Installing Plug and Play devices

Enabling BIOS resource allocation

You can enable your device to be configured with resources allocated by the system BIOS. This ensures that only valid, available resources are allocated.

In the ISA PnP Configuration Manager:

  1. Highlight a card.

  2. Highlight the device to enable.

  3. Click on BIOS.

    The device appears with a circular arrow icon.

  4. Configure other devices as desired.

  5. When finished configuring all devices, click on Apply to relink the kernel and reboot the system.

NOTE: Not all system BIOSs are Plug and Play aware. If yours is not, you will need to manually configure the device using the Edit button.

If the BIOS is Plug and Play aware, it allocates resources to Plug and Play devices each time the system boots. When you enter the ISA PnP Configuration Manager after the system reboots, the device might or might not appear to be configured. This is because the SCO OpenServer PnP driver is not managing the device directly; instead, the system BIOS handles all configuration. What the BIOS reports to the manager is BIOS-dependent.

If you want to permanently assign resources to your Plug and Play device, you must specifically set them using the Edit button.

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