Supported network adapters

Network adapter notes

Supported adapters for network installation

If you are installing SCO OpenServer over the network, only the following network adapters and compatible devices are supported:

These are the only adapters that have been tested for network installation. Other adapters previously supported might not work for network installation.

For complete information on how to install over a network, see ``Installing or upgrading the system from a remote host''.

Network card not detected

If your PCI, EISA, or Microchannel network card is not detected by netconfig(ADM) during initial installation or in the Network Manager, it might not be configured by the BIOS. To solve this, enter BIOS setup and set ``Plug-and-Play operating system: No''.

If your network card is not detected during initial installation, do no try to select it manually. Instead, do either one of the following:

Hewlett-Packard HP J2585A 10/100VG PCI Network Adapter

If you configure a Hewlett-Packard HP J2585A 10/100VG PCI Adapter during installation, the process will eventually halt with an error message indicating that the network adapter was not found. Although the adapter is successfully detected, it cannot be configured during installation. Configure the adapter after the installation is complete.

IBM PCI Ethernet adapter support

While the IBM PCI Ethernet adapter is still supported, the stbg driver (used by this device) has been obsoleted. The pnt driver will continue to support this device and should now be used.

If you are upgrading your system to SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 and the stbg driver was configured for use with the IBM PCI Ethernet adapter, the stbg driver will be left on your system in its previously configured state.

If you are performing a Fresh installation of SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 with an IBM PCI Ethernet adapter, the pnt driver will be autodetected and the Network Configuration Manager will show one of the following devices configured:

   AMD PCNet-PCI/Racal InterLan PCI T2

SMC 8432/8434 EtherPower PCI network adapters

Standard Microsystems SMC 8432 and 8434 EtherPower PCI Ethernet Adapters do not auto-detect properly for BNC connectors. You must explicitly select BNC in the Advanced Options window.

Media speed on some SMC 9332 not autodetected correctly

Automatic media speed detection is not supported on the SMC EtherPower 9332 adapter based on the Digital 21140-A* chip set. Do not configure your SMC 9332 adapter to use AUTO_MEDIA_DETECT for the media type when running the Network Configuration Manager. Instead, use 10Mbit (default) or 100Mbit media type as appropriate. SMC 9332 adapters using later revisions of the chip set can be autodetected correctly.

If you misconfigure the media type, you might see the message:

   WARNING: smpw(iobase 0x0000EC00): Possible cable fault!

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