Adding memory and bus cards

Adding more memory

You can often improve system performance and run larger programs by increasing the amount of memory available.

WARNING: Memory chips are very susceptible to static electricity damage.

To increase a system's memory:

  1. Bring your system down using the shutdown(ADM) command and turn off the computer when prompted to do so.

  2. Install extended memory according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you have set all switches as noted in the instructions.

    With memory cards it is important to check the switch settings (or software setup) on both the card and motherboard. Refer to the hardware manuals for your computer and for the memory card to find the correct switch settings or software setup.

    NOTE: Memory cards must be configured for extended, not expanded mode. SCO OpenServer uses only ``extended,'' not ``expanded,'' memory.

  3. Boot the operating system. The boot screen details how the additional memory has affected your system.
Many system resources depend on the amount of memory installed. For example, the ``kernel i/o bufs'' value displayed at boot time is determined by the NBUF kernel parameter. When this parameter is set to zero, the number of kernel buffers is determined at boot time based on the amount of memory installed. For more information on system resources related to RAM, refer to the Performance Guide.

If the memory hardware reports an error, the following message is displayed:

   PANIC: memory parity error
You then see the software reboot message:
      ** Safe to Power Off **
             - or -
   ** Press Any Key to Reboot **
If the system repeatedly panics from parity errors, consider replacing the memory chips.

NOTE: Some machines have a hardware limitation on the maximum amount of memory that can be installed. Refer to your computer hardware manual to determine the maximum amount of memory you can install. SCO OpenServer can support up to 4GB of main memory.

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