Supported mass storage devices

Supported mass storage devices

The following mass storage devices are supported in SCO OpenServer. See the corresponding HW manual page for driver configuration and usage notes.

This appendix also includes:

NOTE: Device drivers for listed chip sets are certified to manufacturers' reference circuitry. However, SCO drivers are not tested on all hardware platforms and may not work for supported chip sets in some hardware implementations. If you experience problems with a particular chip set, contact Technical Support or your SCO OpenServer distributor for more information.

The drivers marked with an asterisk (*) can also be installed after the operating system is installed if they are not required to boot the system. The jukebox(HW) and mc(HW) drivers are not boot-time loadable.

Adaptec AHA-154x series host adapters *
AHA-154x series ISA devices
AHA-1640 MCA device
AHA-1740 and AHA-1742 EISA devices (standard mode only)

See ad(HW).

Adaptec AHA-174x series EISA host adapters (enhanced mode) *
See eiad(HW).

Adaptec AHA-2920 series PCI-to-SCSI host adapters
See fdhb(HW).

Adaptec AIC-7770 chip sets
AIC-2740/2742 series devices
AIC-2840/2842 series devices

See arad(HW).

Adaptec AIC-78x0 series chip sets
AIC-7850, AIC-7870, AIC-7880, and AIC-7895 chip sets
AHA-29x0 series devices
AHA-3940 series devices
AHA-4940 series devices

See alad(HW).

Adaptec AIC-6x60 chip sets
SCSI Smad Host Adapter
SCSI Spad Host Adapter
AHA-1510 series devices
AHA-1520 series devices
AHA-1522 series devices

See smad(HW).

Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460 host adapter *
See smad(HW).

Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480A and 1480B host adapters *
See alad(HW).

Adaptec Ultra160 series SCSI host adapters *
See ad160(HW).

Adaptec Ultra II 789x chip sets
AHA-2940U2W series devices
AHA-2950UBW series devices
AHA-3950U2 series devices

See blad(HW).

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
PCSCSI 2.3.0
PCSCSI (Am53C974)
PCSCSI II (Am53C974 A)
PCnet*-PCSCSI II (Am79C970 A)

See ams(HW).

BusLogic Flashpoint SCSI host adapters
See flashpt(HW).

BusLogic MultiMaster SCSI host adapters
See blc(HW).

Compaq EISA/PCI Integrated Drive Array (IDA) controllers
See ida(HW).

Compaq Fast-SCSI-2 Adapter
See cha(HW).

Compaq Array Controller Adapter
See clad(HW).

Compaq Intelligent Storage Subsystem host adapters
Smart Array 5i and 53xx host adapters

See ciss(HW).

DPT RAID chip sets
SmartCache III devices
SmartCache Plus devices
SmartRAID devices

See dptr(HW).

See wd(HW).

Future Domain Corp. 1650, 1670, 1680, 600, and 700 SCSI host adapters *
See fdhb(HW).

IBM Hardfile SCSI host adapters *
See hf(HW).

IBM Fixed Disk Adapter
See esdi(HW).

Intel RAID host adapters
SRCMR Server host adapter
SRCU-31, SRCU-31L Server host adapters
SRCU-32 Server host adapter

See iir(HW).

Mylex Disk Array host adapters *
DAC960 EISA devices
DMC960 MCA devices

See mdac(HW).

NEC Storage Plus SCSI-AT (SUMO) host adapters *
See sumo(HW).

See cdrom(HW).

Seagate Travan Minicartridge Drives
See mc(HW).

Sjk SCSI jukebox driver
See jukebox(HW).

LSI Logic (formerly Symbios and Symbios Logic) 53C810 and 8xx series host adapters
See slha(HW).

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