Managing virtual domains

Adding and deleting virtual domains

You can add a virtual domain to your system once you have enabled virtual domains by clicking on the Add button on the Internet Services page. You will be prompted for the name and IP address to be used for this virtual domain, as well as an administrative user name and password. You should use IP addresses for the virtual domains that are on the same subnet as your primary physical interface. If you use a separate subnet for your virtual domains, you will have to make manual routing changes on your network's router to enable access to the new subnet.

NOTE: It is important to ensure that both the name and IP address for your virtual domain are unique.

You can delete a virtual domain from your system by selecting the virtual domain to delete, and then clicking on the Delete button on the Internet Services page. When you delete a virtual domain, the Internet Manager reclaims all resources associated with it; this includes removing any Web or FTP content, as well as any mail spool files.

NOTE: If you only want to disable a virtual domain and not have the Internet Manager reclaim its resources, you should lock it instead: Click on the View button on the Internet Services page and select LOCKED. For more information, see ``Locking and unlocking an interface''.

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