Licensing and registering SCO OpenServer products

Licensing Policy Manager Daemon (sco_pmd) has terminated

If you see this message:

   The Licensing Policy Manager Daemon (sco_pmd) has terminated
   and been restarted. This is a normal occurrence only when a
   license is removed with the License Manager utility.  If this
   is not the case, your system may have a problem which could
   lead to undesirable behavior. Contact your SCO service provider
   if you suspect that there is a problem.

No user licenses were found on this machine. Please boot single-user and correct this situation. Licensed software will not operate until user licenses are installed.

The License Policy Manager Daemon (sco_pmd) was unable to start. This is usually due to a read-only root filesystem, lack of user licenses or a damaged program image file (/etc/sco_pmd). If this is not the case, please contact your SCO service provider.

The policy manager daemon is a background process that monitors licensing on the system. If you are using an Evaluation License on your system that has has expired, then your system will display this message. Contact the supplier of the software to obtain a valid license for your software. If you do not have an Evaluation License, see ``LOGIN: ERROR- Failed to initialize policy manager''.

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