Specifying the locale

Selecting codesets

SCO OpenServer provides console fonts for ISO8859-1 through 10, ISO8859-15, IBM codepages 437, 850, 852, 860 and 865, and X fonts for ISO8859-1 and IBM 437, 850 and 858. To support, for example, ISO8859-2 under X and scoterm, you must supply your own fonts.

NOTE: The ISO8859-2 to ISO8859-10 codesets are only supported on the character console.

The International Settings Manager allows you to specify both the codeset used internally by the system (in other words, the way in which data is represented when it is written to disk and manipulated by various programs) and the codeset used on the system console.

The single-byte codesets supported by SCO OpenServer systems can represent a maximum of 256 characters. For this reason, you might benefit by setting the internal system and console codesets differently for different uses. For example, the IBM codesets (codepage 437 and codepage 850) contain better line-drawing characters and are useful as console codesets. The ASCII and ISO8859-1 codesets, however, contain all the characters necessary to represent the American English and Western European languages, respectively. Selecting a console codeset which is different from the internal system codeset will set up mappings to ensure that data continues to be interpreted correctly.

When the system is run in single-user mode, the terminal type defaults to ansi. This can cause characters to appear incorrectly (for example, letters may be displayed instead of linedrawing characters when scoadmin is run).

To solve this problem, if your console codeset is set to IBM850, issue this command immediately on entering single-user mode:

TERM=ansi-850 export TERM

If your console codeset is set to IBM860 or IBM865, enter:

TERM=ansi_intl export TERM

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