Using the system

Starting the Desktop

To start the Desktop, type your login name in the field, press the <Enter> key, type your password, then press <Enter> again. To keep your password confidential, it is not shown on the screen as you type it.

NOTE: Users should log in with a non-root account to do their daily tasks. It is recommended that only system administrators log in as root on the Desktop.

If you do not have an account (login) name and password, see your system administrator or the System Administration Guide. If you have problems, make sure that the ``login'' field is highlighted (selected) before entering your name. To select the field, use the mouse to move the pointer into that field, then briefly press and release (click) the left mouse button (mouse button 1).

If your screen is blank, try pressing any key. If your screen is still blank, make sure your terminal is turned on.

If your screen is not blank, the absence of the login box means that the Desktop has been set up to start differently at your site. The most common alternative setup requires you to:

  1. Enter your login name at a command-line prompt.

  2. Enter your password.

  3. At the prompt, enter: startx.
See your system administrator for instructions if the Desktop still fails to start.
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