Basic hardware configuration

General compatibility issues

If your computer is listed as a supported machine in the CHWP, it should run SCO OpenServer systems. However, if you are adding additional hardware such as host, video, or network adapters you may require new or updated device drivers. New and updated drivers are supplied with each SCO OpenServer release; see ``New features in this release'' for details about new device support added in this release. See also ``SCO OpenServer hardware support'' for more information about device support on SCO platforms.

NOTE: Supported machines are not always supplied with video adapters from the same manufacturer. Check the video adapter for compatibility.

The hardware described in this book has been tested with SCO OpenServer systems. However, because the manufacturers of compatible machines or add-on peripherals may change configuration, functionality, or firmware at any time, no guarantee is implied.

To determine whether hardware components are compatible with your machine, you must know the processor (for example, 486, Pentium, Pentium II, III, or 4 and the bus architecture (ISA, EISA, MCA, PCI, and USB) that it uses. You should also be aware of the type of disk controller in your system.

Some computers arrive with the hard disk only partially formatted. If you have such a machine, use the correct low-level or hard format procedure as described in the manual for your hard disk controller before installing an SCO OpenServer system. This does not apply to most SCSI or IDE hard disk drives.

We recommended that you install the operating system without any additional or unnecessary hardware installed on the system and with any switch settings at their factory defaults. Hardware configuration conflicts can make installation of an SCO OpenServer system difficult or impossible.

If you have added any boards, make sure that all switches or software-controlled settings are set as recommended in the manufacturer's hardware manual for that board. Some computers require specific switches or software-controlled settings to run SCO OpenServer systems. If your computer does not run the SCO OpenServer system with the settings as shipped, contact your computer hardware representative for the proper settings.

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