Adding serial and parallel ports

Adding and configuring serial cards

The Serial Manager allows you to configure SCO OpenServer-supported serial cards and individual serial ports. (Information displayed by the Serial Manager corresponds to the output of hwconfig(C) for serial devices.)

You can start the Serial Manager in any of these ways:

For more information on using SCOadmin managers, see ``Administering your system with SCOadmin''.

The Serial Manager shows:

To add an SCO OpenServer-supported serial card:

  1. Shut down the system using the System Shutdown Manager or the shutdown(ADM) command.

  2. Install the serial card(s) and configure your hardware according to the manufacturer's instructions. If your system includes a configuration disk or BIOS setup program, use it as instructed. If your system is configured with switch settings on the main system board (motherboard), define the new ports by setting the proper switches (refer to your hardware manuals for the settings).

  3. Reboot the system, and log in as root.

  4. The next step is to define the configuration of the serial card hardware. Start the Serial Manager as described earlier in this section, then continue with the instructions in ``Configuring a serial card''.

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