Installing Plug and Play devices

Troubleshooting card configuration

The following list of possible error messages describes common causes and workarounds.

No ISA PnP cards detected

Cause: The manager did not detect an ISA PnP card in your system, either because no cards are physically present or a physically present card is not jumpered into ISA PnP mode.

Solution: Shut down your system, then ensure that the cards present are seated correctly and jumpered (if necessary) to support ISA PnP mode.

Problem running /etc/isapnpslot

Cause: This command is run automatically by the manager to extract ISA Plug and Play information about the system. Its failure could be caused by a corrupt binary, incorrect permissions, or a disabled or missing PnP driver.

Solution: Verify that the PnP driver is configured in the kernel. You should see %PnP in the hardware list when you boot the system. You can also run hwconfig(C) to view the same information.

If the driver is present, check the permissions on the device /dev/pnp. You should see a listing similar to this:

   crw-------  1 root     root    117, 0  Jan 21 15:03 /dev/pnp
If the device is present and has the correct permissions, verify that the command /etc/isapnpslot -T provides output.

Verification of HW settings failed

Cause: The settings you specified could not be verified against the settings that have been detected on the card. Faulty hardware is the most likely cause.

Solution: Try one or all of the following:

File is not present, File is zero length, Directory is not present, or Source file is corrupted

Cause: These four error messages indicate that the file /etc/conf/pack.d/PnP/space.c is missing or corrupt or that the /etc/conf/pack.d/PnP directory is missing.

Solution: Copy either /etc/conf/pack.d/PnP/space.bak or /etc/conf/pack.d/PnP/space.orig to /etc/conf/pack.d/PnP/space.c

Ensure that the file has the following permissions and ownership:

   -rw-r--r--   1 root    sys      4713 Jan 29 17:17 space.c

View only mode

Cause: Only the root user is authorized to change resources within the ISA PnP Configuration Manager.

Solution: Exit the manager, log in to the system as root, and restart the manager.

Kernel relink failed

Cause: The required kernel relink failed, which results in your changes not going into effect.

Solution: Boot your system from the old, functional kernel (for example, /boot.old), then run the manager again to try to create a bootable kernel. See ``Booting an old kernel'' for more information.

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