Supported network adapters

Supported network adapters by manufacturer


3C501 EtherLink
3C503 EtherLink II & EtherLink II TP
3C503-16 EtherLink II/16 & EtherLink II/16 TP
3C507 EtherLink 16 & EtherLink 16 TP
3C509 & 3C509-TP Parallel Tasking EtherLink III
3C509-Combo EtherLink III
3C509B & 3C509B-TP EtherLink III
3C509B-Combo EtherLink III
3C523 & 3C523B EtherLink/MC
3C523 EtherLink/MC TP
3C529 & 3C529-TP EtherLink III Parallel Tasking
3C579 & 3C579-TP EtherLink III
3C589-TP & 3C589-Combo EtherLink III
3C589B-TP & 3C589B-Combo EtherLink III
3C589D & 3C589E EtherLink III
3C590-Combo EtherLink Parallel Tasking PCI Bus Master Combo
3C590-TPO EtherLink Parallel Tasking PCI Bus Master 10BaseT
3C592-Combo EtherLink III Parallel Tasking EISA Bus Master Combo
3C595-TX Fast EtherLink Parallel Tasking PCI 10/100 Base-T
3C597-TX Fast EtherLink Parallel Tasking EISA 10/100 Base-T
3C900-Combo Etherlink XL PCI Combo
3C900-TPO Etherlink XL PCI TPO
3C905-TX Fast Etherlink XL 10/100 PCI
3C905B Fast EtherLink XL PCI
3C905C EtherLink 10/100 PCI Network Interface Card
3C94X Gigabit Ethernet
3C980/3C980B/3C980C Fast EtherLink PCI 100 Base-TX
3C982-TXM 10/100 Dual-Port Server NIC
3C996 Gigabit Ethernet
3C1000 Gigabit Ethernet
3CCE589 & 3CCE589B EtherLink III
3CCE589ET & 3CXE589DT 10Mbps LAN PC Card
3C3FE574BT 10/100 LAN PC Card
3CCFE575TX, 3CCFE575BT, & 3CCFE575CT 10/100 LAN CardBus Card

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

AMD Am1500T/2 PCNet-ISA
AMD Am2110-SM AT Ethernet 7998


BCM5700 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet
BCM5701 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet
BCM5702 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet
BCM5703 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet


Compaq Integrated NetFlex-2/ENET*
NC6770 Gigabit Ethernet
NC7760 Gigabit Ethernet
NC7770 Gigabit Ethernet
NC7771 Gigabit Ethernet
NC7780 Gigabit Ethernet
NC7781 Gigabit Ethernet
Netelligent 100 FDDI PCI DAS Fiber SC
Netelligent 100 FDDI PCI DAS UTP
Netelligent 100 FDDI PCI SAS Fiber MIC
Netelligent 100 FDDI PCI SAS Fiber SC

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

EtherWORKS 3 ISA DE203
EtherWORKS 3 Turbo Combo DE205
EtherWORKS 3 Turbo TP DE204
EtherWORKS Turbo EISA Adapter DE425
EtherWORKS Turbo PCI TP DE434
EtherWORKS Turbo PCI 10 DE450
Fast EtherWORKS PCI 10/100 DE500
Fast EtherWORKS PCI 10/100 DE500-AA
Fast EtherWORKS PCI 10/100 DE500-BA
Fast EtherWORKS PCI 10/100 DE500-XA
Fast EtherWORKS PCI 100 Fiber DE500-FA
FDDIcontroller/EISA Multimode Fiber DAS DEFEA-DA
FDDIcontroller/EISA Multimode Fiber SAS DEFEA-A
FDDIcontroller/EISA Unshielded Twisted-Pair SAS DEFEA-UA
FDDIcontroller/PCI DAS MMF model (SC connectors) DEFPA-DA
FDDIcontroller/PCI SAS MMF model (SC connectors) DEFPA-AA
FDDIcontroller/PCI SAS UTP model (RJ45 connector) DEFPA-UA

Digital Semiconductor

DC21040 PCI Ethernet Controller (P/DX/CS/U3/U4/U5/E)
DC21041 PCI Ethernet Controller (P/DX/CS/U3/U4/U5/E)
DC21140 PCI Ethernet Controller (P/DX/CS/U3/U4/U5/E/BT)
DC21143 PCI Ethernet Controller (P/DX/CS/U3/U4/U5/E/BT)


DFE-650 Fast Ethernet PC Card


HP 27245A EtherTwist PC LAN Adapter/8 TP
HP 27247A EtherTwist PC LAN Adapter/16 TP
HP 27247B EtherTwist PC LAN Adapter/16 TP Plus
HP 27248A EtherTwist EISA LAN Adapter/32 TP
HP 27250A EtherTwist PC LAN Adapter/8 TL
HP 27252A EtherTwist PC LAN Adapter/16 TL Plus
HP J2405A EtherTwist PC LAN Adapter NC/16 TP
HP J2573A 10/100VG ISA LAN Adapter
HP J2577A 10/100VG EISA LAN Adapter
HP J2585A 10/100VG PCI LAN Adapter
HP J2585B 10/100VG PCI LAN Adapter
HP J2970A 10TP/TL PCI LAN Adapter
HP J2973A 10Mbps PCI LAN Adapter


Ethernet adapters

Ethernet Adapter/A
EtherStreamer MC32 Adapter
LAN Adapter for Ethernet
LAN Adapter for Ethernet TP & CX
PCI Ethernet Adapter
PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet Networks
PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet TP Networks
B5702 Gigabit Ethernet
B5703 Gigabit Ethernet
Vigil B5700 Gigabit Ethernet

Token Ring adapters

16/4 Token-Ring PCI Adapter 2
16/4 Token-Ring PCI Adapter 2 with Wake on LAN
Auto LANStreamer MC32 Adapter
Auto LANStreamer PCI Adapter
Auto 16/4 Token-Ring Network ISA Adapter
High-Speed 100/16/4 Token-Ring PCI Adapter
LANStreamer MC32 Adapter
PCI Token-Ring Adapter
Token-Ring Network PC Adapter II
Token-Ring Network PC Adapter & Adapter/A
Token-Ring Network 16/4 Adapter & Adapter/A
Token-Ring Network 16/4 Busmaster Server Adapter/A
Token-Ring Network 16/4 ISA-16 Adapter
Triple LANStreamer PCI
Turbo 16/4 Token-Ring ISA Adapter


82562X series chip set
82559ER embedded chip set (non-default support)
EtherExpress 16 (PCLA8110)
EtherExpress 16C (PCLA8100)
EtherExpress 16TP (PCLA8120)
EtherExpress 16 FlashC (PCLA8105)
EtherExpress 16 MCA (MCLA8110)
EtherExpress 16 MCA-TP (MCLA8120)
EtherExpress 32 (EILA8215)
EtherExpress Flash 32 (EILA8225)
EtherExpress PRO/10 (PLCA8200, 8205, 8210 8215, 8220, 8225)
EtherExpress PRO/100 EISA (EILA8265)
EtherExpress PRO/100 PCI (PILA8465)
EtherExpress PRO/100B (PILA8465BX)
EtherExpress PRO/100+ (PILA8460)
MBLA3300 PRO/100 CardBus II
MBLA3300 C3 PRO/100 S Mobile Adapter
MBLA3400 PRO/100 CardBus II
MBLA3400 C3 PRO/100 SR Mobile Adapter
MBLA3456 PRO/100 LAN+Modem 56 CardBus II
     (Note: the modem function of this card is not supported.)


EC2T Combo PCMCIA EthernetCard
PCMLM56 10/100+56K Modem PC Card
     (Note: using the modem and LAN functions at the same time is not supported.)
PCMPC200 EtherFast 10/100 CardBus Card
WPC11 Instant Wireless PC Card

Microdyne (Excelan)

EXOS 205 and 205T
EXOS 205T/16

National SemiConductor Corporation

InfoMover NE2000plus


FA410 10/100 Mbps PCMCIA
MA401 802.11b Wireless PC Card



Racal InterLan

NI6510/2 InterLan EtherBlaster
NI6510SC-T2 InterLan EtherBlaster TP

Socket Communications

Socket Communications EA
Socket Communications LP-E

Standard Microsystems

SMC8003EP EtherCard PLUS Elite
SMC8003WC EtherCard PLUS Elite 10T
SMC8013EPC EtherCard PLUS Elite 16
SMC8013EP/A EtherCard PLUS Elite/A
SMC8013EWC EtherCard PLUS Elite 16 Combo
SMC8013WC EtherCard PLUS Elite 16T
SMC8013WP/A EtherCard PLUS Elite 10T/A
SMC8216 EtherCard Elite 16C Ultra
SMC8216C EtherCard Elite 16C Ultra
SMC8216T EtherCard Elite 16C Ultra
SMC82M32 EtherCard Elite 32C Ultra
SMC8416B EtherEZ
SMC8416BT EtherEZ
SMC8416T EtherEZ
SMC8432BA EtherPower PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC8432BT EtherPower PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC8432BTA EtherPower PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC8432T EtherPower PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC8432TA EtherPower PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC8434BT EtherPower2 Dual Channel PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC8434T EtherPower2 Dual Channel PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC9332 EtherPower 10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter
SMC9432 EtherPower II 10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter


SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter SK-5521 (SK-NET FDDI-UP)
SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter SK-5522 (SK-NET FDDI-UP DAS)
SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter SK-5541 (SK-NET FDDI-FP)
SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter SK-5543 (SK-NET FDDI-LP)
SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter SK-5544 (SK-NET FDDI-LP DAS)
SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter SK-5821 (SK-NET FDDI-UP64)
SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter SK-5822 (SK-NET FDDI-UP64 DAS)
SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter SK-5841 (SK-NET FDDI-FP64)
SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter SK-5843 (SK-NET FDDI-LP64)
SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter SK-5844 (SK-NET FDDI-LP64 DAS)

Western Digital

WD8003/WD8013 EtherCard PLUS series
WD8003/WD8013 EtherCard PLUS Elite series (ISA)
WD8013 EtherCard PLUS Elite series (MCA)


The Integrated NetFlex-2/ENET is a network device which uses the AMD PCnet-32 built into the motherboard of Compaq Prosignia VS systems.

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