, are converted directly to their PCL XL equivalents.  Text is
still treated as bitmaps.  Both gray-scale and color output are now
supported.  (devs.mak, gdevpx.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- When using gsos2.exe with gsdll2.dll, reducing the size of the
page bitmap caused a limitcheck error with the message
    Failed to decommit memory in pm_alloc_bitmap, rc = 87  (gdevpm.c)
	- The scripts that construct gconfig_.h failed on Ultrix, because
Ultrix's implementation of sh -e is incorrect.  (unixtail.mak, ugcclib.mak)
	- Some systems that have sys/times.h don't define CLK_TCK, making a
compilation fail.  (time_.h)


Fixes bugs:
	- An omitted semicolon wasn't detected by gcc.  (idict.c)

Removes a source of unnecessary duplication by getting the revision number
and date from version.mak.  (gs.mak, int.mak, version.mak, gscdef.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The minimum buffer sizes for the RunLengthDecode filter hadn't
been changed to reflect the algorithm improvement made in release 4.38.

Changes the RunLengthEncode filter so it can make progress with only a
2-byte output buffer.  (srlx.h, srle.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Because of a typo, the slow general algorithm was always used for
monochrome images.  (Performance bug only, but a serious one.)  (gximage2.c)
	- Dots (zero-length lines with round caps and zero dot length)
caused an infinite loop.  (bug introduced in 4.40)  (gxstroke.c)
	- Some image data unpacking procedures were always required, but
weren't always included.  (bug introduced in 4.50) (gximage.c, gximage0.c,
	- Images with 8 bits per pixel and non-identity Decode produced
garbage.  (bug introduced later than 4.03) (gximage0.c)
	- Some necessary casts and omitted punctuation weren't detected by
gcc.  (gxpath.h, gsargs.c, gsstate.c, gxclread.c, gxpdash.c)
	- The band list became confused if a band had no commands at all.
	- If a path included a closepath followed by a moveto to the same
point, it could be written incorrectly in the band list.  (bug probably
introduced in 3.60) (gxclpath.c)

Changes some internal computations for arcs from float to double for greater
accuracy.  (gspath1.c)

Version 4.50 (limited) (1/31/97)

This release contains an experimental high-level PCL XL driver, a little more support for CID/CMap fonts, and the usual bug fixes. NOTE: the VMS build script is known to be out of sync with the makefiles again; we still don't see any alternative to constant struggles with this problem.


Corrects the -h message, which gave an incorrect file name for the bug
report form.  (imainarg.c)

Removes documentation for 16-bit MS-DOS platforms with the Borland compiler.
(fonts.txt, make.txt, new-user.txt, use.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- The Watcom library makefile didn't define the directory
information for libpng and zlib.  (watclib.mak)

Moves the selection of band list implementation (file- vs. RAM-based) and
the compression filter for RAM-based band lists up to the top-level
makefiles.  Again, this is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE procedure change.
(lib.mak, *.mak)

Moves the selection of version number for all platforms (except VMS, as
usual) to a separate file.  This will reduce the number of files that need
editing when the version number changes.  (ansihead.mak, cc-head.mak,
gcc-head.mak, ugcclib.mak, version.mak, tar_cat)


Fixes bugs:
	- An error in the (unsupported) SGI RGB driver could cause crashes
or incorrect output.  (gdevsgi.c)

Starts to create a framework for structured output ("vector") drivers (PDF,
PostScript, PCL XL, etc.)  (gdevbbox.h, gdevvec.h, gsdcolor.h, gsstruct.h,
gxdevice.h, gdevvec.c)

Moves default page size parameters to a more accessible header.  (gdevprn.h,
gxdevice.h, gdevx.c)

Adds a driver that produces properly structured PCL XL output.  This is
highly experimental and not ready for use yet.  (gdevpx.c)


Removes support for 16-bit MS-DOS platforms with the Borland compiler.  For
the moment, 16-bit MS Windows is still supported.  (bc.mak, bcflags.mak,
bclib.mak, tc.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- File-based CIDFonts (with delayed, incremental loading of
character outlines) didn't work.  (

Finishes implementing the definition of CMap resources, except for
rearranged fonts.  (,

Adds a little more CMap support code.  (zcid.c)

Removes the .setcurrentfile operator, since it doesn't solve the problem it
was intended to address.  (zcontrol.c)

Adapts the interpreter to use the new argument processing code.


Fixes bugs:
	- The CCITTFaxDecode filter could access as much as 3 bytes beyond
the end of a buffer, causing an invalid memory access.  (This is essentially
the same bug that was fixed for the CCITTFaxEncode filter in 4.38.)


Fixes bugs:
	- Painting an image without having set up any halftone could cause a
crash.  (gxht.c)
	- In a very obscure case, an occasional scan line of landscape
images could get corrupted.  (gximage0.c)
	- Because of a rounding error, patterns could fail to be painted in
certain cases.  (gxpcolor.h, gspcolor.c, gxpcmap.c)
	- Very large line widths or miter limits could cause the computation
of stroke expansion to overflow.  (gxpaint.h, gdevbbox.c, gxclpath.c,
	- The phase could be incorrect for simple patterns.  (gspcolor.c)
	- The default implementation of copy_mono used an incorrect
RasterOp.  (gdevdflt.c)
	- The default implementation of fill_masked didn't increment the row
pointer, causing characters to appear as solid rectangular blocks.

Eliminates an unnecessary gsave and grestore from rectfill and rectstroke if
the path was null.  (gsdps1.c)

Adds a limit on the amount of space that the default (C heap) allocator will
allocate, and a record of the maximum amount allocated, to help testing
embedded products.  (gsmemory.c)

Changes the band list algorithm for deciding how many replicas of a halftone
tile to store in the tile cache.  The previous algorithm was too liberal,
which could cause the cache to overflow and many unnecessary bitmaps to be
written in the band list.  (gxclbits.c)

Writes clipping with a rectangle more compactly in the band list.
(gxfixed.h, gxclpath.c)

Adds new band list commands for representing 90- and 180-degree arcs
compactly.  (gxclpath.h, gxclpath.c, gxclread.c)

Repackages handling of general monochrome images, color images, and 12-bit
and interpolated images, so that they are included optionally rather than in
all configurations.  (int.mak, lib.mak, gximage.h, gximage.c,

Changes the structure definition for devices to include no-op pointer
enumeration and relocation, so they can have subclasses.  (gxdevice.h)

Adds a library facility for processing command line arguments with
@-expansion.  (gsargs.h, gsargs.c)

Version 4.41 (private) (1/21/97)

This release adds a PCL XL output driver, and a few performance improvements.


Fixes bugs:
	- The zlib library used an incorrect header file when compiling.

Changes the names of the preprocessor symbols indicating the presence of
system header files to be consistent with the ones used by GNU configure.
(dvx-tail.mak, ugcclib.mak, unixtail.mak, vms.mak; dirent_.h, time_.h;

Changes the method for choosing the compression filter for RAM-based band
lists.  This is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change in the makefile.  (lib.mak)


Adds black-and-white and 8-bit gray PCL XL (PCL 6) drivers for the LaserJet
5 and 6 family.  This driver is extremely simple and just emits bitmaps;
future drivers will use more PCL XL high-level constructs.  (gdevlj56.c)


Updates the free font distribution to add the URW Grotesk and Antiqua fonts.


Fixes bugs:
	- gs -h and -v returned with a non-zero exit code on all platforms.
(This is necessary under Windows, to keep the message visible on the screen,
but nowhere else.)  (imainarg.c)
	- Resizing a dictionary could exceed dict_max_size, causing memory
corruption.  (dstack.h, idict.h, idict.c, zdict.c)

Adds .setlinecap and .setlinejoin that can use the extended range of line
cap/join values, and redefines setlinecap and setlinejoin in terms of them.
(, zgstate.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The CCITTFaxDecode filter with EncodedByteAlign = true skipped to
a byte boundary before checking for an EOL.  This may be wrong if EndOfLine
= true; we aren't at all sure what should happen if EndOfLine = false.

Adds a "no wrapper" option to the zlib streams, to optionally suppress the
time-consuming integrity checksum computation.  (szlibx.h, szlibc.c,
szlibd.c, szlibe.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Dashed lines with zero-length drawn segments (dots) that fell
exactly on a corner produced inappropriate output.  (pcl/test19.pxs)
(gxpdash.c, gxstroke.c)
	- Dashed lines didn't set the segment notes properly.  (gxpdash.c)
	- The bounding box device didn't free a bookkeeping structure at the
end of processing an image.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- Curve points could get computed incorrectly when using emulated
floating point.  (gxpcopy.c)
	- The 1-element cache for curve_x_at_y didn't work if Y was
decreasing.  (gxfixed.h, gxpcopy.c)

Distinguishes between error and informational exits.  (stdpre.h)

Defines and checks maximum values for line cap and join parameters.
(gslparam.h, gsline.c)

Removes the 'not last' segment note, since it is not used for anything.
(gxpath.h, gspath1.c, gxpath2.c, gxpcopy.c, gxpflat.c, gxstroke.c)

Changes the memory freeing algorithm for RAM-based band lists back to the
original one, since the "improved" one had more bugs than it was worth
chasing.  (gxclmem.c)

Speeds up the A * B / C algorithm a little.  (gsmisc.c)

Speeds up curve_x_at_y by recognizing more cases that don't require the slow
A * B / C algorithm.  (gxpcopy.c)

Changes the path filling code so it uses fill-by-trapezoids even if
fill_adjust is zero, as long as the flatness is at least 1 pixel.

Removes the (unneeded) floating point operations from gx_curve_log2_samples.

Changes the memory-based implementation of band lists so that it constructs
the compressor and decompressor by calling procedures rather than
instantiating templates: this allows setting filter parameters to
non-default values.  (gxclmem.h, gxcllzw.c, gxclmem.c, gxclzlib.c)

Version 4.40 (private) (1/13/97)

This version finally handles the last graphics model discrepancies between PostScript and PCL, by correctly implementing null joins, minimum dot lengths, and tangent-aligned curve ends. It also contains some significant performance improvements, and as usual a few bug fixes.


Documents the new accurate curves and path dashing operators.


Adds switches for genconf to set and unset a prefix for file names.


Adds recognition of the new Distiller 3.0 parameters to the PDF writer.
(None of them have any effect yet.)  (, gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c,

Converts all the output functions in the PDF writer from being file-based to
using streams, in anticipation of adding compression.  (gdevpdfs.h,
gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf*.c, gdevpdfs.c)


Adds operators for accessing the new accurate curves flag in the graphics
state.  (zgstate.c)

Adds an operator for invoking gs_dashpath.  (zpath1.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- Indexed color spaces whose base space was a CIE space caused an
error.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- A pointer was declared const incorrectly.  (gxcpath.c)
	- Filling with a pattern often failed to pass a non-null bitmap ID,
causing excessive writing in the band list.  (Performance bug only.)
	- The bounding box device didn't discount copy_mono or draw_line
operations drawing in white.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- The bounding box device didn't read out the bounding box correctly
as the PageBoundingBox device parameter.  (It did return it correctly
through the gx_device_bbox_bbox procedure.)  (gdevbbox.c)
	- The default implementation of fill_triangle drew nothing or
incorrect output if the corners of the triangle were specified in certain
orders (ax < 0 or bx < 0) (i.e., the previous "fix" had a bug).

Changes tile size from always being set in all bands to being 'known' by
bands individually.  (gxclist.h, gxcldev.h, gxclbits.c, gxclist.c)

Computes an additional value in advance when rendering images.  (gximage.h,
gximage1.c, gximage2.c)

Replaces some slow loops with calls of memmove.  (gxclmem.c)

Provides a fixed-point implementation of A * B / C for machines with slow
floating point.  (gxfixed.h, gsmisc.c)

Extends the "device color" type to implement filling masked regions as well
as rectangles.  (gxdcolor.h, gdevdflt.c, gspcolor.c, gxcht.c, gxdcolor.c,

Makes unclipped monobit portrait and landscape images and image masks use
the new masked fill capability of device colors.  (gximage.h, gximage.c,
gximage1.c, gximage2.c)

Adds a macro for determining pointer alignment.  (stdpre.h, gdevdflt.c)

When floating point is slow, uses a different, faster algorithm for
gx_curve_x_at_y.  (gxpcopy.c)

Improves performance by adding a one-element cache for gx_curve_x_at_y.
(gzpath.h, gxpcopy.c)

Reduces overhead when banded images are pre-rasterized (currently, always).

Adds a rendering cost estimate field to each band in a band list.  This
field isn't actually used for anything yet; eventually, the intent is that
bands with a high cost will get rendered, and stored in compressed form,
before starting the engine.  (gxclist.h)

Adds the concept of 'notes' for path segments, to allow remember what
segments constitute a single curve or arc.  Currently we set these properly
for everything except dashed paths.  (gxclpath.h, gxpath.h, gzpath.h,
gspath1.c, gxclpath.c, gxclread.c, gxpath.c, gxpath2.c, gxpcopy.c)

When the dot length is non-zero, changes curve stroking to always use bevel
joins within each curve rather than the current join.  This prevents a
"bristly" look with no join and butt caps.  (gxstroke.c)

Adds an "accurate curves" capability that makes the last line segment of a
flattened curve actually be tangent to the curve, which in turn makes
flat-end caps be correctly perpendicular to the tangent.  (gxpath.h,

Adds an "accurate curves" flag in the graphics state.  (gsline.h,
gxclpath.h, gxistate.h, gsline.c, gspath.c, gspath1.c, gxclpath.c,
gxclread.c, gxfill.c, gxstroke.c)

Changes the meaning of "no join" (gs_join_none) so that instead of producing
no join and butt caps, it produces whatever the current cap is.  This is
compatible with the H-P definition.  (gxstroke.c)

Implements non-zero dot length for dash patterns.  (gxpdash.c)

Splits off the curve flattening algorithms into a separate file.
(gxpcopy.c, gxpflat.c)

Version 4.39 (limited) (1/1/97)

This version was created only to accompany a release of the PCL XL interpreter. It was withdrawn the day after it was released, because the tools used to produce it put the wrong files in the filesets.


Adds a more detailed description of the third-party ps_view viewer
interface.  (new-user.txt)

Corrects an error in a reference to the PSLRM.  (lib.txt)

Documents the change in .makeoperator.  (language.txt)

Updates the FTP location of the zlib sources.  (zlib.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- The Unix library makefile didn't include the necessary definitions
for libpng and zlib.  (ugcclib.mak)

Allows selecting the compression filters for memory-based band lists in the
makefile.  Makes zlib (deflate) the default compressor for memory-based band
lists.  (lib.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- wouldn't print unencoded characters in Type 42 fonts.


Fixes bugs:
	- The H-P monochrome driver didn't put out enough initialization
commands at the beginning of each page to make each page printable
independently.  (gdevdjet.c)


Changes ref_stack_count_inline so it never does a procedure call.

Changes .makeoperator so that operator procedures save the stack depths, and
restore the stack pointers (if possible) if the operator encounters an
error.  This is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE; it requires rewriting the
'stop' and 'stopped' pseudo-operators (and, if there were any, any other
pseudo-operators that interact with the error handling machinery) in C.
(, interp.c, zcontrol.c)

Adds recognition of the LeadingEdge, MediaClass, and RollFedMedia keys in a
page device dictionary, per the Adobe supplement for their version 2017
interpreter.  This involves a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE change to the
(undocumented) .matchpagesize operator.  (, zmedia2.c)

Makes necessary changes for compatibility with the added parameters for the
zlib filters.  (zfzlib.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The zlib encoder returned EOFC when it should have returned 0.

Adds optional parameters and reset procedures for the zlib filters.
(szlibx.h, szlibc.c, szlibd.c, szlibe.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Displaying characters with a non-standard RasterOp could cause an
invalid memory access.  (gdevdflt.c)
	- Banding sometimes used an incorrect RasterOp.  (gxclread.c)
	- When banding, mixing Patterns and halftones could confuse the
bookkeeping of tile size, leading to incorrect generation of the band list
and error messages or confusion when rasterizing.  (gxclist.h, gxclbits.c,
	- If only the dash pattern offset changed, and not any of the other
dash-related parameters, the new offset wasn't written in the band list,
causing incorrect output.  (gxclpath.c)
	- Oversized halftone tiles didn't report their error code properly.
	- Oversized halftone tiles with RasterOp caused an error.
	- When banding, RasterOp transfers that crossed a band boundary
didn't access the correct source data on bands other than the first.
	- There were redundant copies of the code for writing a RasterOp
value in the band list.  (gxclimag.c, gxclpath.c)
	- Oversized patterns or halftones produced garbled output.
	- The check for oversized patterns or halftones was slightly
incorrect, leading to the possibility of writing out a tile that would
overflow the reading buffer and corrupt memory.  (gxclbits.c)
	- When banding, RasterOp wasn't applied to fill and stroke
operations, and wasn't applied correctly to characters.  (gdevdflt.c,
gxclimag.c, gxclread.c)
	- The RasterOp-related optimizations for black-and-white images
sometimes produced incorrect output.  (gximage.c, gximage2.c)
	- The default implementation of fill_triangle didn't draw anything
if the corners of the triangle were specified in certain orders (ax < 0 or
bx < 0).  (gdevddrw.c)
	- Painting with a Pattern could pass out-of-range phase values to
driver procedures.  (gspcolor.c)
	- Because of an off-by-1 error, halftones or patterns passed through
the band list could write past the end of their allocated space in the band
tile cache, leading to incorrect output or possible arithmetic exceptions or
memory access errors.  (gsbitops.c)

Adds -Z: for printing only the minimal command list statistics.  (gxclist.c,

Expands band list tracing so it includes all of the data associated with the
command, not just the command name and a few command parameters.

Adds free lists for strings.  Currently these are only used in
non-garbage-collected environments.  (gxalloc.h, gsalloc.c, gsnogc.c)

Adds a procedure for copying a path structure, and an (internal) accessor
for the current path in the graphics state.  (gxpath.h, gspath.c, gxpath.c)

Speeds up filling characters with halftones a little bit.  (gdevdflt.c)

Changes the memory-based implementation of band lists so it can use any
compression / decompression filter, so it only compresses when it has
allocated a specified amount of buffer storage, and so it releases its
buffer storage at the end of each page.  (gxclmem.h, gxclmem.c)

Speeds up counting the number of 1-bits in a byte, which is used in some
image processing algorithms.  (gsbittab.h, gsbittab.c)

Reduces the band list space required for changing tile size.  (gxcldev.h,
gxclbits.c, gxclread.c)

Version 4.38 (limited) (12/20/96)

Adds support for a couple of undocumented features in Type 1 fonts.


Adds handling of the Type 1 font subroutineNumberBias (an optional entry in
the Private dictionary) and lenIV = -1 features at the interpreter level.
(zchar1.c, zfont1.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The CCITTFaxEncode filter could access as much as 3 bytes beyond
the end of a buffer, causing an invalid memory access.  (scfe.c)

Changes the RunLengthDecode filter so it can make progress (produce output)
with only a 1-byte output buffer.  (srlx.h, srld.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The sine and cosine of multiples of 90 degrees weren't exact.
(gxfarith.h, gsmisc.c)
	- The expanded bounding box computation for strokes didn't take into
account the possibility of overflow.  (gxstroke.c)
	- The allocator didn't fill freed strings with the 'free' mark.
	- When using a pattern with RasterOp, the phase was computed
incorrectly, leading to anomalous filling patterns.  (gspcolor.c)
	- Patterns with a non-zero translation in the matrix passed to
makepattern didn't translate the pattern origin properly.  (gxcolor2.h,
gxpcolor.h, gspcolor.c)

Adds a subroutineNumberBias field to Type 1 fonts.  This is an undocumented
feature of the Type 1 font format.  (gxfont1.h, gstype1.c)

Interprets lenIV = -1 in Type 1 fonts as meaning that the CharStrings are
unencrypted.  This too is an undocumented feature of the Type 1 format.
(gxfont1.h, gxtype1.h, gstype1.c, gstype2.c)

Changes gs_clippath so it returns more reasonable outlines.  (There are too
many programs that rely on being able to stroke the result of clippath, even
though both the Adobe and H-P literature specifically say the results are
unpredictable.)  (gxcpath.h, gxcpath.c)

Version 4.37 (limited) (12/10/96)

This version implements separate halftone phase for source and texture, required for PCL XL implementation.


Fixes bugs:
	- Loading a native TrueType font without a 'post' table caused an
error.  (


Extends the interpreter to handle the new separate halftone phases for the
RasterOp source and texture.  (, zdps1.c)

Makes a small change to accommodate a library change supporting Type 2
charstrings.  (zfont1.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Implements the FontFile2 key for embedded TrueType fonts.  (

Starts to implement the FontFile3 key for compressed Type 1 fonts.  This
code is currently disabled, because none of the necessary underlying C is
written yet.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The floating point emulator often returned incorrect results (too
many bugs to list).  (This is not used in any standard configuration.)
	- The new copy_for procedure for gstates incorrectly declared an
argument as const.  (gxstate.h, gsstate.c)
	- If a curve had to be split twice along the same axis to make it
monotonic, the split points could still be returned in the wrong order,
possibly causing curved edges to turn into straight lines, and the algorithm
still produced the wrong results if the curve had to be split twice along a
single axis.  This is the second time we have "fixed" these problems and the
4th time we have "fixed" the curve monotonizing algorithm.  (gxpcopy.c)
	- Setting halftones cause a memory leak, because the subsidiary
objects of the device halftone weren't freed properly.  Fixing this required
changing the graphics state implementation from allocating a device halftone
for each gstate to managing the device halftone with reference counting.
(gxdht.h, gzstate.h, gsht.c, gsstate.c)

Provides an optimized version of ldexp for FPU-less configurations, and
changes one key algorithm to use it.  (gxfixed.h, gsmisc.c, gxpcopy.c)

Speeds up imagemask with a halftone a little.  (This will eventually require
more serious optimization.)  (gximage2.c)

Adds a -Z* switch for tracing varieties of image rendering.  (gximage.c)

Recognizes that if the logical operation is equivalent to D = S (after
accounting for a constant texture, if any), or if it is equivalent to D = ~S
or D = D {&,|}{S,~S} and D and S are both monobit and both colors are pure,
imaging with RasterOp can be executed without invoking RasterOp.  (gsropt.h,

Makes coordinate transformations with landscape matrices execute as fast as
with portrait matrices.  (gxmatrix.h, gscoord.c, gsmatrix.c)

Adds some sketch code for interpreting Type 2 charstrings.  It compiles, but
it makes no pretense of being runnable.  (gstype1.h, gxop1.h, gxtype1.h,
gstype2.h, gxfont1.h, gstype1.c, gstype2.c)

Extends the library to allow setting separate halftone phases for the
RasterOp source and texture, which is needed to implement halftone screens
that behave like those in H-P's PCL XL printers.  (gscsel.h, gsstate.h,
gxcmap.h, gxcspace.h, gxdcolor.h, gxdither.h, gxpcolor.h, gzht.h, gzstate.h,
gscie.c, gscsepr.c, gsht.c, gspcolor.c, gxcht.c, gxcmap.c, gxdcolor.c,
gxht.c, gximage.c, gximage[2345].c, gspcmap.c) ****** STILL NEED TO UPDATE
BANDING CODE, grep FOR phase ******

Removes the rc_header member from the gs_halftone structure, since we don't
need it after all.  (gxht.h)

Version 4.36 (limited) (12/3/96)

This version fixes a number of library bugs related to RasterOp, Patterns, and memory management.


Changes the definition of texture transparency to match the peculiar H-P
specification.  (drivers.txt, language.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- x_get_bits didn't flush updates to the frame buffer, leading to
possibly incorrect data being returned.  (gdevx.c)
	- x_get_bits added padding to the scan line being copied, possibly
corrupting memory.  (gdevx.c)

Changes the x11mono driver to define white = 0, black = 1 to more closely
model black-and-white printers.  (This is an internal change that doesn't
affect the output.)  (gdevxalt.c)


Removes some code that is no longer needed, by virtue of the fix for the
memory leak in Pattern remapping.  (zpcolor.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Patterns wider than 1024 bits caused a rangecheck.  (gxclip2.h,
	- Dash patterns never got freed.  The fix for this slows down gsave
and grestore slightly, but we don't see any way around it.  (gsline.c,
	- If the CTM was very non-uniform in X and Y, stroke sometimes
didn't recognize thin lines as being thin, leading to dropouts.
	- RasterOps that didn't use S or T still took S or T transparency
into account.  (gdevmrop.c)
	- RasterOps with no source didn't handle the possibility that the
device color for black might have a value other than 0.  (gxdcolor.h,
gspcolor.c, gxcht.c, gxdcolor.c, gxht.c)
	- White pixels in halftones on black-and-white devices apparently
are *not* supposed to be treated as opaque for RasterOp.  (gxcht.c, gxht.c)
	- clippath caused memory to be lost until a restore or a garbage
collection.  (gspath.c)
	- Clipping lists weren't ever freed, and clipping paths sometimes
weren't freed, causing memory to be lost until a restore or a garbage
collection.  (gzacpath.h, gxacpath.c, gxcpath.c)
	- Freeing a pattern instance referenced a pointer after it had been
freed, causing an invalid memory access.  (gspcolor.c)
	- Remapping a Pattern color lost track of the temporary gstate,
memory devices, and possibly the mask, causing memory to be lost until a
restore or GC.  (gxpcolor.h, gxpcmap.c)
	- Remapping a Pattern color could cause paths to be marked as
shared, preventing them from being freed until a restore or GC.  (gxpcmap.c)

Enhances the non-tracing garbage collector so that if there are no strings
allocated at all, it resets the string allocation pointers.  (gsnogc.c)

Optimizes the black-and-white RasterOp implementation by recognizing cases
that can be implemented directly by fill_rectangle, copy_mono, or
tile_rectangle.  (gdevmrop.h, gsropt.h, gdevmrop.c, gsroptab.c)

Changes -ZA so it no longer produces [P] tracing messages for path
construction.  (gxpath.c)

Adds a gx_pattern_cache_winnow procedure for selectively removing entries
from the Pattern cache, similar to gx_purge_selected_cached_chars.
(gscolor2.h, gxpcolor.h, gxpcmap.c)

Adds the Pattern UID to Pattern cache entries.  (gxpcolor.h, gxpcmap.c)
CACHE) ******

Makes gs_gstate free the path representation of the clipping path if it's a
rectangle, since reconstructing it is cheap and otherwise the path segments
would not be freeable until a restore or GC.  (gsstate.c)

Extends the "client data" interface for gstates so that the copy procedure
can determine why it is being called.  (gxstate.h, gsstate.c)

Version 4.35 (limited) (11/24/96)

This contains the usual bug fixes, and two minor enhancements: an option for handling EPSF files with binary headers, and support for file-based resources.


Documents the new EPSF-reading capability.  (gs.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- Some obsolete definitions were accidentally left in the rules for
compiling fonts into the executable.  (int.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- initgraphics left the current color space in an inconsistent
state.  (bug introduced in 4.32) (zgstate.c)
	- restore didn't properly rebind FontDirectory to either Local or
SharedFontDirectory according to the current VM selection.  (
	- If FontDirectory was redefined, many things broke.  (,,,
	- If a resource provided a file name but the file couldn't be
opened, an error occurred.  (
	- flushfile didn't work with procedure-based streams.  (zfileio.c)

Adds a feature ( that allows the interpreter to recognize and
handle MS-DOS EPSF files with a binary header.  (int.mak,,,

Adds (internal) .getuserparam and .getsystemparam operators for getting the
value of a single user or system parameter.  (, zusparam.c)

To support file-based resources, implements the FontResourceDir,
GenericResourceDir, and GenericResourcePathSep system parameters, and
ResourceFileName for the built-in resource categories.  (,,


Fixes bugs:
	- The 2-D CCITTFaxDecode filter became confused if a buffer boundary
fell between a horizontal make-up code and its terminating code, typically
causing an ioerror.  (scfd.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Using the null color could confuse the reference counts for color
spaces, causing memory access errors.  (gscolor.c)
	- Images with CombineWithColor = true caused memory access error,
because a structure element wasn't initialized.  (gdevmrop.c)
	- gs_setnullcolor tried to return an error code, even though it was
declared as returning void.  (Why doesn't gcc catch this??)  (gscolor.h,
	- gs_setnullcolor was declared inconsistently as taking a const or
non-const argument.  (gscolor.h)
	- Small color tiles in the band list were not read in correctly.
	- The band list could get confused, causing ioerrors, invalid memory
accesses, or garbled output, because the algorithms for computing the size
of bitmaps when writing and when reading had gotten inconsistent.  This code
has been broken and "fixed" at least 4 or 5 times.  (gxcldev.h, gxclbits.c,
	- When using banding, characters that extended off the page
vertically in the -Y direction came out garbled.  (gxclimag.c)
	- The bounding box device didn't compute the box correctly for
trapezoids.  (gdevbbox.c)
	- The fastest case of rendering monochrome images could cause
unaligned data accesses.  (bug introduced recently.)  (gximage.h,
	- TrueType characters with no contours could cause an invalid memory
access.  (gstype42.c)
	- Composite TrueType characters weren't rendered properly.

Adds a get_outline procedure to the Type 42 font header, to provide a
callback for getting the outline data for a glyph.  (gxfont42.h, gstype42.c)

Version 4.34 (limited) (11/18/96)

This release adds a little more support for CID-keyed fonts and for PCL emulation, and a bit more of the machinery for passing images through the band list.


Fixes bugs:
	- The RasterOp source device wasn't listed as an internal device in
drivers.txt.  (drivers.txt)

Corrects a statement regarding the pstotext license.  (new-user.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- The Watcom makefile for the library didn't work properly if
certain variables were overridden from the command line.  (watclib.mak)
	- The library code inadvertently depended on an interpreter header
file.  (*.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- Some very picky compilers complained about assigning 0 to a
variable of an enum type.  (gdevpdfx.h, gdevpdf.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Some very picky compilers didn't like a cast from a pointer type
to an int type.  (idebug.c)
	- Some very picky (and non-ANSI-compliant) compilers didn't allow
assigning an int to a variable of enumerated type.  (zfont2.c, zht2.c)
	- The library code inadvertently depended on an interpreter header
file.  (iref.h)

Restructures the font building code slightly to support CID fonts better.
(, bfont.h, zcid.c, zfont0.c, zfont1.c, zfont2.c, zfont42.c)

Adds a .setcurrentfile operator to allow disk-based fonts to keep their file
open.  (, zcontrol.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Some very picky compilers didn't like the computation (const byte
*)0 - 1.  (stream.c)
	- A cast to ulong was omitted.  (smtf.c)
	- Some compilers got confused by typedefs in the zlib header files.
(szlibd.c, szlibe.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- A header file didn't select the proper system header on all POSIX
systems.  (malloc_.h)
	- A subclass/superclass type discrepancy upset some compilers.
(gsline.h, gsline.c, gxpdash.c)
	- Some very picky compilers didn't accept the previous definition of
the offset_of macro.  (stdpre.h)
	- Some very picky (and non-ANSI-compliant) compilers didn't like
mixing int and enumerated types.  (gsropt.h, gzstate.h, gdevmrop.c,
gdevrrgb.c, gsrop.c, gxclist.c)
	- A cast was missing.  (gslib.c)
	- The gs_setxxxtransparent procedures interpreted their argument
backwards (i.e., as "opaque" rather than "transparent").  (gsrop.c)
	- Intersecting clipping paths didn't reset the logical operation to
the default, causing a possible crash.  (gsrop.h, gsrop.c, gxacpath.c)
	- Pattern accumulation didn't reset the logical operation to the
default, possibly causing incorrect output.  (gspcolor.c)
	- If a Type 1 character ended with a curve and a closepath, a
microscopic line could result, causing output anomalies.  (gstype1.c)
	- Stroking a path with a mix of thin and non-thin lines could cause
extraneous lines to appear.  (gxstroke.c)
	- Zero-width rectangles were painted even when fill adjustment was
turned off.  (gxpaint.c, gxstroke.c)
	- The algorithm for dividing a curve into monotonic pieces could
produce incorrect results, causing anomalies when filling curved regions
with zero fill adjustment.  (gxpcopy.c)
	- The algorithms for outside clipping were wrong, causing some
inside regions not to be clipped.  (gxcpath.c)
	- The white pixels in halftones weren't treated as unconditionally
opaque for RasterOp.  (gxht.c, gxcht.c)
	- Images with RasterOp didn't work properly.  (gdevmrop.c,
gximage[2345].c, gxpcmap.c)
	- The library code inadvertently depended on an interpreter header
file.  (gxalloc.h, genarch.c)
	- An important optimization for stroking (recognizing portrait,
landscape, and unscaled CTMs) was commented out.  WE DON'T HAVE ANY RECORD
	- Bitmap images with non-zero data_x values were passed through the
band list incorrectly, possibly causing vertical "streaks" in the output.
(gxcldev.h, gxclread.c)
	- If a curve had to be split twice along the same axis to make it
monotonic, the split points were returned in the wrong order, possibly
causing curved edges to turn into straight lines.  (gxpcopy.c)

Changes the debugging printout format for paths so the output can be
processed mechanically more easily.  (gxpath.c)

Adds gs_glyphpath, like charpath but taking a glyph rather than a string of
character codes.  (gschar.h, gschar.c)

Adds an internal concept of a "null color", a color that doesn't actually
mark any pixels.  (gscolor.h, gsdcolor.h, gxdcolor.h, gscolor.c, gxdcolor.c)

Takes the next incremental steps towards passing images through the band
	- Implements the ability to pass some color mapping information
(transfer functions, black generation, undercolor removal) through the band
list.  (gxclist.h, gxclimag.c, gxclist.c, gxclread.c)

Version 4.33 (limited) (11/6/96)

This release fixes yet another obscure bug in the recently rewritten fast loops for image rendering. (These loops have caused more problems than any other single module of the entire library.) It also adds preliminary support for CID-keyed fonts (CIDFonts only, not CMaps yet) and some library extensions for supporting HP-GL/2.


Adds considerable new material to the C style document.  (c-style.txt)

Changes -cckr to -ansi in the SGI build procedure.  (make.txt)

Corrects an error in the description of the .type42execchar operator.


Fixes bugs:
	- The 'man' pages were installed in the documentation directory as
well as in the man directory.  (unix-end.mak)


Adds support for CID-keyed fonts.  There is no CMap support yet, and some
things are done with hacks.  (int.mak,,, ichar.h,
zchar.c, zchar2.c, zchar42.c, zfont2.c, zfont42.c, zcid.c)

Adds operators for accessing the new dash adaptation and dot length
parameters in the graphics state.  (, zgstate.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The fast case of monobit image rendering could overwrite memory.
	- The new fast implementation of rectfill didn't check for
fixed-point overflow.  (gsdps1.c)
	- Internally, fonts with no name all appeared to have the same name,
possibly confusing the xfont machinery.  (gxccman.c)
	- A cast to remove const was omitted, upsetting some compilers.
	- The driver's stroke_path routine was not called if the logical
operation was not the default one.  (gxpaint.c)

Adds support for CID-keyed fonts.  (gsccode.h, gxfont.h)

Adds a new "dash pattern adaptation" flag in the imager state.  When this
flag is set and a dash pattern is in effect, each line segment will receive
an integral number of repetitions of the dash pattern (if necessary, rounded
up).  (gsline.h, gxline.h, gsline.c, gsstate.c, gxpdash.c)

Adds a new "dot length" parameter to the imager state.  If this parameter is
non-zero, it gives a length for rendering dots (zero-length lines).  See
language.txt for details.  (gsline.h, gxline.h, gsline.c, gsstate.c,

Extends band lists so they can handle dash pattern adaptation and dot
length.  (gxcldev.h, gxclpath.h, gxclpath.c, gxclread.c)

Adds a floating point emulator to allow more realistic profiling of
configurations without a FPU.  (gsfemu.c)

Version 4.32 (limited) (11/1/96)

This fixes a couple more bugs, most notably the infamous "pixel stripe" bug.


Fixes bugs:
	- The documentation said that Ghostscript could not interpret
encrypted PDF files.  (language.txt)
	- A number of Ghostscript's extensions to the PostScript language
were missing.  (language.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- A compiler complained about initializing an unsigned variable with
a negative value.  (gdevx.c)
	- An off-by-1 allocation error could cause memory overwriting.


Declares a pointer 'const' that is actually only used for reading.


Fixes bugs:
	- The code for adding nominal UnderlinePosition and
UnderlineThickness entries to FontInfo assumed (incorrectly) that all Type 1
fonts had FontBBox entries.  (

Brings CIDFont support closer to reality.  It doesn't work yet, though.


Removes a redundant implementation of initgraphics.  (

Speeds up rectfill a little for the common case (4 numbers on the stack).


Fixes bugs:
	- Zero-width, 1-bit-deep, landscape or portrait images could
overwrite memory ad lib.  (gximage1.c)
	- A procedure was declared 'static' inconsistently, upsetting many
compilers (but not gcc, which, in contradiction to the ANSI standard,
doesn't check this properly).  (gxcpath.c)
	- A local variable was initialized with a value computed from a
variable that hadn't been set yet, leading to possibly incorrect coloring of
the first run of pixels in images with 12 bits per sample.  (gximage4.c)
	- A compiler complained about initializing an unsigned variable with
a negative value.  (shcgen.c)
	- A rounding problem could produce a vertical stripe of 1 (or on
very large images possibly more) incorrect pixels at the right edge of a
1-bit-deep image.  (gxdda.h, gximage1.c)

Speeds up gs_rectfill substantially for the portrait/landscape case with a
rectangular clipping region.  (gsdps1.c)

Adds a parameter so we can include gx_line_params in subclasses.  (gzline.h)

Version 4.31 (limited) (10/27/96)

This is primarily a bug fix release for 4.30, which we had hoped wouldn't be necessary....


Fixes bugs:
	- The comment describing the order of coefficients in a CTM written
on the band list was wrong.  (gxclpath.h)


Fixes bugs:
	- bug-form.txt wasn't installed by 'make install'.  (unix-end.mak)
	- The default flags in ugcclib.mak didn't take the gcc code
generation bug into account.  (ugcclib.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- MetroWerks CodeWarrior predefines true and false, causing
compilation errors on the Mac.  (stdpre.h)


Updates code for the change in the ENUM_PTR macros.  (iscan.c)

Changes the allocator to keep track of "lost" ref space separately, to allow
an independent check on its activities.  (gxalloc.h, ialloc.c, isave.c)

Changes the garbage collector API slightly to allow implementation of the
API in applications other than PostScript interpreters.  (ivmspace.h,
ireclaim.c, igc.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Implements the PDF 1.1 BX and EX operators.  (,


Fixes bugs:
	- Some (harmless) pointer incompatibilities upset some compilers.
(szlibd.c, szlibe.c)

Updates code for the change in the ENUM_PTR macros.  (stream.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- A label in the ENUM_PTR procedure generating macros was often not
referenced, leading to compiler warnings.  (gsstruct.h, gxxfont.h,
gdevmem.c, gschar.c, gscolor2.c, gsdevice.c, gsfont0.c, gsht.c, gsstate.c,
gxcpath.c, gximage.c)
	- Using the gstate version of setflat rather than the imager version
caused compiler warnings (and, in some cases, errors).  (gstype1.c)
	- Non-standard ImageMatrix values for banded images didn't work.
(This wasn't actually used.)  (gxclread.c)
	- imagemask with a halftone and portrait orientation colored some
inappropriate pixels.  (bug introduced in 4.30) (gximage2.c)
	- When banding, if a character straddled a band boundary the first
time it occurred, all occurrences of it were clipped.  (bug introduced in
4.2x or 4.30) (gxclimag.c)
	- Degenerate clipping rectangles sometimes got turned into
non-degenerate ones by swapping the min and max coordinates.  (gxcpath.c)
	- Resizing an object either allocated a new object unnecessarily
(performance bug only), or in very rare cases could corrupt memory.
	- Very small objects didn't get put on a free list when freed.
(Performance bug only.) (gsalloc.c)
	- Some pointers were incorrectly declared 'const', upsetting some
compilers.  (gxclread.c)

Adds more tracing output for -ZL.  (gxclread.c)

Changes the -Za tracing output slightly to aid mechanical analysis of
allocation traces: allocation events now always include a '+', deallocation
events always include a '-', and the address is always the address of the
object data and not the header.  (gsalloc.c, gsmemory.c)

Changes the allocator to keep track of "lost" object and string space
separately, to allow an independent check on its activities.  (gxalloc.h,

Changes the allocator to use 'memmove' in an obvious place.  (gsalloc.c)

Provides a garbage collector API at the library level to allow
implementation of the API in applications other than PostScript
interpreters.  (gsgc.h)

Version 4.30 (limited) (10/23/96)

The main purpose of this release is to implement a substantial change in the "high level" image API, after which we believe this API will be stable.


Documents the changes in the begin_image and image_data device procedures.


Speeds up the PDF writer a little by reducing the amount of allocation,
which was causing very frequent garbage collections.  (,

Updates the PDF writer for the change in begin_image/image_data.


Fixes bugs:
	- Some versions of the SGI IRIX compiler have a bug that causes them
to try to expand macros that require arguments even when the macro name
isn't followed by a left parenthesis.  (gdevsgi.h, gdevsgi.c)
	- The IBM RS6000 compilers now provide <stdlib.h>, so our
definitions of malloc and free caused a conflict.  (malloc_.h)


Fixes bugs:
	- Many Fontmaps included obsolete references to an old
Helvetica-Narrow font.  (Fontmap.*)

Makes the GS_FONTPATH directory scanner a little more liberal about what
files it examines: it will now examine any file whose first line begins with
%!PS-Adobe or %!FontType.  (

To match an apparent Adobe convention, augments findfont so that if a font
isn't in the Fontmap, it will try to load a file whose name is the same as
the font name.  (

To make some questionable Apple font inquiry code work, augments the
FAKEFONTS facility so that it sets the FontType of fake fonts to 1.


Fixes bugs:
	- .checkpassword, .putdeviceparams, .putdevparams, setsystemparams,
and setuserparams didn't free the results byte array, causing a memory leak
(until the next garbage collection).  (zdevice.c, ziodev.c, zusparam.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The code for emulating floating point multiplication with
conversion to fixed point didn't detect overflow correctly, which could
produce incorrect results instead of a limitcheck.  (gsmisc.c)
	- A macro cast a pointer incorrectly, leading to spurious compiler
warnings.  (gxfixed.h)
	- The code for emulating fixed-to-float conversion computed the
exponent incorrectly.  (gsmisc.c)
	- The algorithm for advancing a DDA a given number of steps (not
actually used anywhere before this version) was wrong.  (gxdda.h)
	- The clipping box returned by clipping devices was incorrect,
causing parts of the page to disappear.  (bug introduced in 4.20)

Changes the begin_image and image_data device procedures:
	- begin_image now takes an optional subrectangle instead of a set of
shape flags.
	- image_data now always takes complete rows of pixels, takes a
source X offset, and returns 1 when it has received all the data.

The change in begin_image and image_data is a NON-BACKWARD-COMPATIBLE CHANGE
IN A PUBLIC INTERFACE; however, this interface was still designated "subject
to change", per the notes for release 3.67 and the documentation in
drivers.txt.  (gsiparam.h, gxclpath.h, gxdda.h, gxdevice.h, gximage.h,
gdevbbox.c, gdevnfwd.c, gsimage.c, gxclimag.c, gxclread.c, gximage.c,

Version 4.21 (limited) (10/17/96)

The purpose of this release is to fix bugs reported in 4.0x, 4.10, and 4.20.


Fixes bugs:
	- The Ghostscript man page had a .TH in the middle.  (gs.1)


Fixes bugs:
	- The shared version of zlib was always called libgz; on most
systems, it is now called libz (but not on Red Hat Linux, where libz is a
library for dealing with time zones).  (*.mak, gs.mak, libpng.mak, zlib.mak)
	- The pdf2dsc.1 man page wasn't installed on Unix systems.
	- font2c generated procedures named gsf_xxx, but genconf assumed
they were named gs_f_xxx.  (int.mak)


Updates the user-contributed LBP-8II driver to correct unspecified problems.

Adds a user-contributed driver for Avance Logic SuperVGA cards.
(gdevsvga.c, devs.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- On Windows NT, a 32-bit parameter was truncated to 16 bits,
preventing drawing of scroll bars of the image window when the window is
uncovered.  (dwimg.cpp)


Fixes bugs:
	- The free URW Grotesk and Antiqua fonts were omitted from the


Fixes bugs:
	- Defining a new global instance of a built-in resource
(ColorRendering, ColorSpace, Form, Halftone, Pattern, ProcSet) caused an
invalidaccess error.  (
	- pathbbox with no current path left an extra item on the stack when
the error occurred.  (
	- findresource for an undefined resource instance didn't preserve
the contents of the stack.  (

Adds a new file providing a procedural interface with a very rudimentary
form of job encapsulation.  (gserver.c)

Changes the initial value of MaxOpStack to 20000, for the sake of a few
badly-behaved files.  (,


Fixes bugs:
	- If the image operators failed to allocated their bookkeeping
structure, the result was a crash rather than VMerror.  (gximage.c)
	- gx_default_fill_triangle (currently used only to implement the
fastest case of stroke) had a typo that could cause a numeric exception or
incorrect output, and another typo that could produce incorrect output.
	- When banding, if the first occurrence of a character fell partly
off the page, all occurrences of that character on the page could be clipped
or mangled.  (gxclbits.c, gxclimag.c)
	- When testing whether it's worthwhile compressing a bitmap for
banding, the compressor was allowed to generate a lot more output than
needed to make the test.  (gxclbits.c)
	- Certain cases of unrotated gray-scale images dropped the first or
last pixel of each scan line.  (gximage2.c)
	- In rare cases, a run of pixels in a image could get erroneously
displayed in the same color as the previous run, because of a cache
bookkeeping bug.  (gximage3.c)
	- The sample driver for the library had gotten inconsistent with a
header file.  (gslib.c)
	- A declaration was followed by an extraneous semicolon, which upset
some compilers.  (gxht.h)
	- Missing parentheses caused a test for thin lines to be incorrect.

Version 4.20 (limited) (10/13/96)

This release has internal changes for future support of banded image processing, but no externally visible changes. Its primary purpose is to incorporate speedups for clipped images. It does *not* incorporate fixes for all problems reported in 4.0x or 4.10.


Documents the new get_clipping_box device procedure.  (drivers.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- There were many, many minor inconsistencies between the makefiles
and the source code.  (We finally have an automated tool to detect these.)
(devs.mak, int.mak, lib.mak, unixtail.mak; gsutil.c, zwppm.c)
	- Some makefile rules weren't properly terminated by a blank line.


Fixes bugs:
	- The comments in had gotten out of date.  (

Adds --no-eject-file and --no-eject-formfeed switches to, to allow
packing files in multi-column printouts.  (


Adds a user-contributed driver for the Epson LP-8000 laser printer.

Adds a DisplayMode parameter to the vgalib device.  (gdevvglb.c)

Removes the requirement of typing a character at the end of each page using


Updates code to accommodate the new get_clipping_box device procedure.


Fixes bugs:
	- When a CTM was passed through the band list, it didn't get
translated to match the band coordinate system.  (This had no effect,
because the translation part of the CTM was never used.)  (gxclread.c)

Adds a ',' debugging switch to disable high-level operations when banding.

Adds an optional get_clipping_box device procedure, so that filling and
stroking can clip more aggressively.  (gdevmem.h, gdevprn.h, gxdevice.h,
gxpaint.h, gxpath.h, gzacpath.h, gdevdflt.c, gdevht.c, gdevnfwd.c,
gxacpath.c, gxclip2.c, gxclist.c, gxcpath.c, gxpcmap.c, gxfill.c,

Speeds up clipped filling and stroking, by checking against the device
clipping box.  (gxfill.c, gxstroke.c)

Adds the ability to clip with a rectangle a clipping path being accumulated,
and uses it to do more aggressive clipping when banding.  (gzacpath.h,
gxacpath.c, gxclread.c)

Speeds up clipping of objects lying partly above or below the clipping
region.  (gxcpath.c)

Speeds up clipping vertically-oriented objects (such as 90 degree rotated
images or vertical rectangles) with convex clipping regions, by checking for
vertical rectangles contained in multiple clipping rectangles.  (gxcpath.c)

Speeds up the handling of 90 degree rotated gray-scale images.  (gximage2.c)

Enhances the band list so that it can contain commands for a range of bands,
not just a single band or all bands.  (gxcldev.h, gxclist.h, gxclbits.c,
gxclist.c, gxclread.c)

Adds an operation to the DDA structure, for eventual support of clipped
images.  (gxdda.h)

Factors out some macros useful for generating bit-transformation tables.
(gsbittab.h, gsbittab.c, gsflip.c)

Version 4.10 (limited) (9/25/96)

This release adds local garbage collection, and a number of performance improvements for garbage collection in general. We will support it for one or two OEMs, but it is not a public release.


Moves documentation for all releases before 4.0 to history3.txt.  (NEWS,


Fixes bugs:
	- didn't have a proper license notice.  (


Adds a psgray driver, like psmono, to produce 8-bit gray PostScript (level
1) images.  (devs.mak, *.mak, gdevpsim.c)

Changes the psmono driver to allow runs of up to 255 repeated bytes.


Fixes bugs:
	- setdevice erased the page even if this wasn't necessary.

Speeds up the garbage collector, primarily by speeding up pointer
relocation.  (int.mak, ipacked.h, iref.h, ialloc.c, igc.c, igcref.c)

Actually implements local garbage collection.  (igc.h, ivmspace.h, igc.c,
igcref.c, igcstr.c, ireclaim.c)

Adds some additional error checking for the -Z? switch.  (ilocate.c)

Moves a utility for color mapping from the interpreter to the library.
(icolor.h, zcolor.c)

Adds a MinScreenLevels user parameter.  (zusparam.c)

Interpreter (PDF)

Adds partial support for the PDF 1.2 gs operator, reverse engineered from a
PDF 1.2 file.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The test for "thin" stroked lines incorrectly claimed some
non-thin lines were thin.  (gxstroke.c)
	- The computations for halftone cells didn't work for non-square
pixels.  (gxdht.h, gsht.c, gsht1.c, gshtscr.c)

Speeds up the garbage collector a little.  (gsstruct.h, gxalloc.h,
gxfcache.h, gsfont.c)

Replaces references to private statically allocated color spaces with
references to shared dynamically allocated ones, which are guaranteed to be
fully filled-in.  (gscie.c)

Moves a utility for color mapping from the interpreter to the library.
(gxfmap.h, gxcmap.c)

Makes available an imager analogue of setmatrix.  (gscoord.h, gscoord.c)

Adds a parameter to control the minimum number of halftone screen levels.
If a halftone cell has fewer pixels than this number, it will be replicated
(similar to what AccurateScreens does) until the replicated screen has
enough levels.  (gxht.h, gshtscr.c)

Version 4.03 (9/23/96)

This was an emergency re-release of 4.02 to fix the stdin redirection problem. It has essentially no other changes.


Fixes bugs:
	- Solaris 2.x has /usr/ucb/install, not installbsd.  (make.txt)

Updates current.txt to mention the ability to share libpng and libgz.


Fixes bugs:
	- A rule assumed that the makefile was named `makefile'.


Fixes bugs:
	- The stcolor drivers had an off-by-1 error that could cause them to
write into unallocated memory.  (gdevstc.c)
	- The Imagen driver wouldn't compile with gcc.  (gdevimgn.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The Solaris fontmap had gotten out of date.  (Fontmap.Sol)


Fixes bugs:
	- The test for stdin being non-seekable could leave the file error
flag set, which caused an infinite loop when trying to read from the file
later.  (sfile.c, sfileno.c)

Version 4.02 (9/19/96)

This release fixes a few more bugs, and adds the ability to read encrypted PDF files and some PDF 1.2 files.

This release was withdrawn after a few days because the stdin redirection fix, which was made at the last minute, cause Ghostview to hang.


Fixes bugs:
	- The list of required support files was incorrect.  (install.txt)
	- The descriptions of file name lookup weren't accurate.  (use.txt)
	- A J should have been an H.  (gxbitmap.h)

Updates the documentation about encrypted PDF files.  (new-user.txt)

Documents what the 13 base PDF fonts are.  (ps2pdf.txt)

Fixes a tiny typo.  (c-style.txt)

Adds a user-contributed man page for the new pdf2dsc script.  (pdf2dsc.1)

Updates the government restricted rights notice in the Aladdin Ghostscript
Free Public License.  (PUBLIC)

Adds the URL of test files to the bug report form.  (new-user.txt)

Puts the bug reporting form in a separate file.  (readme, bug-form.txt,

Notes that map_xxx_color procedures should not return gx_no_color_index.

Notes that Ghostscript supports the Flate filters.  (language.txt)

Documents the use of the system libpng and zlib.  (make.txt, gs.mak)

Notes that Borland C++ 5.0 and 5.01 will not compile Ghostscript correctly.


Fixes bugs:
	- Using both DELAYBIND and SAFER caused problems.  (pstotext uses


Fixes bugs:
	- Some pdf2ps machinery interfered with the PDF interpreter.
	- In the output of pdf2ps, page numbers in link destinations were
too high by 1.  (
	- viewpbm didn't handle value ranges other than [0..255] correctly.

Adds a user-contributed shell script to invoke  (pdf2dsc,

Adds a switch to the genconf utility to set the prefix for generated
procedure names.  (genconf.c)

Adds the option of using system libraries (possibly shared) for libpng
and/or zlib.  (*head.mak, msc*.mak, os2.mak, tccommon.mak, wccommon.mak;
libpng.mak, zlib.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- The X11 display devices ignored the -DA4 compile-time option.
	- The garbage collector could scramble the state of the CGM drivers.
(gxdevice.h, gdevcgm.c)
	- An identifier of more than 31 characters upset the VAX DEC C
compiler.  (gdevcgml.h, gdevcgml.c)
	- In case of an error in trying to set the CoreDistVersion distiller
parameter, a variable could be used without initialization.  (gdevpdfp.c)
	- When DEBUG is selected, the X Windows driver referenced _Xdebug,
which is not defined in (at least the VMS version of) DECWindows.  (x_.h,
	- Some map_cmyk_color implementations could return "transparent".
	- Setting GraphicsAlphaBits or TextAlphaBits in the P*M drivers
caused an error.  (gdevpbm.c)
	- If a user cancelled printing under MS Windows, a confusing error
resulted, and a temporary file wasn't deleted.  (gdevwpr2.c)
	- The map_color_rgb procedure for the bit devices produced incorrect
results.  (This probably had no effect in practice.)  (gdevbit.c)
	- The os2prn device produced incorrect output.  (gdevos2p.c)
	- The OS/2 PM device didn't detect PM applications correctly.
	- The MS Windows printer driver didn't automatically detect the
printer's color capabilities.  (gdevwpr2.c)
	- The BJC-610 driver didn't print at 720 dpi.  (gdevcdj.c)
	- The static prototypes of many devices didn't include the far_data
keyword.  (gdev3852.c, gdev4081.c, gdevbgi.c, gdevcgm.c, gdevht.c,
gdevimgn.c, gdevl256.c, gdevmrop.c, gdevn533.c, gdevnfwd.c, gdevnp6.c,
gdevo182.c, gdevpcfb.c, gdevpdf.c, gdevpe.c, gdevpm.c, gdevs3ga.c,
gdevsnfb.c, gdevsppr.c, gdevsun.c, gdevsvga.c, gdevtknk.c, gdevvglb.c,
gdevwddb.c, gdevwprn.c, gdevx.c, gdevxalt.c)
	- The (original) deskjet driver collapsed print lines towards the
left margin.  (gdevdjet.c)

Adds to the pgm/pgnm/ppm/pnm[raw] drivers the ability to set the maximum
pixel value, by setting any of the Gray/Red/Green/BlueValues device
parameters.  (gdevpbm.c)

Adds pkm[raw] drivers, which do all their internal computations in CMYK and
convert the data to RGB as they write the file.  (gdevpbm.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The VMS script referred to old versions of the third-party
libraries.  (vms.mak)
	- Under VMS with DEC C, attempting to open a new file fails.
	- If you tried to print (gp_printfile) under Windows on a system
with no printers installed, Ghostscript caused a GPF.  (gp_mswin.c)

Restores support for a non-DLL MS Windows platform.  (bcwin32.mak,

Adds a new MS Windows DLL call, gsdll_get_bitmap.  (gsdll16.def,
gsdll32.def, dll.txt, gdevwdib.c)

Fixes a variety of other small Windows- and OS/2-related problems, mostly
related to printing.  (gp_mswin.h, dpmainc.c, dwmain.cpp, dwmainc.cpp,
gdevmswn.c, gdevpm.c, gdevwpr2.c, gp_mswin.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- The value of /newerror in $error was true at the end of
initialization.  We now reset it after each internal use of stopped if
necessary.  (,,,,,,
	- setpagedevice (and finddevice) didn't recognize Default.
	- When running with -dNODISPLAY, calling gssetresolution would cause
a crash.  (
	- A particular combination of save, .forgetsave, and garbage
collection could cause a memory access error in restore.  (isave.c)
	- Some references to systemdict were affected if a user redefined
the name /systemdict.  (,,,,,,,
	- The insideness testing operators caused an invalid memory access.
(drivers.txt, zupath.c)
	- If a readline reached an input buffer boundary between the \r and
\n of a 2-character EOL, an error could occur.  (zfileio.c)
	- setdevparams caused an error.  (

Changes file names beginning with ./ or ../ so they are recognized as
"absolute" and not subject to the search path.  (gp_dosfs.c, gp_ntfs.c,
gp_os2.c, gp_unifn.c)

Changes the exit code for -h or --help from 0 to 1, so an invoking program
will keep the output around for the user to look at.  (imainarg.c)

Adds the FlateEncode and FlateDecode filters; adds PNG pixel prediction to
the LZW filters.  These additions are required for PDF 1.2 and will be part
of PostScript Level 3.  (int.mak, lib.mak, zfdecode.c, zfilter2.c, zfzlib.c,
zfpngp.c [deleted])

Interpreter (PDF)

Fixes bugs:
	- The copyright notices on some files didn't mention the Aladdin
free license.  (pdf_*.ps)
	- Some references to systemdict were affected if a user redefined
the name /systemdict.  (
	- The value of /newerror in $error was true at the end of
initialization.  We now reset it after each internal use of stopped if
necessary.  (
	- stdin redirection failed for PDF files even if the new stdin was
seekable.  (
	- The Rotate key rotated pages in the wrong direction.

Adds a minimal "security socket" to the interpreter.  This does not include
any actual decryption code; such code is available elsewhere (see
new-user.txt).  (int.mak,,,

Adds a PDF 1.2 capability:
	- The destination in a Dest array can be a page number as well as a
page object.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- stdin was assumed to be non-seekable.  (sfile.c, sfileno.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Garbage collection could corrupt a pointer in Type 0 fonts.
(gxfont0.h, gsfont0.c)
	- When applying hints to a Type 1 font outline, the last point could
sometimes get moved twice, causing output anomalies.  (gxhint3.c)
	- An #include needed for debugging was missing.  (gxcmap.h)
	- Graphics states included a no-longer-used private color space
object.  (gsstate.c)
	- Images could get clipped randomly in the X direction.  (I don't
understand why this problem hasn't shown up more often, since it's been
there since release 4.00.)  (gximage.c)
	- The arct and arcto operators failed to draw the line to the
starting point of the arc.  (bug introduced in 4.01) (gspath1.c)
	- Prefix subclasses of simple structures caused an invalid memory
access.  (gsstruct.h)
	- The variable fheight was sometimes unused.  (gstype1.c)
	- igcd and imod didn't have prototypes in an appropriate header
file, and were declared extern in several places.  (gsdcolor.h, gsline.h,
gxarith.h, gxdht.h, gsht.c, gshtscr.c, gsimage.c, gsline.c, gstype1.c,
	- When using a non-identity RenderTable in a CIE rendering
dictionary, all colors came out too light.  (gscie.c)
	- When using anti-aliased graphics, stroked lines were rendered too
thin.  (gspaint.c)
	- The default map_cmyk_color implementations could return
"transparent".  (gxcmap.c)
	- The number of bits of alpha requested when rendering anti-aliased
characters could exceed 4.  (gschar.c)
	- Multi-screen halftones could cause errors or infinite looping when
banding.  (This problem predates 4.0; I don't know why it didn't show up
before.)  (gxcldev.h, gxclist.c, gxclread.c)
	- Skewed or rotated gray-scale images, or masks with a halftoned
color, omitted one line of pixels and displaced the image by one pixel.

Adds an implementation of realloc, for systems that don't have one that
works.  I don't know how to determine this automatically, so for the moment,
the code uses our own implementation on GNU/Linux (where realloc is known to be
broken, at least in some releases) and nowhere else.  (malloc_.h,
gsmemory.c, gsmisc.c)

Removes the "OLD" algorithms from the Type 1 hinting source code, since they
are no longer executed.  (If necessary, they can be retrieved from an older
version.)  (gxhint3.c)

Version 4.01 (7/10/96)

This fixes a few minor bugs discovered since the 4.0 release.


Fixes bugs:
	- An installation directory name was wrong.  (make.txt,
	- A URL was wrong.  (devices.txt)
	- A reference to use.doc hadn't been updated.  (gs.1)
	- Some references to /usr/local/lib hadn't been updated.  (gs.1)
	- The NEWS file and history* files still referred to *.doc rather
than *.txt.  (NEWS, history*.txt)

Adds a note about compilation on Digital Unix.  (make.txt)

Clarifies that calling gs_exit calls gs_finit automatically.  (imain.h)

Adds a pointer to the PDF encryption patch.  (Ridiculous U.S. export control
laws don't allow including the patch itself in the main fileset.)

Adds a help file for VMS.  (gs-vms.hlp)


Fixes bugs:
	- vms.mak had gotten out of sync with the makefiles (again).
	- The Microsoft C makefiles had gotten out of date.  (msc.mak)

The (few) GNU-Licensed drivers were accidentally omitted from the fileset.

Modifies a makefile for greater reusability.  (watclib.mak)

Adds a 'debug' target for making Unix debugging configurations.


Fixes bugs:
	- Some uses of 'run' should be changed to runlibfile.  (,,,,,,,
	- Some debugging code hadn't been removed.  (

Adds a new utility,, for viewing 4-bit CMYK data.  (psfiles.txt,

Improves pdf2dsc by including Title and CreationDate DSC comments (these are
displayed by Ghostview) and reducing the size of typical output files by a
factor of about 3.  (

Incorporates major changes (claimed to be improvements) to ps2ascii
contributed by a user.  If you have problems with it, please contact him,
not Aladdin.  (


Fixes bugs:
	- The X value of a bounding box could be computed incorrectly.


Fixes bugs:
	- The Windows DLL sometimes didn't clean up properly.  (dll.txt,
dpmainc.c, dwdll.cpp, dwmain.cpp, dwmainc.cpp, gsdll.c, gsdll.h)


Fixes bugs:
	- Reading from a filter could hang forever, because a buffer was
allocated 1 byte too small.  (zfilter.c)
	- The search path could become garbage under some circumstances.
	- A dangling reference to a stack-allocated variable could corrupt
memory if a client mixed interpreter calls and direct C calls.  (interp.c)
	- Printing an object to a procedure-based filter could cause an
invalid memory access.  (zfileio.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Setting parameters for an unopened device could cause an access
error or invoke the wrong put_params procedure.  (gsdparam.c)
	- Reading from a filter could hang forever, because a buffer was
allocated 1 byte too small.  (stream.h)
	- If the current device was the nullpage device, doing a [g]save,
selecting a different device, and doing a [g]restore caused an error.

Adds the ability to append arcs without the initial lineto, for PCL
emulation.  (gspath.h, gspath1.c)

Version 4.0 (6/28/96)

This is the first public release since 3.53, with a few more last-minute patches beyond 3.70.


Fixes bugs:
	- Many makefiles still referred to .doc files rather than .txt.
(cfonts.mak, devs.mak, gs.mak, int.mak, libpng.mak, unix-end.mak, watc.mak,
watcwin.mak, wccommon.mak, zlib.mak)
	- Some FONTPATH-related information was out of date.  (use.txt)
	- The installation directory for fonts was incorrect.  (install.txt)
	- The libpng and zlib versions were out of date.  (libpng.mak,
	- Some information about GSview was incorrect or incomplete.
	- make.txt said it described installation as well as building.

Notes that the current release of zlib won't compile and link correctly with
Sun cc.  (make.txt)

Adds a little more detail to the C style document.  (c-style.txt)


Fixes bugs:
	- Some documentation files weren't installed.  (unix-end.mak)
	- Some dependencies were incorrect.  (bcwin32.mak)
	- 'make begin' and 'make clean' deleted too many and/or the wrong
files.  (bcwin.mak, bcwin32.mak)
	- libpng.mak didn't work with libpng version 0.89c.  (libpng.mak)
	- -d<var>=<name> was equivalent to -d<var>=/<name>, and there was no
way to set a variable to true, false, or null.  (use.txt,,
iinit.c, imainarg.c)

Removes the modules.lis file, which is no longer used.

Undoes detecting automatically the need to run tar_cat -- the mechanism
didn't work, and caused confusion.  (unix-end.mak)

Updates the makefiles to libpng version 0.89, but allows them to work with
either 0.88 or 0.89.  (*.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- Showing the details of a protected font caused an error.


Fixes bugs:
	- A copyright notice was wrong.  (
	- PDF link annotations could get written with two Dest keys.
	- MakeProcInstance and FreeProcInstance were called on platforms
where it wasn't appropriate.  (gdevwpr2.c, gdevwprn.c, gp_mswin.c)
	- On X servers that return very large values for the "virtual
screen" size in millimeters but correct values for the screen size in
pixels, a rangecheck could occur.  (gdevxini.c)
	- The bounding box device could return garbage if stroke or fill was
ever invoked with an empty path.  (gdevbbox.c)

Replaces the LBP8 driver with a revised one contributed by a user.
(gdevlbp8.c, devs.mak)


Fixes bugs:
	- Some Windows menu parameters were incorrect.  (gsdll16.rc,


Fixes bugs:
	- .getdevparams sometimes returned duplicate entries for /Type.
	- File names weren't parsed or concatenated properly on all
platforms.  (, zfile.c)
	- Filter lookahead caused problems with special files.  (zfproc.c)
	- If a TransformPQR procedure in a CIE color rendering dictionary
didn't pop its 4 array arguments, an error occurred.  (, zcrd.c)


Fixes bugs:
	- Filter lookahead caused problems with special files.  (bug
introduced in 3.70) (stream.h)


Fixes bugs:
	- .getdevparams sometimes returned duplicate entries for /Type.
(gxiodev.h, gsiodev.c)

Copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998 Aladdin Enterprises. All rights reserved.

This software is provided AS-IS with no warranty, either express or implied. This software is distributed under license and may not be copied, modified or distributed except as expressly authorized under the terms of the license contained in the file LICENSE in this distribution.

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