Basic hardware configuration

Relinking the kernel

During the boot process, the operating system uses drivers that have been built into the kernel (unless these are bypassed using specific bootstrings). To specify drivers for new or additional hardware that has been added to your system, you must add these drivers into the kernel using the Hardware/Kernel Manager or the mkdev utility. The kernel must then be relinked so that these new drivers are available next time the system is booted.

It is also possible to relink the kernel by hand. You might do this when, for example when you have added several different drivers to the system and chosen not to relink as part of the mkdev process, or you have installed BTLDs using installpkg(ADM). In order to relink the kernel you must be logged in as root, and the Link Kit must be installed on your system.

To relink the kernel by hand:

  1. Enter:

    cd /etc/conf/cf.d

    The linking process will now begin. The speed with which the kernel relinks depends on a number of factors; the process can take several minutes on slower machines.

    Once the kernel has been rebuilt you will see the following message:

       The UNIX kernel has been rebuilt.

    Do you want this kernel to boot by default?

    Enter ``y'' if you want this to be the boot kernel.

    The system now backs up the old kernel by moving the current /unix file to /unix.old, then asks whether you also want the kernel environment rebuilt. This will make any necessary changes to the /etc/inittab and device node files. Enter ``y'' to rebuild the kernel environment.

    The system will respond with a message that the kernel has been successfully linked and installed and that you must now reboot the system for any changes to take effect.

  2. Use the shutdown command to shut the system down then reboot it.

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