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Cannot load floating point emulator

If your computer does not have a 387 math coprocessor chip and the /etc/emulator file is missing or corrupted, the boot fails with these messages:

   WARNING:  Cannot load floating point emulator (error 2): /etc/emulator
             No floating point is available
(If the 387 chip is present, the kernel recognizes it in the hardware recognition boot message.)

If the boot fails with this message, boot the system and restore /etc/emulator:

  1. Insert the boot floppy disk in the drive and reboot the machine.

  2. At the Boot: prompt, press <Enter> and when instructed, insert the root floppy disk. This boots the system and mounts the root filesystem from the floppies.

  3. Clean the root filesystem:

    fsck -ofull /dev/hd0root

  4. Working from the floppy disk, use this command to mount the hard disk root filesystem to /mnt:

    /etc/mount /dev/hd0root /mnt

    If mount fails, refer to ``Checking and repairing filesystems'' for information on checking the hard disk with fsck(ADM).

  5. Copy /etc/emulator from the root filesystem on the floppy disk to the mounted hard disk:

    cp /etc/emulator /mnt/etc/emulator

  6. Unmount the hard disk:

    /etc/umount /mnt

  7. Make sure that the floppy disk is still in the drive, then reboot the system with the haltsys(ADM) command.

  8. When you see the Press any key prompt, remove the floppy disk from the drive. Press <Enter> at the Boot: prompt to boot from the hard disk.

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