Configuring Internet Services

Accessing the network

When you start the Internet Manager for the first time, it prompts for which interface connects your system to the Internet. The Internet Manager lists all network cards that you have configured and offers you the option of creating a PPP connection using SCO PPP from Morning Star. If you are planning to use a network card to connect to the Internet or your LAN, select that card from the list. If you are using a modem to connect your system to the Internet, choose to add a PPP connection.

NOTE: On SCO OpenServer systems, no two interfaces can share the same IP address. For example, if you assign the same IP address to both the local end of a PPP connection and a network card interface, the SCO Internet Manager fails.

In addition to selecting an interface, you are given the option of whether the system should test your connection. It will do this by attempting to contact a known system on the Internet. If you do not want the system to perform this test (if, for example, you are configuring your system for use on a LAN that has no Internet connection), deselect the Test Internet connection checkbox.

Once you click OK, the system tests your connection (unless you have chosen not to do so) and configures several system services, such as the Domain Name System (DNS). If the test was successful, your system is on the Internet, and you are ready to configure specific system services, as described in ``Configuring Internet Services''. If the test is unsuccessful, you can chose to Reconfigure the settings. If the system timed out before the connection/dial completed, click on Try Again.

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