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/etc/initscript: /etc/bcheckrc: not found

If the system displays the /etc/initscript: /etc/bcheckrc: not found error message when you boot up, the /etc/bcheckrc file is missing. The init utility executes bcheckrc according to instructions in the /etc/inittab file whenever the system is booted. This utility checks the root filesystem and repairs it, if necessary. The /etc/bcheckrc file should be on the hard disk when you boot the system.

If /etc/bcheckrc is missing, use this procedure to recover it:

  1. Bring up the system in single-user mode by entering the root password at the prompt.

  2. Clean the root filesystem manually with fsck before doing anything on the system:

    /etc/fsck /dev/root

  3. When filesystem has been checked and, (if necessary) repaired, use the Backup Manager to restore the /etc/bcheckrc file from your root filesystem backup. You can also restore the file from the command line by inserting the first volume of your last full backup of the root filesystem into the tape drive and entering:

    cd /
    cpio -idv -I /dev/rct0 etc/bcheckrc

    The default tape device is linked to /dev/rct0. If you are using a different device (such as /dev/rctmini), substitute it for /dev/rct0.

  4. Enter haltsys at the prompt and reboot the system.
For more information on bcheckrc, see the bcheckrc(ADM) manual page.

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