Using the system

Deleting and restoring messages

Once you have read a message and finished any actions on it (such as replying to or saving it), it is a good idea to delete the message from your personal mailbox to save space and to avoid clutter.

  1. Point to the first message and drag the pointer to the last message. This selects the messages to delete.

  2. Select Delete from the Mailbox window Edit menu. The selected messages disappear from the top half of the window and the message listing at the bottom of the window shows the number of deleted messages.

  3. Select Deleted from the Mailbox window View menu. The window changes to show only the messages you deleted.

  4. Click on the first message in the list.

  5. Select Undelete from the Mailbox window Edit menu. The first message disappears from the list of deleted messages.

  6. Select All from the Mailbox window View menu. This returns you to viewing the remaining contents of your mailbox (all the messages you haven't deleted and the message you just restored).

NOTE: Deleted messages are no longer available to be restored (undeleted) after you have exited Mail.

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