Using the system

Using windows

Windows play an important role in your work on the Desktop. For example, you can have several windows open at the same time, such as one for reading your mail and one for writing contracts. You can then move easily back and forth between these two workspaces, and you can transfer a document or tool from one window (workspace) to another, just as you would on your desk.

Select a window to work in by clicking on it. That window's frame changes color to identify it as the active window. Although you can have many windows open at the same time, you can only enter text, draw, or use controls in one window (the active window) at a time. Programs may be running in other windows, but your computer needs to know to which window it should direct your input.

Window Components

Every window has a Window menu you can use to move, resize, or close the window. Open this menu by clicking on the Window menu button in the upper left corner of the window's frame.

To close a window, select Exit from the File menu or double-click on the Window menu button or select Close from the Window menu.

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